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kde-desktop-custom-menu 0.1 (KDE Improvement)

Wed, 2015/05/20 - 7:08pm
Thumbnail kde-desktop-custom-menu 0.1
(KDE Improvement)
I just maked a desktop custom context menu for KDE 4.
Now I will make it to work for Plasma 5.

Project URL :

This is my small contribution to Open Source.

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showebkam 0.0.6 (KDE Video Application)

Mon, 2015/05/18 - 5:20pm
Thumbnailshowebkam 0.0.6
(KDE Video Application)

kde laucher => multimedia => showebkam


Copyright (C) 2013
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3
or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;
with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.
A copy of the license is included in the section entitled GNU
Free Documentation License here

it's a simple script that detects and show your webkam using ffplay or avplay. Make sure that your webkam is correctly installed , to check this type in a terminal

ls /dev | grep video



example :

showebkam -b /usr/bin/ffplay :set the path for ffplay or avplay
showebcam -d :enable debug mode
showebkam -ds :remove your config file located here /home/sem/.config/showebkam/.showebkam
showebkam -e :edit the config file /home/sem/.config/showebkam/.showebkam
showebkam -log :show the logfile /tmp/showebkam.log
showebkam -w video1 :set webcam 1 , you can get the list of your webcams typing ls /dev | grep video
showebkam -ws :write settings in the /home/sem/.config/showebkam/.showebkam
showebkam -vs 320x240 :set the video size for your webcam
showebkam -v :show the version and exit
showebkam -h :print this help

untar => just run ./install => system wide installation

(note the menu can't find the launcher you have to go in the multimedia section ... after a reboot you will will be able to find it :D )

i have tested only systemwide installation ... it should works even in local installation but i have not tested if you can see the launcher in multimedia section ...

yes i know webcamoid , and i know that in my system plasma crashes :D

yes there are other programs that i don't know i did it in 30 minutes so ...any insult is welcomed


well if ffplay can handle showebcam can

try to do this in konsole

ls /dev | grep video

if it's empty well that's is the problem
your webcam is not recognized!


config file template

cat $HOME/.config/showebkam/.showebkam


added as option and new menu entry to edit settings

new script with functions new options in the command line

0.0.4 fix the infamous error launching application aka menu entry... again -.-

0.0.3 fix menu entry
remove the log to avoid errors if you get before some of them

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