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Fri, 2016/10/07 - 4:38am
Fetching song lyric from

Numix White

Fri, 2016/10/07 - 4:37am
Based on numix circle. Still Alpha and missing some white icons I made this theme to be used with "Tota White" Gnome Shell theme....

Trona valley from 5 way area

Thu, 2016/10/06 - 6:23pm
Trona valley from 5 way area - BG Italy, Brembana valley

Paper Icons

Wed, 2016/10/05 - 9:58pm
Paper is a modern freedesktop icon theme whose design is based around the use of bold colours and simple geometric shapes to compose icons. Each...

Windows 10 Icons

Wed, 2016/10/05 - 7:49pm
Instalação: Descompacte Mova o arquivo para " /usr/share/icons/ " Tema produzido e mantido por: Elbullazul (Christian Medel) desde a...

Breeze AlphaBlack

Wed, 2016/10/05 - 7:49pm
I took the default Breeze Light theme and made all the panel related stuff a slightly transparent black. * [Pager] I removed the transparent...


Wed, 2016/10/05 - 5:29pm
I hope you will appreciate this picture.

La Capitaine

Wed, 2016/10/05 - 2:02pm
Announcements ============= * New release coming soon™ with lots of refinements; see my Github for all the latest improvements! * Coming...

Google Music for Amarok

Wed, 2016/10/05 - 11:07am
This script allows you to listen your music allocated in your Google Music account using Amarok. You only need to have installed curl. Then...


Tue, 2016/10/04 - 3:51pm
A blue folder theme for Ubuntu, try it with gtk arc theme and other blue theme Build on Ubuntu 16.04

MX Theme

Tue, 2016/10/04 - 6:47am
/////////////// IMPORTANT: //////////////////////////////////////////////////// I just check for errors on the theme, there is a conflict...

No Sense of Perspective

Tue, 2016/10/04 - 12:18am
Simple wallpaper inspired by default wallpapers for KDE in Kubuntu 16.04.

Heritage MOD

Mon, 2016/10/03 - 9:30pm
Descrição: Este tema é apenas uma modificação do SDDM oficial do do Chakra Linux. Então todos os direitos reservados são da equipe do...

iconos WISH-OS

Mon, 2016/10/03 - 9:16pm
*****WISH-ICONS****** Iconos hechos por VAGS Icons made by VAGS Ícones feitos pelo VAGS ( CARPETAS *(inspirados...

Glass v3

Mon, 2016/10/03 - 6:46pm
A touch of light Icon theme for Linux My goal is: customization ! Example: for pictures, there are 15 folders, for videos, 12 folders

carlsson 6х6

Mon, 2016/10/03 - 11:58am

Victory Icon Theme

Mon, 2016/10/03 - 10:42am
Install: Extract archive into /home/yourusername/.icons and switch to icon theme by opening your DEs theme manager. Gnome: ...

Straw bales

Sun, 2016/10/02 - 6:22pm
field with straw bales in summer

Oxygen Crystal Diamond Look And Feel

Sun, 2016/10/02 - 3:22pm
Oxygen Crystal Diamond Look And Feel for Plasma5 to match the ocd suite. Contains the components needed and color scheme. PS: Arch Linux,...

Tron Icon Pack ver.2.0

Sun, 2016/10/02 - 9:19am
Brand new package of TRON ICON. new style of Tron Folder Icon, I call this El Capitron. added some flat token and combined with El capitan icon...