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CMake Qt5Core C++ [KDevelop App Templates]

Sun, 2016/11/27 - 11:39am
Qt5 CMake Core application. Generate a CMake/Qt5 based application (crossplatform compatible)

love KDE wallpaper [Wallpapers KDE]

Sun, 2016/11/27 - 10:42am
This is an hommage to KDE. I love this desktopenvironment. Please vote if you like this wallpaper. Enjoy it.

Heart of Deep House [Wallpaper]

Sun, 2016/11/27 - 5:28am
2560x1600 size. More of this wallpaper image variants see at Enjoy! :)

Happy Dark [Plasma Color Schemes]

Sun, 2016/11/27 - 4:13am
Dark theme with turquoise elements.

Computerwelt DDR [Wallpaper]

Sun, 2016/11/27 - 12:26am
Computerwelt DDR East Germany showing off its computers in a state parade ☯87JUL | The computers are Robotron PC 1715s, a CP/M compatible...

Sunset on Lolland, Lagoon [Landscapes]

Sat, 2016/11/26 - 4:17pm

pirate green [Plasma Color Schemes]

Fri, 2016/11/25 - 1:30pm
Linux mint 18 KDE Desktop theme : Breeze (Default) Windows Decorations : (Default) icons : Breeze (Default)

pirate red [Plasma Color Schemes]

Fri, 2016/11/25 - 11:49am
For Linux mint 18 KDE Desktop theme : Breeze (Default) Windows Decorations : (Default) icons : Breeze (Default)

Simple Glow_Modified [Plasma Desktop Themes]

Fri, 2016/11/25 - 5:21am
Simple Glow desktop theme modified so that when I use Krunner with BreezeAlphaBlack color scheme, I can easily see the results of my search.

Preview Stack [Kwin Switching Layouts]

Fri, 2016/11/25 - 12:22am
Functional window switching layout. A large window preview is displayed for the top window in the stack, while other windows titles are shown...

Flag Russian patriots [Wallpaper]

Thu, 2016/11/24 - 9:58pm
Flag Russian patriots

Ladybug [Animals]

Thu, 2016/11/24 - 11:21am
Day 154 ... No one find out yet that I'm not belong here

white frost [Wallpaper]

Thu, 2016/11/24 - 11:15am
when I stopped to tie my shoe

Ukrainian patriots flag [Wallpaper]

Thu, 2016/11/24 - 10:42am
3831х2067 Ukrainian patriots flag (dark)

BreezeAlphaBlackNaked [Plasma Desktop Themes]

Thu, 2016/11/24 - 5:28am
Based on the Breeze-AlphaBlack and Naked combined themes To be used with the ZionReversed_Breeze color scheme (see details of the theme for...

ZionReversed_BreezeColors [Plasma Color Schemes]

Thu, 2016/11/24 - 5:05am
Dark scheme based on Zion (reversed) that matches colors of Breeze Theme To be used with Breeze AlphaBlack or Naked desktop themes, or...

Azul [Abstract]

Thu, 2016/11/24 - 1:10am
A blue wallpaper.

Relax-aquamarine [Plasma Color Schemes]

Thu, 2016/11/24 - 12:41am
Linux Mint 18 KDE

Sly Fusion [Plasma Color Schemes]

Wed, 2016/11/23 - 12:15am
Suggested colour scheme to match my Sly Plasma style. Note this is designed for Fusion Qt style with Plastik window decoration.

Relax_orange_conky 2 [Conky]

Tue, 2016/11/22 - 11:47pm
Linux mint 18 KDE