Carrying on the successful tradition of since 2011, we are moving to the north-east region of India for this year's Join us for 2017 on 10, 11, and 12 March at Guwahati in Assam, India. 2017 will focus on the promoting Free and Open source including but not limited to Qt and KDE software.

The Venue

Event will be held at IIT Guwahati, Assam. IIT Guwahati is the sixth Indian Institute of Technology established in the India by the Government of India. Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati's campus is on a sprawling 285 hectares of land on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra around 20 km from the heart of the city. With the majestic Brahmaputra on one side, and with hills and vast open spaces on the other, the campus provides an ideal setting for learning.

IIT Guwahati

About started in 2011 at RVCE in Bangalore as a 5 day event with 300 participants, initiating a series of such KDE events in India. There was a KDE Meetup in 2013 and 2014 at DA-IICT, in 2015 at Amrita university, Kerala, in 2016 at LNMIIT Jaipur, which brought in members of the KDE Community from all over the world to attend the event, give talks, and share the spirit of KDE. The 2017 conference will cater to new members of KDE as well as seasoned developers, providing updates about what is going on in the KDE Community and teaching newcomers how to start making meaningful contributions. These events have been successful in attracting a lot of Indian students to mentoring programs such as Google Summer of Code (GSoC), Season of KDE and Google Code-In.

This year, the 2017 organizers intend to generate even more interest and participation by creating a fertile environment for people to get started with KDE, Qt and FOSS through numerous talks, hands-on sessions and demonstrations.

Call For Papers

If the event seems exciting and valuable, this is an opportunity to join in.

Submit a paper explaining the content for a presentation of not more than 30 minutes on any aspect of KDE, Qt or other FOSS topic that you want to cover. Please include pertinent information about your background, other talks you've made (if any), and anything else that gives a sense of what attendees can expect from your presentation. The organizers await your innovative proposals, and are looking forward to an abundant gathering of the KDE Community.

If you want to talk at please head to call for papers page

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Can someone attend the event for just listening,i.e., not giving any presentation? If so, is there any fees or registration involved?

Yes, it will be possible to attend event which includes talks and workshops. Registration for it will start soon.

by Leonel Salazar ... (not verified)

Hi there, thanks for this amazing event every year, unfortunetaly I think there is not enought time for some people like me, from Cuba, to get all we need on time for attending this year, I think we have never been to this conference. I'm sure we will follow all the details while you publish all the data online !!! Good luck there in India. Regards from Cuba.