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[Testing] Battery Time [Plasma 5 Widgets]

Mon, 2016/12/26 - 4:41am
I don't own a device with a battery, so please tell me if this works for you.

Distros & Desktops in the Museum Wallpaper [Wallpaper]

Sun, 2016/12/25 - 10:55am
This time all these different distros and desktops solid logos have been captured and placed in a museum for all to see. Distros: Debian,...

:-) Apollo 11 (joke) [Wallpaper]

Sun, 2016/12/25 - 8:21am
[b]July 20, 1969 - Really?![/b] "[i]That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind[/i]" [b]It isn't a wallpaper it's only a joke...

Saint Linux [Wallpaper]

Sun, 2016/12/25 - 8:14am
[b]Crystal TUX is protected by saint shining.[/b] There are [b]3 versions[/b] of the wallpaper: [b]blue[/b], [b]green[/b] and...

Flat Mint [Plymouth Themes]

Sun, 2016/12/25 - 12:19am
flat bootsplash for linux mint

Silent Night [Wallpaper]

Fri, 2016/12/23 - 8:52pm
A candle in silent night...

faenza meshlab-pokerth-neogeo icon [Icon Themes]

Fri, 2016/12/23 - 5:58pm

wallpaper anonymous [Wallpaper]

Fri, 2016/12/23 - 3:01pm
wallpaper anonymous crée sous Gimp 1920x1080

Unknown [Nature]

Fri, 2016/12/23 - 6:31am
This is a flower that I don't know the name of. It grew in the backyard.

Papirus [Icon Themes]

Fri, 2016/12/23 - 2:13am
Papirus - it's free and open source SVG-based icon theme for Linux with material and flat style. All elements have clear distinction and...

Elementary GTK Pack 2 [Icon Themes]

Thu, 2016/12/22 - 8:08pm
It's just a fork of Elementary GTK icons but with round small icons (16-24px). The package includes: - Elementary Dark and Light - heavily...

Hibiscus2 [Nature]

Thu, 2016/12/22 - 5:04pm
Close up of Hibiscus from a different angle

Hibiscus1 [Nature]

Thu, 2016/12/22 - 4:57pm
Close up of a common hibiscus

BAD GIRL!! [Wallpaper]

Thu, 2016/12/22 - 3:59pm
A wallpaper with my Pullip. Allegra is a Wonder Festival Catwoman Pullip. Please, if you want this wallpaper in other resolution, tell me.

Hana [Nature]

Thu, 2016/12/22 - 1:24pm
A wallpaper with my photo with flowers, their french name is "muguet". Please, if you want this wallpaper in other resolution, tell me.

Happiness [Nature]

Thu, 2016/12/22 - 10:42am
A wallpaper with my photo with flower. Please, if you want this wallpaper in other resolution, tell me.

Jailed Evil (le Marchand's box) [Wallpapers Windows]

Wed, 2016/12/21 - 10:30pm
The box from "Hellraiser" movie. Lament configuration. Feel the pain. =) Centered wallpaper with Windows and VirtualBox logos. For any resolution.

Antu-universal [Icon Themes]

Wed, 2016/12/21 - 8:23pm
Antu for GTK + color options. Antu-universal basis icon theme Antu by fabianalexisino for KDE

arch galaxy [Wallpaper]

Wed, 2016/12/21 - 4:37pm
I, GIMP and foto nasa also wanting to make better - offer layers GIMP

Windows 8.1 Cursor [Mouse Cursors]

Wed, 2016/12/21 - 3:21pm
Included my installer script to easy install this cursor under Ubuntu. For other flavors then unity/gnome install it by your ways/manual...