KDE Frameworks 5 Alpha Is Out

Today KDE released the first alpha of Frameworks 5, part of a series of releases leading up to the final version planned for June 2014. This release includes progress since the Frameworks 5 Tech Preview in the beginning of this year.

See the announcement on kde.org for more information and links to downloads. For information about Frameworks 5, see this earlier article on the dot.


In case you want to experiment with KF5 on Mac OS X, here's a tap for homebrew users: https://github.com/haraldF/homebrew-kf5

By Harald Fernengel at Sat, 2014/02/15 - 8:48am

I think this comment deserves a complete article in the dot.

By Mario at Sat, 2014/02/15 - 10:20pm

Agreed, feel like writing it? ;-)

By Jos Poortvliet at Mon, 2014/02/17 - 3:21pm

I actually didn't knew about KF5 on mac much the less about a brew tap that compiles it.

I'm not really a developer so I wouldn't know where to start or what to write.

.... I'll try to follow the instructions on the git page and if I'm able to make it work I'll sure write something

By Mario at Mon, 2014/02/17 - 4:26pm

Nice to hear that. Hope it will works on Windows as there are many great KDE application wasn't usable on Windows.

By RyanBram at Mon, 2014/02/17 - 7:03am