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kAnyRemote 6.3.5 (KDE Other Utility)

Sat, 2015/01/24 - 12:55pm
ThumbnailkAnyRemote 6.3.5
(KDE Other Utility)
kAnyRemote package is KDE GUI frontend for anyRemote ( written on PyKDE/PyQt.

anyRemote is remote control software for applications using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

anyRemote supports wide range of modern cell phones line Nokia, SonyEricsson,
HTC and others.

Just FYI, this is the list of apps with already created configuration files:
Decibel audio player
Eye of Gnome
Open Office Impress
mouse & keyboard emulation,
image viewer and file manager.

Avahi support

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wacom tablet 2.1.0 (KDE System Tool)

Sun, 2015/01/18 - 9:08pm
Thumbnailwacom tablet 2.1.0
(KDE System Tool)
KDE 4 KCModule

This module implements a GUI for the Wacom Linux Drivers and extends it
with profile support to handle different button / pen layouts per profile.

For hardware support have a look at

Project Repository:

get the source with
git clone git://

(K)Ubuntu 12.x & 13.04:

OpenSUSE 12.2, 12.3 & Factory:

# v2.1.0
* Add support for Cintiq 22HD 18 buttons
* Add image for the Cintiq 13HD layout
* Update Wacom Intuos PT S Finger touch device db entry
* Update Intuous button layout
* Update Wacom INTUOS Pen Small CTH-480 db entry (030E)
* Add Wacom Intuos Pro L PTH-851 to db (0316)
* Allow to setup Stylus/Eraser Tip Mosue button (Left-Handed Mode)
* Update database. Add HUION, add Waltop again, install missing vendors

# v2.1.0-0.1.beta1

* Implement support for multible tablets at once
* Add simple dialog app to ease tablet detection and databse adding
* Add global shortcut for profile rotation
* Add status LED support for profile rotation (Intous/Chintiq)
* Fix profile not found error on tablet connect

# v2.0.2
* Fix compile error on older Qt versions (remove iconset="theme" stuff)
* Add Raw Sample and Suppress to ui

# v2.0.1
* More translations
* Add Wacom Intuos Pro S / PTH-451/S
* Add WacomIntuos Pen Small / CTL-480S tablet
* Add definition of Wacom Intuos PT S / CTH-680S-RUPL
* Add Wacom Intuos PT M / CTH-680S-ENES
* Add support for Wacom Intuos Pro M / PTH-651
* cmake: remove extra kio linking
* adjusted control point and draw below curve area colors to be less websafe looking
* Added Wacom Cintiq 13HD
* Added Samsung Series 7 Slate
# v2.0
* Fixed bug which would prevent the default profile from being created
* Fixed bug which made it impossible to use some special keys as express
button shortcut.
* Fixed bug where the plasma applet would not rotate the stylus controls.
* Fixed bug which displayed the tablet in an inverted rotation if auto-rotate
was selected.
* Fixed bug which prevented the screen mappings from being applied correctly
when the tablet was rotated.
* Fixed bug which would not allow to set a screen mapping on the touch device.
* Fixed bug where invalid area mappings would make the stylus stick in the
upper left corner.
* Changed way how tablets are reset to their full tablet mapping to fix
problems with Intuos 5 tablets.
* Added some more tablets to the tablet database.
* Updated button hardware mappings for the Intuos 5 Touch.
* Disabled Waltop devices in the database as they are in conflict with some
Wacom devices.
* Improved button shortcut handling.
* Improved handling of auto-rotation.
* Tablet areas can now be selected for each screen independently.
* All screen mapping can now be handled with one dialog.
* Global shortcut to switch between Fullscreen and a single Monitor.
* Tablet and touch area selection now takes the rotation settings into account.
* Added feature which allows the user to invert the scroll direction of the touch device.
* Many bugfixes in the background.

you must install a wacom-driver 0.20 or higher

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Dolphin Folder Color 1.3 (KDE Service Menu)

Wed, 2015/01/14 - 7:29pm
ThumbnailDolphin Folder Color 1.3
(KDE Service Menu)
A contextual menu for coloring the folders so fast, also has the ability to color a selected set of folders.

You just need to run the script. \'\' with a click and restart dolphin.
Note: should not be started from the shell. And it depends on kdialog.

Un menu contextual para colorear la carpetas de forma rapida, tambien tiene la posibilidad de colorear un conjunto de carpetas seleccionada.

Solo hace falta correr el script \'\' con un click y reiniciar dolphin.
Nota: no debe ser iniciado desde la shell. Y depende de kdialog

### NOTE ###
If you want added a new language, please contact with me.

If you like this script maybe you like this:

- version 1.3

* Added initial support for Plasma5

- version 1.2

* Code revised and improved.
* Fixed problem when choosing icons that are not system.

- version 1.1.1

* Added 'deinstall' script
* Improved 'install' script
* Improved 'dolphin-folder-color' script
* Added translations: French, Italian, Portuguese and German.

- version 1.1

* Fixed Install script
* Improved 'dolphin-folder-color' script

- version 1.0

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Seafile Service Menu 0.1 (KDE Service Menu)

Wed, 2015/01/14 - 10:15am
ThumbnailSeafile Service Menu 0.1
(KDE Service Menu)
Seafile Service Menu is a service menu to generate public sharing links in your Seafile folder.

- Seafile Client
- sqlite3
- kdialog or zenity
- dbus

Version 01 13/01/2015 - First release

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Cutegram - Telegram client 1.0.0 (KDE Chat Application)

Mon, 2015/01/12 - 10:05pm
ThumbnailCutegram - Telegram client 1.0.0
(KDE Chat Application)
What is Cutegram?
Cutegram is a free and opensource telegram clients for GNU/Linux focusing on user friendly, compatibility with Linux desktop environments and easy to use.
Cutegram using Qt5, QML, libqtelegram, libappindication, AsemanQtTools technologies and Faenza icons and Twitter emojies graphic sets.
It\'s free and released under GPLv3 license.

What is Telegram?
Telegram Messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging system whose clients are open source and servers are proprietary software. Telegram users can exchange encrypted and self-destructing messages, photos, videos and documents (all files types are supported).

* file sending and recieving
* Secret chat (Experimental)
* Native desktop notification
* Customizable fonts
* System tray icon
* Modern UI
* Fully drag and drop support to forward, delete messages and send files.
* Twitter emojies
* Linux desktops full compatible.
* Beautiful and smooth user interface using QML technology.
* It\'s free and OpenSource.Cutegram page on website.

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Netctl GUI 1.4.0 (KDE Networking Tool)

Mon, 2015/01/12 - 4:33pm
ThumbnailNetctl GUI 1.4.0
(KDE Networking Tool)

Qt4/Qt5 graphical interface for netctl (several scripts for work with network connection in Archlinux). It may work with profiles and may create new profiles. Also it may create a connection to WiFi. Moreover, it provides a widget and DataEngine for KDE4/KF5.

Feel free to ask me for a new features =)

mkdir build && cd build
make && sudo make install

Available cmake flags:
* components:
-DBUILD_DATAENGINE:BOOL=0 - do not build DataEngine
-DBUILD_GUI:BOOL=0 - do not build GUI
-DBUILD_HELPER:BOOL=0 - do not build helper daemon
-DBUILD_LIBRARY:BOOL=0 - do not build library
-DBUILD_PLASMOID:BOOL=0 - do not build Plasmoid
* additional components:
-DBUILD_DOCS:BOOL=0 - do not build developer documentation
-DBUILD_TEST:BOOL=1 - build auto tests for the library and the helper
* project properties:
-DDBUS_SYSTEMCONF_PATH=/etc/dbus-1/system.d/ - path to dbus system configuration files
-DSYSTEMD_SERVICE_PATH=lib/systemd/system - path to systemd services
-DUSE_CAPABILITIES:BOOL=0 - do not use setcap to get privileges to the helper
-DBUILD_KDE4:BOOL=1 - build plasmoid for KDE4 instead of KF5
-DUSE_QT5:BOOL=0 - use Qt4 instead of Qt5 for GUI

qt5-base (if Qt5 is used) or qt4 (if Qt4 is used)

Optional dependencies
kdebase-workspace (KDE4 widget)
plasma-frameworks (KF5 widget)
sudo and kdebase-runtime (sudo support)
wpa_supplicant (WiFi support)

Make dependencies
qt5-tools (if Qt5 is used)


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Distro Watcher 0.10.3 (Plasmoid Script)

Sat, 2015/01/10 - 10:03pm
ThumbnailDistro Watcher 0.10.3
(Plasmoid Script)
The specific plasmoid displays the latest releases of Linux distributions and packages, as published in In order to retrieve the relative data, RSS feeds from distrowatch are being used.

The plasmoid consists of two distinct views; the first displaying Linux distributions, the second displaying packages. Switching between views can be accomplished using a KDE tab bar. By clicking to a distribution record, default browser opens distribution's homepage at By clicking to a package record, default browser opens package's homepage.

Moreover, users can click to the button in the bottom-right corner of the plasmoid so as to navigate to the distributions' list; favorites can be selected by just clicking to the relative button. Clicking to a distribution record, they are navigated (using the predefault web browser) to the relative distrowatch page. After selecting favorites, as soon as a new release of a favorite distribution is available, a notification pop-up is displayed. Notifications can be disabled using the relative configuration option.

The plasmoid has been written in QML and JavaScript.

Translated to: Greek, Spanish, Russian, Uzbek(Latin), Italian and Lithuanian. If you would like to contribute to translations, visit the relative transifex project at

- Display depends on RSS feeds. If the relative RSS changes or it is unavailable, plasmoid display will be broken.
- Data fetching is performed every 15 minutes (default). Users can override the default value via "Distro Watcher Settings".
- If no Internet connection is available, no data will be displayed. Instead, a notification screen is displayed. As soon as network connectivity is re-established and the next fetching point is reached, data display is restored. Users are also able to click to the Reload button and request data to be fetched again.
- Icons have been downloaded from:
Credits go to the artist.

- KDE SC 4.10 or later
- QT 4.8.x

* In Kubuntu 13.04/13.10 the following packages were installed for a proper build to take place:
- build-essential
- cmake
- kdelibs5-dev
- kdebase-workspace-dev
- libdbusmenu-qt-dev

Just Display (only for testing)
$plasmoidviewer ~/$YOUR_PATH/distrowatcher_plasmoid/distrowatcher

Any Linux distribution:
- Unzip the plasmoid
- $ mkdir build
- $ cd build
- $ export QT_SELECT=qt4 && cmake -DQT_QMAKE_EXECUTABLE=/usr/bin/qmake-qt4 -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` ..
- $ make
- $ (sudo) make install
- "Distro Watcher" widget is now available to add to desktop/panel.

Run the .deb file.

Copyright (C) 2014 Dimitris Kardarakos

QML and JavaScript written has been based on QT Quick documentation, tutorials and examples found in Icons used come (online) from and Oxygen icon package.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

Version 0.10.3
- Translated to Lithuanian by Moo

Version 0.10.2
- Translation updates (Italian, Russian)

Version 0.10.1
- Translation updates (Italian: thanks to Giuseppe Pignataro, Russian)

Version 0.10
- Reload functionality added to unavailable screen
- Smooth transition between screens
- Translation updates (Greek, Spanish)

Version 0.9.2
- Notification icon changed to a generic one since, in "Get New Hot Stuff" packaging, no distrowatcher icon is installed
- Translated to Uzbek by Umid Almasov

Version 0.9.1
- Issue with multiple notifications when a distribution appears more than once in an rss bunch fixed
- Unnecessary translations removed
- Code cleaning
- Text field replaced text area in favorites; clearing handle added

Version 0.8.2
- Issue writing into the text area fixed
- Packaging translations issue fixed

Version 0.8.1
- Issue with misleading tooltip fixed
- Favorites list rendering issue fixed
- Russian translation updated

Version 0.8
- Visual improvements
- Searching functionality added to favorite distributions list
- Users can navigate to distrowatch from favorites screen
- Translated to Russian (thanks to sorrymak)
- Spanish translation updated

Version 0.7
- Favorites functionality has been added; users can click to the star button so as to select their favorites distributions.
- As soon as a new release of a favorite distribution is available, a notification pop-up is displayed.
- Notifications can be disabled using the distrowatcher settings.
- Transifex project created:

Version 0.6.1
- Rendering issue in case of users that use dark themes fixed.

Version 0.6
- Scrolling functionality extension; users can use middle (wheel) mouse button, to scroll against package/distro records offering a no-click navigation experience.

Version 0.5
- Scrolling bar added. So, the amount of displayable distros/packages has been expanded. Users can scroll down and view more distros and packages.

Version 0.4.1
- Translation infrastructure implemented; script to collect messages ( created, CMakeLists.txt updated to incorporate translation files.
- Greek and Spanish translations added.
- Plasmoid descriptor (comments) added, so as to inform users regarding the purpose of the plasmoid.

Version 0.4.0
- Better integration with KDE. Coloring and highlight follow the active KDE theme.
- Distro Watcher becomes configurable. Users are able to set the refresh interval (how often, in minutes, data should be fetched from, in Distro Watcher Settings -> Settings -> Refresh every (minutes).
- Issue with font size in packages section fixed. Both packages' and distributions' font size follows KDE 'Desktop' font size.

Version 0.3.0
- User interface has been completely re-designed. Icons that induced UI clutter have been removed. Current interface is much more minimalistic than the previous one.
- Navigation switch between packages and distributions screen is now accomplished via a KDE native tab bar/group.
- Code has been cleaned. From a developer's viewpoint, it is a totally new application.
- New background (white/transparent) has been added. In conjunction with resizing, icons' display has been improved.
- "Explicit fetch" feature has been removed.
- Text size and color are inherited from current theme.
- Application's icon has been changed. I opted for Tux, since it's the common point of reference for all Linux distributions.

Version 0.2
- Network unavailability management, displaying a new screen in case of network issue.
- Coloring enhancements.
- Geometry fixing.
- Display effect on change of state.
- Function i18n used for strings, enabling future translations.

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Plasmoggl 1.0 (Plasmoid Script)

Sat, 2015/01/10 - 2:39am
ThumbnailPlasmoggl 1.0
(Plasmoid Script)
This is a KDE plasmoid for the Toggl web service.

All details in the README file available within the package.

basic task entry

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QMapShack 0.10.0 (KDE Scientific)

Wed, 2015/01/07 - 7:11pm
ThumbnailQMapShack 0.10.0
(KDE Scientific)
QMapShack is about handling offline and online maps as well as GIS data like waypoints and tracks. QMapShack is the successor of QLandkarte GT. But it\'s no QLandkarte GT 3.0, it\'s somthing complete new, braking with most of the concepts in QLandkarte.

You can create multiple workspaces to display your data on different maps. All data is handled project oriented.

V 0.10.0
* Fix crash when saving a DB project before the database tree has been opened
* Add track filters to hide trackpoints
* Add track filters to change elevation
* Add track filters to change timestamp
* Add DEM layer to colorize the slope
* Fix issue with duplicate key when reversing a track
* Add project selection for all track operations

V 0.9.1
* Complete function of 'Lost & Found' folder
* Add copy function to all items including dialog to select copy action.
* Workspace: move status column to column 0

V 0.9.0
* Fix sign of area calculation
* Mark item with user focus in item unclutter screen
* Add support for multiple databases
* Add converter for QLandkarte GT to QMapShack database

V 0.8.2
* Calculate area covered by area overlays
* Change coordinate format for long/lat grid from dd to dd.dddddd
* Add edit widget for project details
* Add drag-n-drop for multiple GIS items
* Enhance delete of multiple items

V 0.8.1
* Handle "no data" values in DEM files
* Garmin maps: read copyright information
* Save/Restore workspace on exit/start

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Losung4Conky 1.1 (KDE Other Software)

Tue, 2015/01/06 - 8:18pm
ThumbnailLosung4Conky 1.1
(KDE Other Software)
A small program that shows daily Bible verses in German from the Moravian church (Herrnhuter Bruedergemeine) in Conky.
In German: Ein kleines Programm, das die täglichen Losungstexte der Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine in Conky anzeigt.

2011-03-26: Added
2011-09-17: Correction of German umlauts; translated source code to English (except messages for the German users)
2011-11-06: added Losungen texts 2012; Bugfix in Makefile: Target 'install' grants read permissions to user to ensure is executed in user context
2012-01-07: Losungen4Conky now contains texts only for 2011 and 2012
2012-10-01: Added texts for 2013
2013-01-02: Losungen4Conky now contains texts only for 2012 and 2013
2013-12-21: Updated texts to 2013+2014, added configuration samples for various window managers (GNOME 2,3, KDE 4, LXDE, OpenBox, XFCE)
2014-04-18 copyright update of watchwords owner
2015-01-06 update texts (2014, 2015)

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kde-service-menu-vlc-transcode 0.0.1 (KDE Service Menu)

Sun, 2015/01/04 - 4:27pm
Thumbnailkde-service-menu-vlc-transcode 0.0.1
(KDE Service Menu)
This is my last effort , i hope the last
to create something of simple and stable to convert files in dolphin file manager

i get frustrated by ffmpeg develop and i dropped for the moment, even because i lack of time , the ffmpeg service menu so i tried the VLC way








Copyright (C) 2015
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3
or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;
with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.
A copy of the license is included in the section entitled \"GNU
Free Documentation License\" here

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keurocalc 1.2.3 (KDE Financial)

Sun, 2015/01/04 - 9:51am
Thumbnailkeurocalc 1.2.3
(KDE Financial)
KEuroCalc is a universal currency converter and calculator. It can convert from and to many currencies, either with a fixed conversion rate or a variable conversion rate. It directly downloads the latest variable rates through the Internet.

Added fixed rate for Lituanian litva now it joined the Euro.

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Stream from SoundCloud 0.10 (Amarok 2.0 Script)

Sun, 2015/01/04 - 5:15am
Stream from SoundCloud 0.10
(Amarok 2.0 Script)
Stream music from SoundCloud®

Currently this script has only basic features:
* Search for users by typing their username in the search bar
* Search for groups by typing the group name in the search bar with \'group \' at the beginning
* Play tracks from users and groups
* See who users follow, who follows them, their favorite tracks, and what groups they are in
* See group members, contributors, and moderators
* If using Amarok 2.8-git, then you can drag & drop users & groups from the collection tree to the search bar. Doing this in Amarok 2.8 will cause the collection tree to go blank, although you can keep using the script by clearing the search bar

Planned features (in order of planned implementation):
* Search for individual tracks
* Log into your account
* Favorite tracks
* Follow artists
* Display track comments
* Add a comment

Please report bugs in the comments here.

Known issues:
* Amarok automatically sorts everything alphabetically for service scripts, even though SoundCloud returns search results sorted by relevance and playlists in order. See
* Cannot drag & drop users and groups into the playlist. See
* Cannot search for users and groups with a colon in their name. See
* Tracks are shown to have a duration of 0:00. See
* SoundCloud sometimes returns different search results for the same search terms. This is an issue with SoundCloud, not this script

If you would like to contribute and know C++ & Qt, you can help by addressing the above issues in Amarok or the following:

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kbatsysfs 1.0.0 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

Thu, 2015/01/01 - 5:12pm
Thumbnailkbatsysfs 1.0.0
(Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
Sysfs Battery Plasma Widget, No need for upower/systemd and such, a simple widget to sample battery.

kbatsysfs - Sysfs Battery Plasma Widget

2014-10-06 - Version 1.1.0

* Initial implementation.

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Smb4K 1.1.4 (KDE Networking Tool)

Thu, 2015/01/01 - 2:21pm
ThumbnailSmb4K 1.1.4
(KDE Networking Tool)
Smb4K is a SMB/CIFS (Windows) share browser for KDE. It uses the Samba software suite to access the SMB and CIFS shares of the local network neighborhood. Its purpose is to provide a program that's easy to use and has as many features as possible.

* Scanning for (active) workgroups, hosts, and shares
* Support of the CIFS (Linux) and SMBFS (FreeBSD) file system
* Mounting and unmounting of shares (using the KAuth framework)
* Access to the files of a mounted share using a file manager or terminal
* Auto-detection of external mounts and unmounts
* Remounting of previously used shares on program start
* Miscellaneous infos about remote network items and mounted shares
* Network search
* WINS server support
* Preview of the contents of a share
* Several methods to look up the initial list of workgroups and domains
* Default login
* Special handling of homes shares
* Ability to bookmark favorite shares and organize them in groups
* System tray widget
* Support of advanced Samba options
* Support of printer shares
* KWallet support
* Synchronization of a remote share with a local copy and vice versa
* Ability to define custom options for individual servers and shares
* Laptop support through the Solid hardware device framework
* Wake-On-LAN capabilities
* Plasmoid for desktop integration

Linux and FreeBSD are supported. Smb4K might also run under different operating systems.

The release notes and the ChangeLog can be viewed at

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Extended Systemmonitor DataEngine 2.1.0 (Plasmoid Binary)

Tue, 2014/12/30 - 10:09pm
ThumbnailExtended Systemmonitor DataEngine 2.1.0
(Plasmoid Binary)
Extended Systemmonitor DataEngine is DataEngine for monitoring GPU usage, GPU temperature, HDD temperature and with support some of music players.

NOTE PyTextMonitor now provides the DataEngine.

You may edit DataEngine configuration. It is /usr/share/config/extsysmon.conf or $HOME/share/config/extsysmon.conf depending on the type of installation. Uncomment needed line and edit it.

In Plasma widgets and plasmaengineexplorer.

tar xJf ext-sysmon-2.0.5-src.tar.xz
mkdir ext-sysmon/build && cd ext-sysmon/build
local copy
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --localprefix` -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ../
make && make install
global copy
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ../
make && sudo make install

* kdebase-workspace

Optional dependencies
* proprietary video driver
* hddtemp (make sure that it may be run with `sudo` without password. Just add following line to `/etc/sudoers`: `$USERNAME ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/hddtemp`)
* music player

Make dependencies
* automoc4
* cmake


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Awesome Widgets 2.1.0 (Plasmoid Binary)

Tue, 2014/12/30 - 10:07pm
ThumbnailAwesome Widgets 2.1.0
(Plasmoid Binary)
awesome-widgets (ex-pytextmonitor)


A collection of minimalistic widgets which looks like Awesome Window Manager widgets.

* easy and fully configurable native Plasma widget which may be used as Conky widget or as Awesome-like information panel
* panel which shows active desktop status
* clear Conky-like configuration with html tags support
* custom command support (it may be simple action as well as special custom tag)
* graphical item support - tooltips, bars

See links for more details.

Didn't find required feature? Just ask for it!

tar xJf pytextmonitor-2.0.5-src.tar.xz
mkdir awesome-widgets/build && cd awesome-widgets/build
local copy
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --localprefix` ../
make && make install
global copy
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` ../
make && sudo make install

* kdebase-workspace
* lm_sensors (for definition temperature device)

Optional dependencies
* proprietary video driver
* hddtemp (make sure that it may be run with `sudo` without password. Just add following line to `/etc/sudoers`: `$USERNAME ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/hddtemp`)
* music player (mpd or supported MPRIS)

Make dependencies
* automoc4
* cmake

* Homepage
* Migration to 2.*
* Custom scripts and graphical bars


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Kwave 0.8.99 (KDE Sound Application)

Sun, 2014/12/28 - 8:51pm
ThumbnailKwave 0.8.99
(KDE Sound Application)
Kwave is a sound editor designed for the KDE Desktop Environment.

With Kwave you can edit many sorts of audio files including multi-channel files. Kwave also includes many plugins to transform the audio data in several ways and presents a graphical view with a complete zoom- and scroll capability.
Supports many sound formats, playback and recording via ALSA and OSS.

0.8.99 [2014-12-28]

* GUI: implemented SDI, MDI and Tab GUI types
* bugfix: deadlock in class Track
* bugfix: segfault during shutdown of logger
* bugfix: segfault when unloading plugins (on some systems)
* bugfix: "zoom to selection" was not disabled if nothing was selected
* bugfix: toolbar buttons for cut/copy/erase/delete did not properly get
enabled/disabled on change of selection
* bugfix: overview widget did not properly refresh after deleting all tracks
* bugfix: assert in vorbis decoder when opening file with bitrate -1
* menu subsystem: added support for lists within a menu
* menu subsystem: show/hide toplevel menu entries
* menu subsystem: added support for exclusive selection (radio buttons)
* menu subsystem: let KDE chose shortcuts automatically
* added menu entry to clear "recently opened files" list
* implemented URL scheme for passing text commands from the command line
example: kwave --iconic --disable-splashscreen test.wav \
kwave:plugin%3Aexecute?normalize \
kwave:save \
* using perl scripts creating for i18n from menus.config and for getting
entries from lsm files, no longer need awk, sort, uniq
* creating menu translation template directly per perl script instead
of generated dummy cpp file (requires "msgcat")
* menu translations: assign a context to each menu entry
* bugfix: division through zero on ogg files with invalid bitrate info
* manual: added section about GUI types
* i18n: translations were missing in kwave.desktop

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Simple Shutdown Plasmoid 1.0 (Plasmoid Script)

Sun, 2014/12/28 - 4:59pm
ThumbnailSimple Shutdown Plasmoid 1.0
(Plasmoid Script)
This is a simple shutdown KDE plasmoid which raises shutdown popup when clicked.

*** Installing ***

plasmapkg -i

*** Licence ***

Copylefted by GPL v3

*** Who am i ? ***

Mehmet Özgür Bayhan

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kde-service-menu-axel 0.0.1 (KDE Service Menu)

Sun, 2014/12/28 - 1:22pm
Thumbnailkde-service-menu-axel 0.0.1
(KDE Service Menu)
this is for konqueror lovers.

it will download your stuff using axel , there are two ways :

with konsole (axel service menu)
with kdialog with cancel button (kaxel service menu)

anyway ;) you can even use it from command line in this way

kde-service-menu-axel http://myfile.iso 10

#Copyright (C) 2015 nowardev

#This file is part of kde-peace-settings.

#kde-peace-settings is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
#it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
#the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
#(at your option) any later version.
#This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
#but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
#GNU General Public License for more details.
#You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
#along with this program. If not, see .

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