Roktober 2012

The Amarok music player is ten years old!

The Amarok team members are enthusiastic about sharing their plans for a bright future and accomplishments over the past year. This month they are celebrating 10 years of Amarok and asking for financial assistance to continue their great work.

In the last twelve months, the Amarok team has made over 1100 commits and closed more than 1030 bugs. Besides making quality improvements, they released 2 new major versions of Amarok, updated the Amarok Handbook, attended conferences and had a big developer sprint in Switzerland along with much of the KDE Multimedia team. There were 5 successful Google Summer of Code projects and contributions to the Google Code-in. There is now a fully supported Windows version of Amarok that can be downloaded from the Amarok wiki. A lot has been accomplished.

Help create Amarok 3

The Amarok team is raising money to maintain the momentum and is asking for help from the Community, particularly including users and fans. The Roktober webpage has more about past year accomplishments, Google Summer of Code achievements, ambitious goals for the coming twelve months, and details about how to contribute. In addition, there is an opportunity for donors to be memorialized in the Amarok player.

Please visit the Roktober announcement to find out what's happening with Amarok. Get ready to be inspired. Rok out!

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by reza (not verified)

Another great anniversary. XMBC also 10 years by 5 October.
Maybe October is great media players month :)