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Eventlist 0.7 (Plasmoid Binary)

Sun, 2015/03/15 - 5:09am
ThumbnailEventlist 0.7
(Plasmoid Binary)
This is a plasmoid to show the events and todos from Akonadi resources (KOrganizer, Birthdays etc.).
With a google resource also Google calendar items can be shown.
Also possible with a CalDAV resource.
A facebook resource is also available.

Incidences can be filtered, added, edited, deleted via context menu.

The Plasma 5 port may take again a while... ;-( (any help?)

Thanks to the authors of todolist, public transport, rtm.

Some rpm for openSUSE can be found here:
Now in KDE:Unstable:Playground



There is also an ebuild in gentoo-overlay or so.

Feel free to send translations, feature requests.

Development has moved:

remove title item if empty - patch by causa-prima
extra slot for startServer for delayed start - helps to prevent hangs on session startup

- previous version was buggy in removing items - fixed (I hope)

- check for already existing items to avoid doubled entries

- add contact name to possible substitutions
- filter for collections instead of resources (reconfigure filter necessary)

0.6.90 (0.7 rc)
- use kincindenceeditor if available
- delete incidences via menu
- fix bug with wrong mouse pointer position (wrong incidence selected)

0.6 adds autogrouping and filtering

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Xt7-player (now xt7-player-mpv) git (KDE Video Application)

Fri, 2015/03/13 - 4:34pm
ThumbnailXt7-player (now xt7-player-mpv) git
(KDE Video Application)
This version is unsupported.
Xt7 also switched from mplayer to mpv.

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