KDE Commit-Digest for 19th January 2014

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • Kate gets new features in the vim mode
  • All built-in effects move into a library KWin links against
  • KTranscript module for dynamic translation moved from KJS to QtScript
  • KDE-PIM starts supporting gdrive and Box.com
  • KNavalbattle makes the ship red if it cannot be placed instead of hiding it
  • Umbrello makes Enable/Disable Undo option work
  • Bug fixes in Okular, Konsole, KDE-PIM, Calligra.

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I think of kde-pim as being akonadi, kmail, korganizer and so on. What does gdrive and box.com support mean there? Will something from pim handle file sync?

By Christian at Mon, 2014/02/24 - 11:00am

It allows sharing big attachments in storage service.
So when you have big attachment and your provider doesn't like it, you can put on these services.
I created an application to manage the services too => you can upload file/download file/ copy/paste/ create folder etc.


By Montel at Mon, 2014/02/24 - 6:09pm

Hi Laurent and thanks for all your work on kdepim!

I'm not using kmail's latest version yet so I'm curious about ownCloud for big attachments.


By Ricardo J. Barberis at Mon, 2014/02/24 - 6:42pm

we use webdav for it
and all is implemented.

By Montel at Tue, 2014/02/25 - 6:07am