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Dakota Sunset

Fri, 2016/09/23 - 11:40pm
Semi flat theme with round window buttons.

Dakota Sunset

Fri, 2016/09/23 - 11:33pm
Semi flat theme with round window button.

Blue Steel 4K Textured Gradient Wallpaper

Fri, 2016/09/23 - 10:25am
Blue Steel 4K Textured Gradient Wallpaper Inspired by Charles Bowman and the Blue Steel Gnome 3.22...

Bezier Clock

Fri, 2016/09/23 - 9:14am
Port Processing.js Bezier Clock by Jack Frigaard to Qt Quick/QML for KDE Plasma 5 Live Wallpaper. [b]Install Plasma package[/b] [i]plasmapkg2...

Y-S Gagarin Park

Fri, 2016/09/23 - 5:44am
Gagarin Park - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin island

AudioThumbs 5

Thu, 2016/09/22 - 7:18pm
Preview of embed album art in audio file for Dolphin 5. Supported format mp3, flac, mp4 If you wants support of other audio type - contact...

Sea Breeze

Thu, 2016/09/22 - 12:39pm
Calm. Blue. Anything to get away from the default brown.

Do All With PDF

Thu, 2016/09/22 - 9:29am
KDE service menu for PDF manipulation. ###NEW: Ubuntu users can install it via repository. Just type:############# # sudo add-apt-repository...


Wed, 2016/09/21 - 8:10pm
Icon for Flat-Glass theme

Grey for QtCurve

Wed, 2016/09/21 - 9:10am
Easy on eyes grey colors scheme to use with QtCurve widgets.


Wed, 2016/09/21 - 3:04am
An Aurorae theme making heavy use (abuse?) of radial gradients. This theme was mostly created to scratch my own personal itch. I like themes...

yellow meeting

Tue, 2016/09/20 - 9:43pm
yellow and green

The dam

Tue, 2016/09/20 - 9:34pm
just a damm


Tue, 2016/09/20 - 8:09pm
A classic icon theme(and more...) that works on any X11-desktop(Note: On GTK3 it will only work if regular icons are forced by the GTK3...

Linux Wallpaper Gmp paterns

Tue, 2016/09/20 - 4:26pm
Linus wallpaper using gimp patterns

Ruins wallpaper

Tue, 2016/09/20 - 3:48pm
Leper hospital ruins - Spinalonga - Crete


Tue, 2016/09/20 - 2:57pm


Tue, 2016/09/20 - 12:47pm
Plasmoid for viewing youtube videos right on your desktop. You should have google account to use this plasmoid. Please, remove previous...

Simple Flow

Tue, 2016/09/20 - 11:42am
A plain and compact design.


Tue, 2016/09/20 - 6:22am
Gnome icon theme I will say alpha 1 It still needs a lot of work this is a variant of elementary icon theme For now is best to use it on...