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Colorful wave [Abstract]

Sat, 2017/05/13 - 4:29pm
A tiling of colored triangles deformed by a wave modifier. This wallpaper is made with Blender.

Pastel Hills [Abstract]

Sat, 2017/05/13 - 4:01pm
Pyramids with hexagonal base in pastel colors

Wave Function Art [Abstract]

Sat, 2017/05/13 - 3:13pm
Open to interpretation. Exploring a wave function under a rotating expanding collapse. Enjoy!

H♡PE [Nature]

Sat, 2017/05/13 - 12:47pm
Please, if you want this wallpaper in other resolution, tell me.

R9001 [QtCurve]

Sat, 2017/05/13 - 9:25am
QtCurve personal theme for Plasma 5. Works great with dark themes. [Wallpaper Other]

Sat, 2017/05/13 - 7:27am
It removes harmful toxins and accumulated waste materials out of one's body which does cause many issues. Elimination of collected waste matter in...

Wave Function Fun [Abstract]

Sat, 2017/05/13 - 6:51am
Open to interpretation. Image constructed from a wave for fun. Enjoy!

Tiled Menu [Plasma Widgets]

Sat, 2017/05/13 - 4:38am
A menu based on Windows 10's Start Menu. [b]v12+ requires KDE 5.9+[/b] v6+ requires KDE 5.6+ KDE 5.5.5 and below need to use the special...

Bird - Wagtail - 1920x1080 [Animals]

Fri, 2017/05/12 - 10:46pm
Bird - Wagtail - 1920x1080 Adjusted in Gimp.

H♡PE [Nature]

Fri, 2017/05/12 - 2:59pm
Please, if you want this wallpaper in other resolution, tell me. [Wallpaper Other]

Fri, 2017/05/12 - 7:41am
If make use of such youth enhancing skin care products regularly, you'll find your skin to be soft, supple and healthy. Visible aging sings will...

AmigaBuntu Destop Theme [Plasma Themes]

Fri, 2017/05/12 - 5:15am
Amiga inspired desktop theme modified from breeze-alphablack.

Penyebab Batuk [Nature]

Fri, 2017/05/12 - 3:54am http://penyebabbatuk.bestagar...

Adwaita Thunar [Beryl/Emerald Themes]

Fri, 2017/05/12 - 3:24am
Borde de ventana similar al tema Adwaita de Gnome 3 en Thunar, usando Compiz - Emerald. Esta es la versión alfa y en breve estaré agregando los...

Aurora Wallpaper [Wallpaper Other]

Thu, 2017/05/11 - 9:06pm

Sunny Rocks Wallpaper [Wallpaper Other]

Thu, 2017/05/11 - 9:04pm

Sunset Cloud Sky Tree Wallpaper [Wallpaper Other]

Thu, 2017/05/11 - 9:02pm
2560X1600 ServiceMenu [Dolphin Service Menus]

Thu, 2017/05/11 - 8:59pm
Upload files to via Dolphin context menu and set resulting link to clipboard. Look at github page for detailed description

H♡PE [Nature]

Thu, 2017/05/11 - 3:40pm
Please, if you want this wallpaper in other resolution, tell me.

Harbour HD quality wall paper Sri Lanka [Nature]

Thu, 2017/05/11 - 7:46am
HD quality wall paper Sri Lanka