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Midna-KDE-Plasma [Plasma Splashscreens]

Tue, 2018/10/30 - 4:07pm
Plasma Splashcsreens

KDE Plasma [Plasma Splashscreens]

Tue, 2018/10/30 - 12:39am
KDE-Plasma Splashcsreens

Maximize To New Virtual Desktop [Kwin Scripts]

Mon, 2018/10/29 - 7:36pm
Mac OS like maximize to new desktop. Feature: * Move window to a newly created virtual desktop when fullscreen/maximize. * Move window back...

EeePC 900 [System Monitor Tabs]

Mon, 2018/10/29 - 2:44pm
Monitor your EeePC 900 : - CPU frequency (should not change a lot as it is not a SpeedStep model). - Fan speed - Temperature - Wifi signal...

openSUSE-Tumbleweed Dark-Blue V2 [Plasma Color Schemes]

Mon, 2018/10/29 - 1:59pm
openSUSE-Tumbleweed Dark-Blue V2 Plasma Color Schemes

Darcwaita Icon Theme [Icon Themes]

Sun, 2018/10/28 - 11:36pm
A set of Sardi Ghost Flexible icons I've used and improved on for a few years with the recent addition of recolored Sardi-Flat Places with...

GitHub Issues [Plasma 5 Add-Ons]

Sun, 2018/10/28 - 5:42pm
Displays a list of recent GitHub issues for a specific repo. * Display first page of issues from a GitHub repo. * Can display Open, Closed, or...

Dell Inspiron 7559 System Monitor [System Monitor Tabs]

Sun, 2018/10/28 - 7:02am
- CPU Fan Speed - Temp - CPU - GPU - SODIMM

Light, not bright [Plasma Color Schemes]

Sun, 2018/10/28 - 3:33am
A light colour schema for Plasma that don't burn your eyes.

Adapta-Nokto-Solid-Flat color scheme for digkam on GTK+ [Plasma Color Schemes]

Sun, 2018/10/28 - 2:16am
One again it is confusing to categorize this... - It is for digikam, but it is meant to make digikam blend in with the GTK+ Adapta Nokto theme...

NVENC H264 MP4 - Kdenlive HW Accelerated encoding [Kdenlive Export Profiles]

Fri, 2018/10/26 - 8:56pm
Adds hardware accelerated H264 to Kdenlive (on supported Nvidia graphic cards)

Plane icon theme for Mangenta [Icon Themes]

Fri, 2018/10/26 - 1:59pm
Magenta folders for Plane icon theme A simple iconset, preferably used in Gnome. Love/Inkscape/Gnome **My settings: Gnome 3.24** - Theme:...

Blur-Glassy V.2 [Plasma Themes]

Thu, 2018/10/25 - 4:37pm
Version for dark wallpapers

Quasi Deepin [Plasma Look-and-Feel Meta Themes]

Thu, 2018/10/25 - 2:23pm
A KDE Plasma Look and Feel theme that mimics (quasi) [URL=]Deepin[/URL] with light decorations as showed by the Deepin Image...

Rubberband Maximize Animation [Kwin Effects]

Wed, 2018/10/24 - 9:17pm
Window maximize/restore animation similar to Windows 10 How to install: - Step 1: Download and install the effect (choose one): a)...

Breeze Dark Orange [Plasma Themes]

Wed, 2018/10/24 - 1:09pm
breeze dark theme based on breeze dark orange and numix colors

Keto Boost Nutra Fit [Cursors]

Wed, 2018/10/24 - 8:28am
aside from your weight, you can also Keto Boost Nutra Fit maintain tune of your dieting via measuring your waist. setting most of these records in...

MateriaLightTeal [Kvantum]

Wed, 2018/10/24 - 5:21am
A Kvantum theme based on the original work by PapirusDevelopmentTeam - just a few modifications to "greenify" the original theme. All credits to...

Black [Plasma Themes]

Tue, 2018/10/23 - 10:24pm
Desktop Themes

MacOSX ONE [Icon Themes]

Tue, 2018/10/23 - 8:23pm
MacOSX ONE ICON PACK ▶[b] Feature[/b] ◀ ✔ %100 Vector ✔ Retina Scaling 1024x1024 px ✔ Pixel perfect guide placement ✔...