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Neon Cursor (g) [Cursors]

Sun, 2018/03/18 - 12:30am
Neon Cursor (g)

white cursor [Cursors]

Sun, 2018/03/18 - 12:11am
white cursor

Sardi Flat Square icons [Icon Themes]

Sat, 2018/03/17 - 6:29pm
I made this set of icons starting from the "Sardi Flat" set created by Erik Dubois...

New buuf icons [Icon Themes]

Sat, 2018/03/17 - 8:00am
New buuf icons Mod of nipuna's new buuf icon theme.

Flat remix icon theme [Icon Themes]

Sat, 2018/03/17 - 7:48am
Flat icons Based on Flat-Glass-Icons_by_Mephist_Helu.

DJ crystal [Icon Themes]

Sat, 2018/03/17 - 3:42am
100%crystallize icons

DJ magic [Icon Themes]

Sat, 2018/03/17 - 3:39am
DJ magic icon with little pony

DJ flat mix [Icon Themes]

Sat, 2018/03/17 - 3:30am
DJ flat mix is based on superflat icon theme 100% flat icons

DJ splash [Icon Themes]

Sat, 2018/03/17 - 3:25am
> DJ splash is A circle and disc based icon theme

Hot Pink [Plasma Color Schemes]

Fri, 2018/03/16 - 5:24pm
Just a pink color scheme oomox file included just copy Pink to ~/.config/oomox/colors enjoy oomox:

Red-arrow [Cursors]

Fri, 2018/03/16 - 4:16pm

Event Calendar [Plasma 5 Calendars]

Fri, 2018/03/16 - 8:42am
[b]v48+ require Plasma 5.6 (Kubuntu 16.10 and later)[/b] v47 supports Plasma 5.5 (Kubuntu 16.04) An extended calendar with daily weather...

Soft Glass Colours [Plasma Color Schemes]

Thu, 2018/03/15 - 2:58pm
Colour scheme made for my Soft Glass Plasma theme and Window Decoration. Will be part of a whole Look-and-Feel pack.

Soft Glass [Aurorae Themes]

Thu, 2018/03/15 - 2:53pm
A window decoration to partner my Plasma theme Will be part of a Look-and-Feel eventually.

DJ color out [Icon Themes]

Thu, 2018/03/15 - 2:33am
-DJ color out- ;;black and white icons;; ; based on mint x dark;

DJ Ozon [Icon Themes]

Thu, 2018/03/15 - 2:26am
ozon icon made for ozon os base on formatto Adapt 100%color full

EQuilibrium Flat [Aurorae Themes]

Wed, 2018/03/14 - 10:51pm
This is a latest official EQuilibrium window decoration for KDE users.

Jomada-Style [Plasma Themes]

Wed, 2018/03/14 - 9:11pm
Jomada-Style is a Plasma theme light, with edges of gray tone with some degree of transparency and a blue line item view.

Arch Space [Plasma Splash Screens]

Wed, 2018/03/14 - 8:19pm
This is an elegant KDE splash screen for Arch Linux ### INSTALLATION Just extract it to ~/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel/

Debian Space [Plasma Splash Screens]

Wed, 2018/03/14 - 7:54pm
This is an elegant KDE splash screen for Debian ### INSTALLATION Just extract it to ~/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel/