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Updated: 2 min 14 sec ago

ultra-flat-red [Icon Themes]

Mon, 2017/02/06 - 10:03am
Theme based on ultra-flat icon theme

TurqBlue-deep [Wallpaper Other]

Sun, 2017/02/05 - 6:40pm

Box of ideas [Wallpaper Other]

Sun, 2017/02/05 - 2:45pm
A wallpaper that alludes to the idea of Linux. The box represents a package manager that is normally available on linux distributions and the rest...

red abstract blocks [Abstract]

Sun, 2017/02/05 - 1:26pm
some red themed abstract wallpapers

Simple Flow [Plasma Desktop Themes]

Sun, 2017/02/05 - 8:22am
A plain and compact design. Updated with calendar fix for holidays.

Numix [Plasma Color Schemes]

Sat, 2017/02/04 - 11:04pm
Please Note : Unofficial

Xfce Blueprint [Wallpapers XFCE]

Sat, 2017/02/04 - 12:39pm
nothing special just a simple and quick wallpaper in 2560x1600 Note: Since this page doesn't allow to relink files any more you have to get it...

Doctor Who Mouse Cursors [Mouse Cursors]

Sat, 2017/02/04 - 4:26am
The Doctor Who mouse cursor on top of the DMZ White scheme - ideal companion for the Blue Tardis icon theme. Doctor Who is the copyrighted...

Frozen River [Nature]

Fri, 2017/02/03 - 1:47am
Frozen River Black Forest

Serbian Icons - Plasma 5 [Icon Themes]

Thu, 2017/02/02 - 11:11am
Serbian icons is a full customizable iconset based on original Pry icons. This theme contain the Breeze resources. Default icons used by Serbian...

North (Macish) [Plasma Color Schemes]

Thu, 2017/02/02 - 11:08am
For KDE4 and Plasma

XFCE mouse [Wallpapers XFCE]

Wed, 2017/02/01 - 7:02pm
XFCE mouse wallpaper :)

Shiny buttons [Icon Themes]

Wed, 2017/02/01 - 4:00pm
Блестящие пуговки Модификация темы Square от EepSetiawan. В этой теме есть также...

xfce laser wallpaper 6 pack [Wallpapers XFCE]

Wed, 2017/02/01 - 12:48am
Xfce laser wallpaper 6 pack Blue Red Grey Purple Brown Green

macOS Sierra Icon theme [Icon Themes]

Tue, 2017/01/31 - 11:58pm
*** Based on MacBuntu icon theme *** MacBuntu is available only for Ubuntu. This theme will work fine on every major Linux desktop...

North [Plasma Color Schemes]

Tue, 2017/01/31 - 4:43pm
A nice looking white and black theme

XFCE wallpaper [Wallpapers XFCE]

Tue, 2017/01/31 - 4:05pm
Simple and minimal XFCE wallpaper. Version 2 with drop shadow. Enjoy!

XFCE wallpaper [Wallpapers XFCE]

Tue, 2017/01/31 - 4:03pm
Simple and minimal XFCE wallpaper. I made it with Gimp. Enjoy!

Mountain [Mountains]

Tue, 2017/01/31 - 2:13pm

W2 (wallpaper) [Wallpaper Other]

Tue, 2017/01/31 - 12:51pm
Red abstract wallpaper for desktop. Enjoy.