Introducing Konqi

Do not publish. Probably never. Just used this to upload the images to the dot and prepare the html. Use from

The dot has always been a place where content came first. But it is 2014 and articles without images don't do well. We don't always have images with articles, unfortunately. Sprints have group photo's, much coding work comes with screenshots but sometimes you're just not able to find something fitting to spice up the article.

This is now solved! We are proud to introduce the DOT stock images created by the incredible Tyson Tan. In the brief time before text becomes obsolete altogether and we move to DBI (Direct Brain Interface) we will use his awesome work.

The Konqi family!

Our Konqi's as they are in the KDE about dialogs.

Original Konqi

Creative Konqi

Frameworks Konqi

Press Konqi

Plasma Konqi

Science and Education Konqi

Developer Konqi

Game Konqi

Presenting Konqi

System configuring Konqi

Rocking Konqi

Qt love inside konqi

Utilities Konqi

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