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Pipa [Beaches and Oceans]

Sun, 2017/01/29 - 9:10pm
Sunset at Pipa , Rio Grande do Norte , Brasil

Florida [Beaches and Oceans]

Sun, 2017/01/29 - 9:09pm
Sunset at Miami 2016

Pipa [Beaches and Oceans]

Sun, 2017/01/29 - 8:59pm
Pipa , Rio Grande Do Norte. 2017

xfce sneaky mouse wallpaper [Wallpapers XFCE]

Sun, 2017/01/29 - 7:33pm
xfce sneaky mouse wallpaper

Maia Transparent [Plasma Desktop Themes]

Sun, 2017/01/29 - 2:48pm
This is a fully transparent theme for fans of extreme transparency for usage with dark, homogeneous wallpapers. In other cases it won't work too...

Pastel [Aurorae Themes]

Sun, 2017/01/29 - 1:38pm
Blue Aurorae Theme

Paellus Icon Theme [Icon Themes]

Sun, 2017/01/29 - 9:26am
Diese schönen Paellus Icons sind schon, stylisch und sehr modern ! Kleiner Tipp: Paellus funktioniert gut bei unity!

Termoid [Plasma 5 Widgets]

Sun, 2017/01/29 - 7:46am
Terminal in a plasmoid. I am currently using it to show Nethogs in the plasmoid. So you need to install package nethogs. Dont forget to sudo...

Crystal cursors red [Mouse Cursors]

Sat, 2017/01/28 - 8:40pm
I did some work and recolored gray crystal cursors to red ones.

The Afternoon Ferry [Beaches and Oceans]

Sat, 2017/01/28 - 6:50pm
A ferry in an afternoon at the Bosphorus- İstanbul.You may see the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque in background. Winter... Not a good weather...

Kitten's first meeting with the camera [Animals]

Sat, 2017/01/28 - 6:50pm
The very first moment of the kitten looking through the camera with curiosity and and trying to define it.

Tea, Ferries and SeaGulls of Bosphorus [Beaches and Oceans]

Sat, 2017/01/28 - 6:49pm
A photo of a ferry trip on Bosphorus-İstanbul.

Paw Ubuntu/Mint Floral Choco Charco theme [Plymouth Themes]

Sat, 2017/01/28 - 2:14pm
Paw Ubuntu/Mint Floral Choco Charco theme No 4k version at the moment though.

Mac OSX [Plasma Color Schemes]

Sat, 2017/01/28 - 1:08pm
Pastel Color Theme

floor wall wallpaper [Abstract]

Fri, 2017/01/27 - 5:45pm
1920x1080 resolution

Plasmawall [Wallpaper Other]

Fri, 2017/01/27 - 4:12pm
KDE Plasma Wallpaper

Breezemite [Aurorae Themes]

Fri, 2017/01/27 - 1:27pm
Aurorae theme that mimics Yosemite window decoration, with Breeze colors. Based on Yosemite v0.1

Distro Watcher [Plasma 5 Widgets]

Fri, 2017/01/27 - 12:13pm
[b]Distro Watcher 1.1 has been released. Check download link and installation instructions below.[/b] The specific plasmoid displays the latest...

Jade-1 Icon Theme [Icon Themes]

Fri, 2017/01/27 - 12:44am
Mint-X based Icon Theme with some new app and folder icons. Primary developed for Linux Mint Designed for Jade-1...

Wheat Fields [Wallpaper Other]

Thu, 2017/01/26 - 8:55pm
Wheat Fields wallpaper.