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White chips [Icon Themes]

Wed, 2017/08/30 - 7:07pm
White chips [url][/url] (128x128 176 MB) White chips 256 [url][/url] (256x256 440...

Paellus Icon Theme [Icon Themes]

Wed, 2017/08/30 - 6:59pm
Diese schönen Paellus Icons sind schon, stylisch und sehr modern ! Kleiner Tipp: Paellus funktioniert gut bei unity! Erneuerungen: Viele neue Icons! [Plasma Themes]

Wed, 2017/08/30 - 12:34pm
I do calculate that I would not like to just give up on it. I was about to lick my wounds like a beaten dog. This is an oil based solution which...

pdfForts [Dolphin Service Menus]

Tue, 2017/08/29 - 6:17am
A bunch of bash script to make work easier in KDE/Dolphin as servicemenu entries. You can: - add/remove passwords to PDFs - add/edit the...

conky_grey [Conky]

Tue, 2017/08/29 - 12:37am
conky_grey any comments are welcome ! [b]thanks[/b] [b]install conky_grey[/b] copy files - conkyrc_grey -...

audiokonverter (also for KDE4) [Dolphin Service Menus]

Mon, 2017/08/28 - 11:57pm
audiokonverter is a service menu (and also a commandline utility) to easily convert from MP3, OGG, AMR, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WMA, RealAudio, Musepack,...

Conky Dex [Conky]

Mon, 2017/08/28 - 11:52pm

RSS Indicator [Plasma Widgets]

Mon, 2017/08/28 - 2:45am
RSS indicator for Plasma 5 Inspired by feedindicator, this widget is tailored for Plasma 5 with better desktop integration and more consistent...

McCrouz iCons [Icon Themes]

Mon, 2017/08/28 - 12:35am
Created just for fun. Changed only few icons in MacOS icon theme. You can see every changed icon in the screenshot Places icons are taken form...

Wallpaper debian 9 Green [Wallpapers KDE]

Sun, 2017/08/27 - 7:01pm
Debian 9 Green logo on grey fabric

Debian 9 Green Wallpaper [Wallpapers KDE]

Sun, 2017/08/27 - 6:58pm
Debian 9 Green logo and red text on grey fabric

BleK (disable Contrast effect) [Plasma Themes]

Sun, 2017/08/27 - 5:59pm
BleK is simple black transparent plasma theme. *Disable contrast kwin effect* in order to make theme work propertly. BleK is a mix of few plasma...

SnowIsh [Icon Themes]

Sun, 2017/08/27 - 5:01pm
SnowIsh icontheme by Saki for KDE. Original for GNOME created by Saki, merged with NuoveXT and compiled for KDE by me. Due to the many requests...

Praia Plasma Fc2 [Wallpapers KDE]

Sun, 2017/08/27 - 3:15pm
Wallpaper Praia de caxias Portugal com Logo FC2 e plasma 5

Debian 9 red [Wallpapers KDE]

Sun, 2017/08/27 - 1:43pm
Debian 9 red metalic logos on grey fabric

Wallpaper Denim Gnome [Wallpapers KDE]

Sun, 2017/08/27 - 11:35am
Wallpaper with a glass gnome icon on denim jeans

Wallpaper Grey glass gnome [Wallpapers KDE]

Sun, 2017/08/27 - 11:35am
Wallpaper Glass gnome icon on gray fabric

Open Atom here [Dolphin Service Menus]

Sun, 2017/08/27 - 7:53am
Action for dolphin, which open up the atom editor in the current directory Similar to Open Terminal Here which comes up with dolphin

Material (Plasma 5) [QtCurve]

Sat, 2017/08/26 - 10:35pm
A QtCurve theme inspired in Android but for KDE Plasma 5. This theme includes the Color scheme. For custom title colors per apps :...

Simple Analog Clock Conky [Conky]

Sat, 2017/08/26 - 8:36pm
Simple Analog Clock