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Janedoe from the MaryJane collection [Aurorae Themes]

Tue, 2017/11/21 - 2:50am
Created on debian 9 and kde plasma, breeze light desktop theme. janedoe is the first of the maryjane collection. With a 70% transparent #f0f0f0...

Kubuntu 17.10 [Plasma Screenshots]

Tue, 2017/11/21 - 2:31am
Kubuntu 17.10 Plasma 5.11.3 Latte Dock Obsidian Icon Theme KDE DA Wallpaper

KDE DA [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Mon, 2017/11/20 - 6:25pm
A simply wall for KDE users with D.A. pattern 2560 1440 it fits on any 16:9 screen.

Seja Livre Claro [Plasma Color Schemes]

Sun, 2017/11/19 - 2:04pm
Um tema de cores para seu plasma 5.x Tema upado novamente,pois perdi a outra conta XD

MPD Now Playing [Plasma 5 Widgets]

Sun, 2017/11/19 - 11:06am
MPD Now Playing is a simple client plasmoid for the Music Player Daemon. How to install: Make sure you have libmpdclient installed...

Delft [Icon Themes]

Sun, 2017/11/19 - 4:41am
ABOUT ======= This is a fork of the popular icon theme Faenza with up to date app icons. It will stay optically close to the original Faenza...

KDE confusion Wallpaper [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Sun, 2017/11/19 - 12:16am
Kde Confusion Wallpaper

Flat OSX [Aurorae Themes]

Sat, 2017/11/18 - 5:05pm
Tested with Plasma 5.x This is a flatter version of my theme Breeze OSX for the default KDE desktop environment. If this is too flat for you...

Breeze OSX [Aurorae Themes]

Sat, 2017/11/18 - 5:03pm
Tested with Plasma 5.x Based on the existing theme Evolvere Light Pure Circle by Frank...

SEA icon theme [Icon Themes]

Sat, 2017/11/18 - 11:52am
Deepin's SEA icon theme All new icon theme with some icons of Papirus icon theme.

Exagonal [Icon Themes]

Sat, 2017/11/18 - 11:36am
Exagonal icon themes v0.1 In this release you can find the folder icon themes :) Hope you like it!! P.s. please share feedback :)

Application title [Plasma 5 Widgets]

Fri, 2017/11/17 - 10:51pm
This plasmoid adds the focused application title (and icon). Plasmoid with some ideas from activewindowcontrol by Martin Kotelnik, but...

feren-logo Plymouth Theme [MOD] [Plymouth Themes]

Thu, 2017/11/16 - 7:58pm
This one is from mint cinnamon derivated distro and its great!! I made some changes to apply in all distros. Changes: - universal icon on...

XI +QtCurve (Plasma Color Schemes) [Plasma Color Schemes]

Thu, 2017/11/16 - 4:32pm
+ QtCurve / System Settings > Application Style > Widget style "QtCurve" > Configure + Wallpaper 1920x1080 Icon Theme...

lights circle Plymouth background [Plymouth Themes]

Wed, 2017/11/15 - 10:10pm

Beacon icon theme REMIX [Icon Themes]

Wed, 2017/11/15 - 7:41pm
Beacon icon theme REMIX ~ based on Oranchelo icon theme ~ all high resolution svg icons, initial version of the icon theme

Un-Minimize FullScreen On Desktop Switch [Kwin Scripts]

Wed, 2017/11/15 - 5:07am
Most fullscreen games will minimize when you switch virtual desktops. When you return to the desktop, the game is still minimized. This script...

CurveDomina Qtcurve [QtCurve]

Tue, 2017/11/14 - 3:14pm
An attempt to make qtcurve looks like the good old domino style, unavailable for kde. If you like this, i suggest you to install domino for qt3...

Hotmail Phone Number UK 0800-046-5200 For All Solutions [SDDM Login Themes]

Tue, 2017/11/14 - 4:27am
Hotmail UK Customer Care is a package of wonderful features utilized worldwide by a large number of users. But this wonderful webmail does have...

EQuilibrium Level Light [Plasma Color Schemes]

Mon, 2017/11/13 - 8:39pm
EQuilibrium Level Light is the official color theme for the EQuilibrium distribution