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Yellow square [Full Icon Themes]

Fri, 2020/04/10 - 4:30pm
There are all icons for programs from the repositories Ubuntu 16.04-18.04-18.10-19.04-19.10, LinuxMint 18.1-19, Arch, Fedora 27-28-29-30-31,...

Abstract BV01 Wallpaper Orange [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Fri, 2020/04/10 - 3:28pm
A simple abstract wallpaper made with inkscape.

Abstract BV01 Wallpaper Green [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Fri, 2020/04/10 - 3:26pm
A simple abstract wallpaper made with inkscape.

Abstract BV01 Wallpaper Blue [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Fri, 2020/04/10 - 3:22pm
A simple abstract wallpaper made with inkscape.

KDE abstract wallpaper 39 [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Fri, 2020/04/10 - 1:43pm
KDE abstract wallpaper 39

KDE abstract wallpaper 38 [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Fri, 2020/04/10 - 1:30pm
KDE abstract wallpaper 38

KDE abstract wallpaper new [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Fri, 2020/04/10 - 1:13pm
KDE abstract wallpaper

KDE Desktop [KDE Plasma Screenshots]

Fri, 2020/04/10 - 12:05pm

Plasma Desktop Wallpaper 1599 5K 4K HD [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Fri, 2020/04/10 - 9:57am
[COLOR="black"][B]A wonderful fully edited remastered version directly from the original source. 4K resolution 3840 X 2160. Follow the link...

Plasma Desktop Wallpaper. 1600 HD 4K [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Fri, 2020/04/10 - 9:54am
[B]Like these? Click on the "impress" tag and you should see many of my KDE Plasma wallpapers. Big thanks and shout out to supporting creators...

Noissy Circlea [Plasma Splashscreens]

Fri, 2020/04/10 - 4:10am
Noissy Circle KDE Plasma Splash Screen

Windows 10 Splash Screen [Plasma Splashscreens]

Fri, 2020/04/10 - 3:46am
Windows 10 Splash Screen for KDE Plasma

KDE Neon [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Fri, 2020/04/10 - 2:02am
A KDE Neon wallpaper.

Radiality [Aurorae Themes]

Fri, 2020/04/10 - 12:48am
An Aurorae theme making heavy use (abuse?) of radial gradients. This theme was mostly created to scratch my own personal itch. I like themes...

The Grand Canyon [Mod] [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Fri, 2020/04/10 - 12:15am
This is a modication of the wallpaper "The Grand Canyon", that Kevintee designed for the KDE Plasma 5.18 Wallpaper Competition.

Freeze [Aurorae Themes]

Thu, 2020/04/09 - 11:37pm
Window decoration for Aurorae, based on Breeze and Dynamo. Transparent for blur compositing (50% opaque) and supports color schemes (window...

Orange Bubbles [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Thu, 2020/04/09 - 11:27pm
Simple wallpaper made with inkscape.

Helium [Plasma Themes]

Thu, 2020/04/09 - 6:32pm
A translucent theme for Plasma 5 Un tema translúcido para Plasma 5 I hope you like it...

KDE abstract wallpaper 44 [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Thu, 2020/04/09 - 11:52am
KDE abstract wallpaper 44

KDE abstract wallpaper 45 [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Thu, 2020/04/09 - 11:36am
KDE abstract wallpaper 45