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MacOS [Aurorae Themes]

Sat, 2017/03/11 - 11:02pm
For Plasma 5.x KDE

Edit folder description [Dolphin Service Menus]

Sat, 2017/03/11 - 10:38pm
Service Menu for Dolphin to edit the description of a folder. To show the description of apps and folders in Dolphin: Main Menu > Adjust View...

ShowMetadata [Dolphin Service Menus]

Sat, 2017/03/11 - 9:34am
A KDE Context Menu that uses kdialog and exiftool to display all the Exif, XMP, and IPTC metadata in images and videos.

Bouncy Ball [Plasma 5 Extensions]

Fri, 2017/03/10 - 10:56pm
Bouncy Ball is back! Add it to your Plasma 5 desktop and bounce, bounce, bounce. NOTE: Despite the v2.0 moniker - to honor the history of...

Essence of Zorin [Wallpapers Gnome]

Fri, 2017/03/10 - 10:55pm
(1920 x 1200

Home & Comfort [Abstract]

Fri, 2017/03/10 - 10:51pm
Experiment with color background. Available image size 1920x1200, 1920x1080, HD. Welcome to my Gallery :)

Parallel Realities Wallpaper [Wallpaper Other]

Fri, 2017/03/10 - 12:24pm
Multiple parallel realities are created at each moment that the present state has become a past event, but the conception of reality does not...

Cleopatra [Plasma Color Schemes]

Fri, 2017/03/10 - 9:09am
For Plasma 5.x KDE

Winter chills [Landscapes]

Fri, 2017/03/10 - 8:08am
Snow and winter

WindowsK10 [Aurorae Themes]

Thu, 2017/03/09 - 11:20pm
I have created something that was missing from Windows 10 theme set. Aurorae theme was missing so i used aurorae part of "k8" QtCurve style ...

Wallpaper [Abstract]

Thu, 2017/03/09 - 5:26pm
New white wallpaper with awesome logo

Night Cityscape Wallpaper [Buildings]

Thu, 2017/03/09 - 4:06pm

Red Wallpaper [Abstract]

Thu, 2017/03/09 - 3:27pm

Radio Nacional de España [Amarok 2.x Scripts]

Thu, 2017/03/09 - 2:42pm
Add all the RNE radio stations (updated to March 9th, 2017) Añade todas las emisoras de Radio Nacional de España (enlaces actualizados a 9 de...

Hacker wallpaper [Wallpaper Other]

Thu, 2017/03/09 - 1:47pm

Morning mist over Windsor [Landscapes]

Thu, 2017/03/09 - 1:22pm
A wonderful picture my daughter took on the way to college. Windsor castle in the background as well as Eton college if you look hard enough

Wormhole Wallpaper [Abstract]

Thu, 2017/03/09 - 11:53am

Artistic Heart Wallpaper [Abstract]

Thu, 2017/03/09 - 11:32am
2560x1600 maybe one day i will print this one for home wall. at the first look...seems a little weird but the tonality is simply cool.

Revolutionary Clock ( Conky ) [Conky]

Wed, 2017/03/08 - 8:47pm
There is no clock like this as one user said "It's pure and utter MADNESS, like some mystifying marvelous work of a mad scientist." This...

Brilliant Shine Wallpaper [Abstract]

Wed, 2017/03/08 - 7:40pm
3840x2400 :)