KDE has been selected as a Google Summer of Code 2016 mentor organization

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All interested students are encouraged to begin working with the KDE community.

The KDE GSOC guide is a good place for students to start before beginning to create their proposals. The KDE community creates software in teams; students should find a team working on software they want to help with, get to know team members, familiarize themselves with the code-base, and start fixing bugs.

Mentors are presenting their ideas for students as an aid to students creating their proposals. Students will use each team's preferred channels, but can ask general questions in #kde-soc on freenode IRC, or KDE-Soc Telegram group.

The KDE Student Programs team looks forward to getting mentors signed up in Google's new SoC webapp, and meeting with prospective students before student applications begin.

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by Alexander Potashev (not verified)



Please always add the news info from the subject into post content, otherwise I start reading the message below the title line and don't understand what it is about and why you suddenly say "All interested students are encouraged to begin working with the KDE community".

Thank you, Alexander. I'm new, and that is great feedback. I'll take your advice.


by Alexander Potashev (not verified)

Do you have a link to a Google blog announcing accepted orgs for GSoC?