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Distro Watcher 0.11.1 (Plasmoid Script)

Wed, 2015/08/12 - 5:57pm
ThumbnailDistro Watcher 0.11.1
(Plasmoid Script)
Distro Watcher 1.0 (for Plasma 5) has been released. Check download link and installation instructions below.

The specific plasmoid displays the latest releases of Linux distributions and packages, as published in In order to retrieve the relative data, RSS feeds from distrowatch are being used.

The plasmoid consists of four distinct views:
- Distributions
- Packages
- Favorites
- News

Switching between views can be accomplished using a KDE tab bar. By clicking to a distribution record, default browser opens distribution's homepage at By clicking to a package record, default browser opens package's homepage. Favorites can be selected by just clicking to the relative button. Clicking to a distribution record, users are navigated (using the predefault web browser) to the relative distrowatch page. After selecting favorites, as soon as a new release of a favorite distribution is available, a notification pop-up is displayed. Notifications can be disabled using the relative configuration option. In News tab, the latest news and updates, as published in are displayed. Navigation between news is accomplished via the relative buttons. Zoom in/out option exists as well.

Horizontal and vertical layout options are provided.

Translated to: Greek, Spanish, Russian, Uzbek (Latin), Italian, Lithuanian, German and Chinese (Taiwan). If you would like to contribute to translations, visit the relative transifex project at

- Display depends on RSS feeds. If the relative RSS changes or it is unavailable, plasmoid display will be broken.
- Data fetching is performed every 15 minutes (default). Users can override the default value via "Distro Watcher Settings".
- If no Internet connection is available, no data will be displayed. Instead, a notification screen is displayed. As soon as network connectivity is re-established and the next fetching point is reached, data display is restored. Users are also able to click to the Reload button and request data to be fetched again.
- Icons have been downloaded from:
Credits go to the artist.

Dependencies (version 0.*)
- KDE SC 4.10 or later

* In Kubuntu 13.04/13.10 the following packages were installed for a proper build to take place:

- build-essential
- cmake
- kdelibs5-dev
- kdebase-workspace-dev
- libdbusmenu-qt-dev

Installation version 0.*)
- Unzip the plasmoid
- $ mkdir build
- $ cd build
- $ export QT_SELECT=qt4 && cmake -DQT_QMAKE_EXECUTABLE=/usr/bin/qmake-qt4 -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` ..
- $ make
- $ (sudo) make install
- "Distro Watcher" widget is now available to add to desktop/panel.


- plasmapkg -i distrowatcher.plasmoid

Dependencies (version 1.*)
- Plasma 5.0 or later

* In Kubuntu 15.04 the following packages have been installed for a proper build to take place:

- cmake
- plasma-framework-dev
- extra-cmake-modules
- build-essential
- libqt5xmlpatterns5
- qml-module-qtquick-xmllistmodel

Installation (version 1.*)
- Unzip the plasmoid
- $ mkdir build
- $ cd build
- $ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr ..
- $ make
- $ (sudo) make install
- "Distro Watcher" widget is now available to add to desktop/panel.

Copyright (C) 2015 Dimitris Kardarakos

QML and JavaScript written has been based on QT Quick documentation, tutorials and examples found in Icons used come (online) from and Oxygen icon package.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

Version 1.0
Ported to Plasma 5

Version 0.11.1
German and Chinese (Taiwan) translation added. Thanks to Markus Oesterle for German and Jeff Huang for Chinese (Taiwan).

Version 0.11
- New tab added (News), from "Latest News and Updates" section of
- Horizontal layout option added
- List of distributions updated.
- User interface polishing.
- Translation updates

Version 0.10.3
- Translated to Lithuanian by Moo

Version 0.10.2
- Translation updates (Italian, Russian)

Version 0.10.1
- Translation updates (Italian: thanks to Giuseppe Pignataro, Russian)

Version 0.10
- Reload functionality added to unavailable screen
- Smooth transition between screens
- Translation updates (Greek, Spanish)

Version 0.9.2
- Notification icon changed to a generic one since, in "Get New Hot Stuff" packaging, no distrowatcher icon is installed
- Translated to Uzbek by Umid Almasov

Version 0.9.1
- Issue with multiple notifications when a distribution appears more than once in an rss bunch fixed
- Unnecessary translations removed
- Code cleaning
- Text field replaced text area in favorites; clearing handle added

Version 0.8.2
- Issue writing into the text area fixed
- Packaging translations issue fixed

Version 0.8.1
- Issue with misleading tooltip fixed
- Favorites list rendering issue fixed
- Russian translation updated

Version 0.8
- Visual improvements
- Searching functionality added to favorite distributions list
- Users can navigate to distrowatch from favorites screen
- Translated to Russian (thanks to sorrymak)
- Spanish translation updated

Version 0.7
- Favorites functionality has been added; users can click to the star button so as to select their favorites distributions.
- As soon as a new release of a favorite distribution is available, a notification pop-up is displayed.
- Notifications can be disabled using the distrowatcher settings.
- Transifex project created:

Version 0.6.1
- Rendering issue in case of users that use dark themes fixed.

Version 0.6
- Scrolling functionality extension; users can use middle (wheel) mouse button, to scroll against package/distro records offering a no-click navigation experience.

Version 0.5
- Scrolling bar added. So, the amount of displayable distros/packages has been expanded. Users can scroll down and view more distros and packages.

Version 0.4.1
- Translation infrastructure implemented; script to collect messages ( created, CMakeLists.txt updated to incorporate translation files.
- Greek and Spanish translations added.
- Plasmoid descriptor (comments) added, so as to inform users regarding the purpose of the plasmoid.

Version 0.4.0
- Better integration with KDE. Coloring and highlight follow the active KDE theme.
- Distro Watcher becomes configurable. Users are able to set the refresh interval (how often, in minutes, data should be fetched from, in Distro Watcher Settings -> Settings -> Refresh every (minutes).
- Issue with font size in packages section fixed. Both packages' and distributions' font size follows KDE 'Desktop' font size.

Version 0.3.0
- User interface has been completely re-designed. Icons that induced UI clutter have been removed. Current interface is much more minimalistic than the previous one.
- Navigation switch between packages and distributions screen is now accomplished via a KDE native tab bar/group.
- Code has been cleaned. From a developer's viewpoint, it is a totally new application.
- New background (white/transparent) has been added. In conjunction with resizing, icons' display has been improved.
- "Explicit fetch" feature has been removed.
- Text size and color are inherited from current theme.
- Application's icon has been changed. I opted for Tux, since it's the common point of reference for all Linux distributions.

Version 0.2
- Network unavailability management, displaying a new screen in case of network issue.
- Coloring enhancements.
- Geometry fixing.
- Display effect on change of state.
- Function i18n used for strings, enabling future translations.

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Fresh Memory 1.3.0 (KDE Education)

Sun, 2015/08/09 - 7:52pm
ThumbnailFresh Memory 1.3.0
(KDE Education)
Fresh Memory is an application that helps to learn large amounts of any material with Spaced Repetition method.

Freshmemory 1.3.0

* Added card statistics: number of studied and scheduled cards by days.
* Added free trial version
* Can change language of the user interface in the main menu
* Added German translation

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Radeon Power Profile Manager 0.1.0 (Plasmoid Script)

Sun, 2015/08/09 - 10:08am
ThumbnailRadeon Power Profile Manager 0.1.0
(Plasmoid Script)
As #139738 does not work anymore, I hacked the DPM applet #161680 to switch power profiles.

First shot

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QNapi 0.1.8 (KDE Video Application)

Sun, 2015/08/09 - 8:09am
ThumbnailQNapi 0.1.8
(KDE Video Application)
QNapi is free software for automatic fetching subtitles for given movie file. It uses online databases such as NapiProjekt, OpenSubtitles and Napisy24. It is based on Qt5 library, so it can be launched on any supported operating system, including Windows, OSX and Linux.

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KeyState 0.4 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

Sat, 2015/08/08 - 6:08pm
ThumbnailKeyState 0.4
(Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
An accessibility Plasmoid that shows the status of various key on your keyboard (for example if Caps Lock is enabled or Meta is pressed).

- Initial version for Plasma 5

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Simple RSS reader 0.1 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

Sat, 2015/08/08 - 2:23pm
ThumbnailSimple RSS reader 0.1
(Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
This is a very simple RSS reader going back to the essentials: We show title, time/date and description information from the feeds of one single source which can be chosen in the configuration menu. We do not use any images in the description; shown is only the text. Plasmoid is written in QML.


plasmapkg2 -i


plasmapkg2 -r

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PredatumNP 1.1.2 (Amarok 2.0 Script)

Fri, 2015/08/07 - 7:44pm
PredatumNP 1.1.2
(Amarok 2.0 Script)
Scrobber for Predatum. Useless if you don't have a predatum account.

1.0 2015-04-22
Production ready
1.1 2015-06-30
Bug fixes
1.1.1 2015-08-07
Minor enhancement
1.1.2 2015-08-07
Minor bug fixed

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digiKam Software Collection 4.12.0 (KDE Graphic Tool)

Fri, 2015/08/07 - 1:27pm
ThumbnaildigiKam Software Collection 4.12.0
(KDE Graphic Tool)
digiKam is an advanced digital photo management application for KDE, which makes importing and organizing digital photos a \"snap\". The photos can be organized in albums which can be sorted chronologically, by directory layout or by custom collections.

Tired of the directory constraints? Don’t worry, digiKam also provides tagging functionality. You tag your images which can be spread out across multiple folders and digiKam provides fast and intuitive ways to browse these tagged images. You can also add comments and rating to your images. digiKam makes use of a fast and robust database to store these meta-informations which makes adding and editing of comments and tags very reliable.

digiKam makes use of KIPI plugins for lots of added functionality. KIPI (KDE Image Plugin Interface) is an initiative to create a common plugin infrastructure for digiKam, KPhotoAlbum, Showimg, and GwenView. Its aim is to allow development of image plugins which can be shared among KDE graphical applications.

An easy to use interface is provided that enables you to connect to your camera and preview, download and/or delete your images. digiKam includes too an image editor for image corrections and manipulations whitch can be extended by plugins.

Another tool, which most artists and photographers will be familiar with, is a Light Table. This tool assists artists and photographers with reviewing their work ensuring only the highest quality. A light table will show the artist their imperfections in which they can go and touch up. Well in digiKam, the light table function provides the user a similar experience. You can import a photo, drag it onto the light table, and touch up only the areas that need it.

The digiKam Image Editor has its own plugin subsystem with some common tools e.g. red eye correction or Gamma correction. Additional plugins are provided with the main application to process advanced corrections on image like color management, noise reduction, or special effects. digiKam Image Editor support all camera RAW file formats, 16 bits color depth, Exif/Makernote/IPTC/GPS metadata, Color management, tagging/rating/comments pictures, etc.

A lots of search tools are also available to be able to find specific photo on whole collection : Time line, Calendar, Advanced Search using multiple and complex database queries (tags, rating, keywords, date,

A stand-alone image editor version named Showfoto is also available. It runs without digiKam images database support, but provides all Image Editor plugins.

See the related project page for more information:

Online documentations:


- Please, use the digiKam mailing-list for all comments:

digikam-users at kde dot org
digikam-devel at kde dot org

- Please, use KDE Bug Tracking System for Wishes, and Bugs report:

You can contact developers on Freenode IRC channels:


To help digiKam project, you can donate money to developpers. Take a look at this page for details:

This version of digiKam include all GSoC-2010-2014 projects

See announcement from digiKam web site:


Full Changelog with previous releases can be see at this url:

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MuseScore 2.0.2 (KDE Sound Application)

Wed, 2015/07/29 - 10:35am
ThumbnailMuseScore 2.0.2
(KDE Sound Application)
MuseScore is a free music notation and composition software available for Linux, Windows and Mac.

It allows for fast and easy note entry on a virtual note sheet. It has an integrated sequencer to allow for immediate playback of the score. MuseScore can import and export MusicXML and standard Midi files. It can also import several formats such as Guitar Pro files.

MuseScore is available in more than 50 languages and is the leading free music notation software. It's often praised as a cost effective alternative for Sibelius and Finale.

MuseScore also features a direct connection with the sheet music sharing site via the MuseScore Connect panel. This gives users direct access to thousands pieces of sheet music shared by the community.

MuseScore 2.0.2 is a minor release with over a 100 bugfixes.


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PlayBar2 2.1 (Plasmoid Script)

Wed, 2015/07/29 - 3:49am
ThumbnailPlayBar2 2.1
(Plasmoid Script)
Mpris2 Client for Plasma5

  • Version 2.1

  • * Added support for KF5.12
    * Various bug fixes
    * Removed the volume shortcuts
    * Fixed the disabled StyledText in ToolTip of bar
    * Updated

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    Active Window Control 1.4 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

    Tue, 2015/07/28 - 11:29pm
    ThumbnailActive Window Control 1.4
    (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
    Plasmoid which just show active window title and icon. Also allows to close active window with cross icon (its location can be configured) and some other actions (like present-windows effect etc).

    This plasmoid is particularly useful when using BorderlessMaximizedWindows=true setting (in ~/.config/kwinrc under [Window] section)

    - qt5-graphicaleffects
    - e.g. package for kubuntu users: libqt5qml-graphicaleffects

    - Add Widgets... -> Get new widgets -> Download new plasma widgets
    - find this applet and install through the first item with .plasmoid extension

    Initial import

    - customizable minimize button
    - customizable maximize/minimize actions
    - called by double-click/mouse wheel
    - customizable width in horizontal panel
    - AUR package

    - "No active window" changed to "Plasma Desktop" (thanks to sancio6 from github)
    - small visual fix in settings

    - configurable button size

    - word wrap fix

    - automatic window title row setting fixed

    - added maximize button
    - additional appearance settings

    - bugfix release
    - settings more granular

    - minor bugfix

    - support for present-windows effect

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    ClamAV-GUI 0.1.0 (KDE Security)

    Tue, 2015/07/28 - 10:55am
    ThumbnailClamAV-GUI 0.1.0
    (KDE Security)
    Front-End for ClamAV. Please let me know whether the app works to your liking or not. Comments welcome

    2015-07-28 initial upload

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    Redshift Control 1.0 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

    Sun, 2015/07/26 - 8:08pm
    ThumbnailRedshift Control 1.0
    (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
    Plasma 5 applet. Allows enabling and disabling redshift process. Provide simple settings and mouse-wheel manual screen temperature controlling.

    - redshift
    - qt5-graphicaleffects (e.g. package for kubuntu users: libqt5qml-graphicaleffects)

    - Add Widgets... -> Get new widgets -> Download new plasma widgets
    - find this applet and install through the first item with .plasmoid extension

    - initial import

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    Qtractor 0.7.0 (KDE Sound Application)

    Fri, 2015/07/24 - 10:42pm
    ThumbnailQtractor 0.7.0
    (KDE Sound Application)
    Qtractor is an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application written in C++ with the Qt framework. Target platform is Linux, where the Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK) for audio and the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) for MIDI are the main infrastructures to evolve as a fairly-featured Linux desktop audio workstation GUI, specially dedicated to the personal home-studio.


    - Multi-track audio and MIDI sequencing and recording.
    - Developed on pure Qt C++ application and UI framework.
    - Uses JACK for audio and ALSA sequencer for MIDI
    as multimedia infrastructures.
    - Traditional multi-track tape recorder control paradigm.
    - Audio file formats support: OGG (via libvorbis),
    MP3 (via libmad, playback only), WAV, FLAC, AIFF
    and many, many more (via libsndfile).
    - Standard MIDI files support (format 0 and 1).
    - Non-destructive, non-linear editing.
    - Unlimited number of tracks per session/project.
    - Unlimited number of overlapping clips per track.
    - XML encoded session/project description files (SDI).
    - Point-and-click, multi-select, drag-and-drop interaction
    (drag, move, drop, cut, copy, paste, paste-repeat, delete, split, merge).
    - Unlimited undo/redo.
    - Built-in mixer and monitor controls.
    - Built-in connection patchbay control and persistence
    (a-la QjackCtl).
    - LADSPA, DSSI, native VST and LV2 plug-ins support.
    - Unlimited number of plug-ins per track or bus.
    - Plug-in presets, programs and chunk/configurations support.
    - Unlimited audio effect send/return inserts per track or bus.
    - Loop-recording/takes.
    - Audio/MIDI clip fade-in/out (linear, quadratic, cubic).
    - Audio/MIDI clip gain/volume, normalize, export.
    - Audio/MIDI track and plugin parameter automation (dynamic curves,
    sample&hold, linear and spline modes).
    - Audio clip time-stretching (WSOLA-like or via librubberband),
    pitch-shifting (via librubberband [9]) and seamless sample-rate
    conversion (via libsamplerate).
    - Audio/MIDI track export (mix-down, merge).
    - Audio/MIDI metronome bar/beat clicks.
    - Unlimited tempo/time-signature map.
    - Unlimited location/bar markers.
    - MIDI clip editor (matrix/piano roll).
    - MIDI instrument definitions (a-la Cakewalk(tm) (*.ins));
    SoundFont (*.sf2) and MIDI Names XML (*.midnam) files also supported..
    - MIDI controller mapping/learn/assignment (mixer and plug-in parameters).
    - MIDI system exclusive (SysEx) setups.
    - JACK transport sync master/slave.
    - JACK session support.
    - NSM (Non Session Management) support.
    - MMC control surface enabled.
    - MIDI Song Position cueing support.
    - Configurable keyboard shortcuts.

    0.7.0 2015-07-24 Muon Base Beta

    - Complete rewrite of Qt4 vs. Qt5 configure builds.
    - Revised MIDI Controlllers catch-up algorithm.
    - Mixer multi-row layout gets a little bit of a fairness fix.
    - Non-continuous MIDI Controllers now have their Hook and Latch options disabled as those are found not applicable,
    - As an alternative to PC-keyboard shortcuts, MIDI controllers are now also assignable and configurable for any of the main menu command actions, all from the same old configuration dialog (Help/Shortcuts...).
    - Fixed missing Track and Clip sub-menus from Edit/context-menu that were found AWOL ever since after the Lazy Tachyon beta release (> 0.6.6).
    - An off-by-one bar position (as in BBT, bar, beat and ticks) has been purportedly fixed as long as LV2 Time/Position atom event transfer goes.
    - French (fr) translation line to desktop file added (patch by Olivier Humbert, thanks).
    - A new top-level widget window geometry state save and restore sub-routine is now in effect.
    - Improved MIDI clip editor resilience across tempo and time-signature changes.
    - Keyboard shortcuts configuration (Help/Shortcuts...) now lists complete menu/action path where available.
    - Fixed in-flight VST plugin editor (GUI) resizing.
    - Added support to LV2UI_portMap extension, found really handy for the cases where you have multiple plugins with different port configurations and a single common UI to drive them all (pull request by Hanspeter Portner aka. ventosus, thanks).

    O.6.7 2015-05-27 Lepton Acid Beta

    - MIDI clip editor (aka. piano-roll) position, size, and view/event type criteria are now persistent, across session and user preferences application state.
    - Generic plugin form widget position is now also preserved across open/save session cycles.
    - MIDI clip editor resilience is about to get an improvement, fe. it doesn't close on stopping record/overdub anymore.
    - Introducing (JACK) Timebase master setting as an option to Transport mode (cf. View/Options.../General/Transport/Timebase).
    - LV2 plug-in MIDI/Event support now slanted for deprecation.
    - Spanish (es) translation added, by avid Reyes Pucheta.
    - It's live: audio track export (cf. Track/Export Tracks/Audio...) has been deeply refactored to finally include MIDI track/instrument plugins rendering (aka. freeze) on selected audio output buses on mix-down. (EXPERIMENTAL)
    - MIDI file player now does (N)RPN 14-bit controller events.
    - Track properties dialog output bus switch fix/optimization; also fixed multiple DSSI instance reference count on close.
    - Fixed for some strict tests for Qt4 vs. Qt5 configure builds.
    - German (de) translation update (by Guido Scholz, thanks).

    O.6.6 2015-03-29 Lazy Tachyon Beta
    O.6.5 2015-01-30 Fermion Ray Beta
    O.6.4 2014-11-24 Baryon Throne Beta
    O.6.3 2014-09-22 Armed Hadron Beta
    O.6.2 2014-07-07 Boson Walk Beta
    O.6.1 2014-04-29 Bitsy Sweet Beta
    0.6.0 2014-03-21 Byte Bald Beta.

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    Weather Widget 1.3.1 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

    Fri, 2015/07/24 - 4:10am
    ThumbnailWeather Widget 1.3.1
    (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
    Plasmoid for showing weather information from server.

    - shows basic info (with font-like icons) in panel
    - shows meteogram + long term forecast in expanded plasmoid
    - shows more info and near future forecast in tooltip
    - offline cache
    - support for multiple places
    - system tray support

    Future plans:
    - support for other providers (owm, accu)
    - support for vertical layout
    - place picker

    - qt5-xmllistmodel, qt5-graphicaleffects
    - e.g. packages for kubuntu users: qml-module-qtquick-xmllistmodel, libqt5qml-graphicaleffects

    - Add Widgets... -> Get new widgets -> Download new plasma widgets
    - find this applet and install through the first item with .plasmoid extension

    - initial import

    - offline cache
    - fahrenheit support
    - support for multiple places
    - long-term forecast in expanded plasmoid
    - using night icons in the night

    - tooltip overhaul

    - using avansert_meteogram instead of meteogram (thx to steelsnake for this suggestion)
    - better moon icon (thx to jacobtey)
    - hour legend
    - place aliases
    - bug fixes

    - bug fix: refreshing current place when places changed
    - tooltip fixed for KF 5.11
    - new widget icon by varlesh

    - fixed compatibility with KF 5.12

    - system tray support
    - bugfixes (change place fix; properly handling day/night icons based on sunrise/sunset; credit link fix; resizing on desktop fix)

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    Helper for desktop-spanning wallpapers git HEAD (KDE Other Utility)

    Wed, 2015/07/22 - 10:54pm
    Helper for desktop-spanning wallpapers git HEAD
    (KDE Other Utility)
    A simple little script, compatible with any attainable combination of Python 2.7/3.x and PyQt 4.x/5.x, which reads your monitor layout from XRandR and then scales and crops a background image to produce individual monitor backgrounds for Plasma.

    Supports both explicit images and, via --randomize, a list of folders.

    Supports various cropping alignments via --gravity (see --help for details)

    For automatic update, run it on a cronjob and set Plasma into slideshow mode. It will generate a folder for each monitor containing the single background file its supposed to display.

    Also includes a sample .desktop file for integration into the Geeqie context menu via Zenity. (Ive yet to find a Qt image viewer as snappy as GQView/Geeqie and zenity --list allows double-click selection while kdialog --menu does not.)

    0.2.1: Typo fix in alignment handling

    0.2: Add support for controlling cropping alignment

    0.1: Initial release

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    PyQt5 5.5 (KDE Development Tool)

    Sun, 2015/07/19 - 12:13pm
    PyQt5 5.5
    (KDE Development Tool)
    PyQt5 is a comprehensive set of Python bindings for Qt v5. It is available under the GPL and a commercial license.

    This adds support for Qt v5.5.0 including the new QtLocation and QtNfc modules.

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    Day of month 1.0 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

    Sat, 2015/07/18 - 1:10pm
    ThumbnailDay of month 1.0
    (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
    Plasmoid for plasma panel.
    Shows the day of the month.

    Useful for little panels:

    If you enable the date in KDE clock, the date is shown under the time, so the time digits get smaller, the date gets even smaller, and also the year and the month are shown, that are unuseful and add noise.

    Solution? The Day of month plasmoid, that can be put on the left or on the right of the clock, so the clock digits dont get smaller, and the year&month are not shown, so no more noise. Simple and clear.

    - KDE 5 (Plasma 5).

    - Download the file day_of_month.plasmoid to some folder in your hard disk.
    - Right-click on KDE Panel -> Add Widgets... -> Get new widgets -> Install widget from local file...
    - A file selection window will be shown. Go to the folder (where you saved the file to), select the downloaded file, and click on Ok.
    - Then right-click on KDE Panel, click on Add Widgets..., search for Day of month, and double-click on the item found. The plasmoid will be added to the panel.
    - Move the plasmoid to your favourite place (perhaps near the clock).

    The source code is into the file day_of_month.plasmoid, that is a zip file. So to see the source code, you only have to rename it to a .zip extension, and then unzip it:

    mv day_of_month.plasmoid

    1.0 First version

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    QjackCtl 0.4.0 (KDE Sound Application)

    Wed, 2015/07/15 - 2:36pm
    ThumbnailQjackCtl 0.4.0
    (KDE Sound Application)
    QjackCtl is a simple Qt application to control the JACK sound server daemon, specific for the Linux Audio Desktop infrastructure.

    Written in C++ around the Qt framework for X11, most exclusively using Qt Designer.

    Provides a simple GUI dialog for setting several JACK daemon parameters, which are properly saved between sessions, and a way control of the status of the audio server daemon. With time, this primordial interface has become richer by including a enhanced patchbay and connection control features.

    0.4.0 2015-07-15 Summer'15 release frenzy

    - Some windows fixes added (patch by Kjetil Matheussen, thanks).
    - Most advanced Setup/Settings are moved into new Setup/Advanced settings tab; limit range for the real-time priority setting, now having 6 as absolute minimum valid value (after patches by Robin Gareus, thanks).
    - A new top-level widget window geometry state save and restore sub-routine is now in effect (EXPERIMENTAL)
    - Delayed geometry setup for widget windows upon startup has been deprecated and scrapped altogether.
    - Setup/settings dialog tab is going into some layout changes; also got rid of old patchbay auto-refresh timer cruft, which was previously hidden/disabled.
    - New socket names are now automatically inferred from selected client names while on the Patchbay widget, Socket dialog.
    - Fixed for some strict tests for Qt4 vs. Qt5 configure builds.
    - German (de) translation update (by Guido Scholz, thanks).

    0.3.13 2015-03-25 Pre-LAC2015 release frenzy.
    0.3.12 2014-10-19 JACK Pretty-names aliasing.
    0.3.11 2013-12-31 A fifth of a Jubilee.
    0.3.10 2013-04-01 The singing swan rehearsal.
    0.3.9 2012-05-18 The last of the remnants.
    0.3.8 2011-07-01 JACK Session versioning.
    0.3.7 2010-11-30 JACK Session managerism.
    0.3.6 2010-03-09 Full D-Busification!
    0.3.5 2009-09-30 Slipped Away!
    0.3.4 2008-12-05 Patchbay snapshot revamp.
    0.3.3 2008-06-07 Patchbay JACK-MIDI, file logging and X11 uniqueness.

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    Kate Perlcritic plugin 0.1 (KDE Development Tool)

    Sun, 2015/07/12 - 8:25pm
    Kate Perlcritic plugin 0.1
    (KDE Development Tool)
    Simple perlcritic plugin for kate.

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