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Pisi Chalk Board [Wallpaper]

Mon, 2016/11/07 - 10:30pm
Pisi Linux Logo on a Chalk Board

monitor-pisi [Wallpaper]

Mon, 2016/11/07 - 10:06pm

pisilinux-çok-yakında-geliyor [Wallpaper]

Mon, 2016/11/07 - 10:00pm
Pisi Linux 2.0 Wallpaper

Synthetic keyboard eQ [Wallpaper]

Mon, 2016/11/07 - 4:31pm
synthetic keyboard

Yellow on black [Wallpaper]

Mon, 2016/11/07 - 2:38am
Image resolution 2560x1600

For Pentax fans [Wallpaper]

Mon, 2016/11/07 - 1:56am
My friend PENTAX lens :) image size 2560x1600. Enjoy!

Dark Lines Kvantum Theme [Kvantum Themes]

Sun, 2016/11/06 - 9:42pm
Dark theme for Kvantum. Theme is not finished yet, but it pretty much usable. It's recommended to disable side borders for all windows(System...

KDE simple blue-grey [Wallpapers KDE]

Sun, 2016/11/06 - 6:25pm
A simple wallpaper with blue-grey colors and KDE-Logo. I hope you like it. Please vote.

KDE simple green [Wallpapers KDE]

Sun, 2016/11/06 - 6:23pm
A simple wallpaper with green colors and KDE-Logo. I hope you like it. Please vote.

simple blue-grey [Wallpaper]

Sun, 2016/11/06 - 6:21pm
A simple wallpaper with blue-grey colors. I hope you like it. Please vote.

simple green [Wallpaper]

Sun, 2016/11/06 - 6:18pm
A simple wallpaper with green colors. I hope you like it. Please vote.

Faenza Cupertino Flux [Icon Themes]

Sun, 2016/11/06 - 9:29am
Icon Theme based on Faenza-Cupertino [url][/url]. Added newest, some fixes and modified...

Breezly [Plasma Desktop Themes]

Sun, 2016/11/06 - 2:40am
Slightly modified Breeze theme: removed borders on taskbar icons and changed multiple window indicator.

Lila HD icon theme [Icon Themes]

Sat, 2016/11/05 - 8:55pm
Lila HD icon theme for Gnu-Linux and Unix-like O.S Icons are licensed under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) Give...

Tiled Menu [Plasma Extensions]

Sat, 2016/11/05 - 7:48pm
A menu based on Windows 10's Start Menu. [ul] [li]Supports:[ul] [li]Pin/Favourite apps/files through the context menu (or by dragging them...

DBreeze [Plasma Look-and-Feel Packs]

Sat, 2016/11/05 - 1:27pm
This is a Look and Feel package which is using a new functionality provided by Plasma 5.8 (Desktop Layout). After installing, check (use desktop...

Choice your Linux [Wallpaper]

Sat, 2016/11/05 - 10:49am
Choice your Linux (!)

Tiger [Animals]

Sat, 2016/11/05 - 7:52am
The Indian Tiger HD Wallpaper

Nadia Penguins Arch [Wallpapers Arch]

Sat, 2016/11/05 - 7:44am
Taken from Nadia Penguins - added Arch logo

Stone ko bombone eQ [Wallpaper]

Fri, 2016/11/04 - 3:14pm
Stone ko bombone