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Eventlist 0.7 (Plasmoid Binary)

Sun, 2015/03/15 - 5:09am
ThumbnailEventlist 0.7
(Plasmoid Binary)
This is a plasmoid to show the events and todos from Akonadi resources (KOrganizer, Birthdays etc.).
With a google resource also Google calendar items can be shown.
Also possible with a CalDAV resource.
A facebook resource is also available.

Incidences can be filtered, added, edited, deleted via context menu.

The Plasma 5 port may take again a while... ;-( (any help?)

Thanks to the authors of todolist, public transport, rtm.

Some rpm for openSUSE can be found here:
Now in KDE:Unstable:Playground



There is also an ebuild in gentoo-overlay or so.

Feel free to send translations, feature requests.

Development has moved:

remove title item if empty - patch by causa-prima
extra slot for startServer for delayed start - helps to prevent hangs on session startup

- previous version was buggy in removing items - fixed (I hope)

- check for already existing items to avoid doubled entries

- add contact name to possible substitutions
- filter for collections instead of resources (reconfigure filter necessary)

0.6.90 (0.7 rc)
- use kincindenceeditor if available
- delete incidences via menu
- fix bug with wrong mouse pointer position (wrong incidence selected)

0.6 adds autogrouping and filtering

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Xt7-player (now xt7-player-mpv) git (KDE Video Application)

Fri, 2015/03/13 - 4:34pm
ThumbnailXt7-player (now xt7-player-mpv) git
(KDE Video Application)
This version is unsupported.
Xt7 also switched from mplayer to mpv.

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pyATImonitor 0.9.3 (Plasmoid Script)

Fri, 2015/03/13 - 1:50am
ThumbnailpyATImonitor 0.9.3
(Plasmoid Script)
This is a simple widget for KDE SC 4.3 and above that using ATI catalyst driver to monitor core clocks, memory clocks, gpu usage and core temperature.
Make sure you have installed catalyst driver and utils (aticonfig).

How to install:

  • Download the latest version

  • Uninstall any previous version

  • Quote:
    $ plasmapkg -r pyATImon

  • Run the following command in the directory where the file was placed (updated to reflect the actual filename):

  • Quote:
    $ plasmapkg -i pyATImon-0.x.xx.plasmoid

  • The widget should now be listed in your "Add Widgets" screen

  • [b]If it doesn't work:[b]
    make sure you can run aitconfig in Konsole without special privileges (like root).

    - move download file to bitbucket
    - 0.9.3
    major UI change. using Plasma.Signalplotter instead of Plasma.Meter. Thanks baghera.
    - 0.9.2
    minor UI change, make it to suit user's theme
    - 0.9.1
    minor UI change
    - 0.9
    initial release

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