Announcing the KDE community's Distribution Outreach Program

The people who package and distribute our software to the world are crucial to our user's experience. In keeping with our original KDE vision, we want to improve the working relationships between distributions and KDE developers. Not only do we want to foster professional friendship, but we also want to help our software shine in each distribution.

KDE is distro-agnostic. We do not prefer any distributions over others, and want our software to run everywhere. This extends beyond Linux; we want our software to work for our users on Windows, Mac, BSD and Android as well. Our focus is always on our users having the best experience possible.

We are aware that the more closely we cooperate, the better the experience for all, including those who package our software, and we think that open and free communication is the best way to cooperate. KDE developers should be able to tell distributions what our software needs from a distribution in order to work best. And in turn, distributions should be able to tell us what makes our software easy to distribute. 

To centralize this communication, we have created [email protected]. We'd encourage everyone who is interested in improving the collaboration between KDE and distributions who distribute our software to join this list. The list is not for packagers only; KDE-distro-packagers is for packaging issues. We want to extend the communication to everyone interested. So whether you are part of KDE or part of a distribution team or both, please subscribe now at

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