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KIMToy 1.19 (KDE Other Utility)

Sat, 2016/02/06 - 6:08am
ThumbnailKIMToy 1.19
(KDE Other Utility)
KIMToy is an input method frontend for KDE. It is an alternative to kimpanel plasmoid. KIMToy uses the same dbus ipc specification as kimpanel, say org.kde.impanel, so where kimpanel works, where KIMToy works.

KIMToy is a standalone application, has no dependence on plasma, so it won\'t make your whole desktop unstable.

KIMToy aims to provide a stable and intergrated frontend for Asian input method, such as fcitx, scim and ibus.

KIMToy makes easy for fcitx/ibus/scim users. These three input method should work out of box since KIMToy-0.2.

KIMToy is able to load sogou input method theme since KIMToy-0.4.
KIMToy is able to load fcitx input method theme since KIMToy-1.1.

supported input methods
ibus >= 1.3.0
fcitx >= 4.0
scim >= 1.4.9

KDE project page

manual install instruction
mkdir build && cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kf5-config --prefix` ..
sudo make install

Q how to move status bar and preedit bar?
A drag using right mouse button, the position will be memorized.

Q does the input method started by kimtoy conflict with the one started by system?
A you can configure kimtoy to start an input method when kimtoy application starts. but if your system has been set a default input method, please disable autostart feature in kimtoy.

Q does the environment variable settings in kimtoy affect the system ones?
A the env set in kimtoy will overwrite the system ones.

Q why does the text in preedit bar differ from the one specified in the theme?
A since the font specified int the theme is missing in your system, kimtoy will fallback to the default font, which is usually sans serif. you can set custom font to replace the font specified in the theme.

Q why do some status bar icons positions have offset sometimes?
A because the position count specified in the theme may be lesser than actual icon count, and kimtoy can not decide what should be shown and what should not.

Q my ibus settings got lost, how to restore it ?
A kimtoy use kconfig to store ibus settings, please configure your setup again. it is not possible for kimtoy to migrate your settings from gconf/dconf to kconfig at the moment.

Q how to hide some property icons on status bar ?
A right click on status bar and then uncheck the entries in context menu.

2016-02-06 v1.19
port app and plugins to kf5
install kimtoy icons
improve compability with ibus 1.5.8+
improve compability with new fskin scheme
proper colorize with two pass skin rendering
render colorized background with proper frame alphamap

2015-06-04 v1.10.1
use openssl instead of qca2
fix theme animation with libpng 1.6+
update libpng-apng copy to 1.6.17

2015-06-02 v1.10
encrypted sogou input theme import support
fix compability with ibus 1.5.x but ctrl+space is the only supported hotkey
fix zombie process issue when opening setting dialog

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