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Kraft 0.57 (KDE Business Software)

Sat, 2014/11/08 - 8:55pm
ThumbnailKraft 0.57
(KDE Business Software)
Kraft is KDE-Software for people who operate a small business. Kraft helps to manage business communication documents like quotes, notes of deliveries and invoices.

Kraft is not specialized on a certain trade or craft.
Instead Kraft covers the practical issues of a small business and helps through ease of use yet powerful features to deal with most of the office jobs effectively.

Please read the homepage at for more details and downloads.

This is the last bugfixing release for the 0.5x series. This releases fixes serious bugs of previous versions.

The send-by-email function now queries the recipient (prefered email) of the documents contact data, and also works properly again with the thunderbird mail client. Special item types in a document (on-demand or alternative items) can now be removed again from an item. Also the Ok/Cancel handling of the document editor window was fixed. If the document type of an existing document is changed, the doc ID is now reset from the document type specific number cycle. Apart from that, a couple of memory management hickups were repaired which lead even to crashes here and there.

It is recommended to update from previous versions.

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