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Quick backup & restore files [Dolphin Service Menus]

Sun, 2017/12/03 - 4:33pm
A couple of service menu to quickly create a backup copy of the selected files in the same folder, adding a .bak extension, and to restore...

Export Libreoffice and Office documents to PDF [Dolphin Service Menus]

Sun, 2017/12/03 - 4:33pm
You need Libreoffice installed to make this service menu works. Supported formats: .odt, .ods, .odp, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .docx, .xlsx, .pptx.

Convert PNG images to JPGs [Dolphin Service Menus]

Sun, 2017/12/03 - 4:33pm
You need Imagemagick installed to use this service menu.

Financial Times Fund [Skrooge Quote Sources]

Sat, 2017/12/02 - 10:57pm
To donwload fund quotes from Financial Times.

Mount ISO image - here or elsewhere [Dolphin Service Menus]

Sat, 2017/12/02 - 5:11pm
Service menu for Dolphin to mount ISO image in the current folder or in another one of your choice. In both cases it create a new folder with...

Conky Displaymax [Conky]

Sat, 2017/12/02 - 4:27pm
Displaymax gives a good amount of information in a "compact" area. I tried to make this one work well with any wallpaper you are using- modify the...

several wipes [Kdenlive FX]

Sat, 2017/12/02 - 3:46pm
32 various wipes by luma full-HD 16:9 for kdenlive

several wipes [Kdenlive FX]

Sat, 2017/12/02 - 3:03pm
Various wipes by luma fullHD 16:9 for kdenlive

This is Plasma [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Thu, 2017/11/30 - 9:09pm
This is plasma wallpaper. This is for your next KDE Plasma screenshot!

Humanity Classic Pack [Icon Themes]

Thu, 2017/11/30 - 6:40pm
Edited "Humanity" icon theme with many bug fixes and added missing icons. I attached to the main theme a "ubuntu-mono" theme for dark panels.

Kv Glass [Kvantum]

Wed, 2017/11/29 - 10:11pm
Theme Style for Kvantum. Installation: After making sure that you have installed Kvantum, use "Kvantum Manager" from the Utilities menu to...

Aurorae Glass-kv [Aurorae Themes]

Wed, 2017/11/29 - 10:06pm
aurorae theme Glass-kv. You should use the style theme Kavantum Glass :

Emulate Sidebar [Kwin Scripts]

Wed, 2017/11/29 - 8:46pm
Helps to emulate a sidebar panel when maximizing windows. I am using this because Plasma 5 really screwed up plasmoids by not letting them be...

iOS iCons [Icon Themes]

Wed, 2017/11/29 - 1:14am
iOS iCon theme What's new ? * Added latest iOS 11 style icons Tested on GNOME 3.26 in Ubuntu 17.10 Daily build Please tell me about...

Placidity 8c [Plymouth Themes]

Tue, 2017/11/28 - 1:26pm
Placidity plymouth theme with Trisquel logo.

Send file with Telegram [Dolphin Service Menus]

Tue, 2017/11/28 - 12:52pm
--- Dependencies --- - telegram-cli ( - available in AUR) - kdialog --- Instructions --- 1. install...

Placidity 8c [Plasma Splash Screens]

Tue, 2017/11/28 - 12:02pm
Placidity KSpash theme for Trisquel.

Uniform [Icon Themes]

Tue, 2017/11/28 - 11:24am
Uniform+ дополнения для МАТЕ. Отдельные темы с голубыми, зелёными, серыми,...

LuckyEyes KDE 5 [Plasma Color Schemes]

Tue, 2017/11/28 - 10:14am
This is a modified version of LuckyEyes color scheme, designed by Oliver Sch. back in 2009. Link to original work:...

Plainjane [Aurorae Themes]

Mon, 2017/11/27 - 5:10am
Plain as can get! Install ~/.local/share/aurorae/themes/ System settings (Get New Decorations)