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Updated: 20 min 18 sec ago

PearDark [Cursors]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 10:26pm
Cursor theme based on a breeze and deepin theme cursor. Thanks to [list] [*] VDG KDE [*] Deepin team [/list]

Baebae [Look-and-Feel Themes]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 9:56pm
Baebae look and feel is a simple grey/blue look and feel theme with blurred Plasma theme Click one the screenshots to enlarge for better...

Baebae [Aurorae Themes]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 9:38pm
Simple dark Aurorae theme made for the Baebae KDE theme. Made from the Materia Aurorae theme. Click on the screenshots to enlarge so the...

Baebae [Plasma Themes]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 9:28pm
Plasma theme for the Baebae KDE theme Click on the screenshots to enlarge so the blurriness will go away Wallpaper in screenshots is from...

Baebae [Plasma Color Schemes]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 9:17pm
Simple Grey/blue color scheme. Click on the screenshots to enlarge or they will look blurry. Wallpaper in screenshots is from Charlie...

Venicci Suite - Della Luce Edition [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 7:21pm
[color=#020052][b]Venicci Suite - Della Luce Edition from Plasma Series[/b][/color] This suite is made up of three sets of wallpapers: ...

EX Impression [Icon Themes]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 6:53pm
This impression icon theme designed based on Macintosh Icon concepts. It is basically based on Macbuntu icon theme and most of the concepts and...

Plasma Soft X32 [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 6:20pm
Soft Plasma Wallpaper

Plasma Soft X31 [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 6:19pm
Soft Plasma Software

Plasma Soft X030 [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 4:53pm
Soft Plasma Wallpaper

Plasma Soft X029 [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 4:51pm
Soft Plasma Wallpaper

Plasma Soft X028 [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 3:00pm
Soft Plasma Wallpaper

Plasma Soft X027 [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 2:42pm
Soft Plasma Wallpaper

Cyperaceae [Plasma Color Schemes]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 11:12am
The second in a series of floral inspired themes. They are designed to be light without giving too much strain to the eyes. As usual must be...

Matcha LNF [Look-and-Feel Themes]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 8:38am
Matcha LNF theme

Matcha sddm [SDDM Login Themes]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 8:26am
Matcha sddm theme

Matcha wallpaper [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 8:23am
Matcha wallpaper

Matcha kvantum [Kvantum]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 8:21am
Matcha kvantum theme

Matcha plasma [Plasma Themes]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 8:17am
Matcha plasma theme

Matcha aurorae [Aurorae Themes]

Tue, 2019/07/02 - 8:13am
Matcha theme