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Updated: 26 min 15 sec ago

OxyLighter 5

Fri, 2016/09/16 - 9:51am
New version of OxyLight (lighter version) adapted to work with plasma5 too. New version of OxyLight adapted to work with plasma5 too. There...

OxyLight 5

Fri, 2016/09/16 - 9:50am
New version of OxyLight adapted to work with plasma5 too. There are problems installing this theme with knewhotstuff. For reasons i ignore,...


Thu, 2016/09/15 - 9:07pm
A classic icon theme(and more...) [b]Features[/b] [li]Classic, no symbolic icons[/li][li]Works on almost any X11-desktop(Note: On GTK3 it will...

Kinder Der Sterne 4K Textured Gradient Wallpaper

Thu, 2016/09/15 - 12:59pm
Our souls are black, since the beginning of the world we had no chance. We go hand in hand through the darkness of night Until the gold of our...

Children Of Night 4K Textured Gradient Wallpaper

Thu, 2016/09/15 - 12:18pm
We need your blood, we need your flesh, We want to see you fade to black. Do you like our white skin? Do you like our eyes? Do you want to follow...

Omnos The Black Sky Noir Style Wallpaper

Thu, 2016/09/15 - 10:29am
Omnos The Black Sky. 1920X1080 If you like this style of wallpaper then please visit my Noir gallery at...


Thu, 2016/09/15 - 9:25am
Moderately light color scheme for RedFlat QtCurve theme:


Thu, 2016/09/15 - 9:22am
Nice flat QtCurve theme.

Red flower

Thu, 2016/09/15 - 8:49am
Big photo for ultra wide screen and other non-standart resolutions


Thu, 2016/09/15 - 7:41am
Legacy is a fork of the Antü icon theme for Plasma 5, created by Fabian Inostroza. In this fork I include some personal icons based in the...


Thu, 2016/09/15 - 6:46am
This themes icons modification Sphere-1.2 & Sphere-1.3 by potzblitz7. Fixed corrupted links, corrected icon sizes. Created ready-made options...


Thu, 2016/09/15 - 6:37am
Смарагд Modification Menda Theme by AneX. Manjaro vector graphics icons theme for gtk+ and kde/qt Square Edition. NitruxSA -...


Thu, 2016/09/15 - 6:32am
Шестерёнки Модификация тем иконок от sebastianblonde, jmsoviet, gardmo, pawanyadav, EepSetiawan. Всего...

Glass of water

Thu, 2016/09/15 - 6:29am
Стакан воды Used icon Oxygen Team, Human-O2 by schollidesign, MAC OS X by balasakthi, OSX BY N00bun2, Faenza by Matthieu James,...

Shiny buttons

Thu, 2016/09/15 - 6:26am
Блестящие пуговки Модификация темы Square от EepSetiawan. В этой теме есть также...

Postage stamps

Thu, 2016/09/15 - 6:17am
Почтовые марки Здесь почти все иконки с изрезанным краешком как у почтовых...

Perforated Edge

Thu, 2016/09/15 - 6:10am
Перфорированный краешек Модификация иконок Vibrancy-Colors. Они получили слегка...

14 Wonderful effects (conky)

Thu, 2016/09/15 - 4:33am
14 Wonderful effects to your desktop background Leave a good evaluation to continue :)

El Tracke Gleise HDR Wallpaper

Wed, 2016/09/14 - 11:11pm
El Tracke Gleise HDR Wallpaper. 1920X1080 If you like this style of wallpaper please visit my Creative Commons gallery at...


Wed, 2016/09/14 - 7:17pm
Plasmoid for viewing youtube videos right on your desktop. You should have google account to use this plasmoid. Don`t hesitate to leave your...