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Aquarium 0.2 (Plasmoid Script)

Mon, 2015/11/02 - 4:35pm
ThumbnailAquarium 0.2
(Plasmoid Script)

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Hablamemo 1.0.1 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

Mon, 2015/11/02 - 9:44am
ThumbnailHablamemo 1.0.1
(Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

Increase your memory skills while learning a new language. Create a vocabulary kvtml file (e.g. in Parley), load it to Hablamemo, select your level and you are ready! Image mode is also supported. Hablamemo widget comes with a sample of spanish-english and spanish-greek vocabulary files. You are stronly encouraged to use your own vocabulary files.

Many parts of the code as well as the gameplay itself are based on memory activity of GCompris:


- Plasma 5.0 or later

- Qt 5 xmllistmodel QML module (In Debian/Ubuntu, install: qml-module-qtquick-xmllistmodel)


- Unzip the archive
- $ mkdir build
- $ cd build
- $ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr ..
- $ make
- $ (sudo) make install
- Hablamemo widget is now available to be added to desktop/panel.
- Widget can be opened in windowed mode as well (Application > Education > Languages)

In Kubuntu 15.10 the following packages have been installed for a proper build to take place:

- cmake
- plasma-framework-dev
- extra-cmake-modules
- build-essential
- qml-module-qtquick-xmllistmodel


Copyright (C) 2015 Dimitris Kardarakos

Version 1.0.0
Initial version

Version 1.0.1
Fix translation issue

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Texmaker 4.5 (KDE Text Processing)

Fri, 2015/10/30 - 8:55am
ThumbnailTexmaker 4.5
(KDE Text Processing)
Texmaker is a Qt4/Qt5 LaTeX editor. Texmaker runs natively on Unix, macosx and win32 systems.
Texmaker includes unicode support, spell checking, auto-completion, code folding and a built-in pdf viewer with synctex support and continuous view mode.

Version 4.5 :
- /Library/TeX/texbin/ has been added to the default path for MacOsX El Capitan
- the content of the \cite{} command is no more scanned while the spell checking
- a compilation trouble has been fixed with Qt 5.5.x
- a new option allow the svn users to display the uncommitted lines with a different color in the line number widget (Configure Texmaker -> Editor)
- two more options for the pdf internel viewer contextual menu (user request): number of words in the current pdf page and open the file browser at the pdf file location

Version 4.4.1 :
- a new wizard for a standard XeLaTeX document has been added
- a script ("User" menu to execute it) to apply a hard word wrap at 80 columns to the selected text has been added (will work like the php wordwrap() function - just change the textwidth value in the script if you need another value)
- the list of furnished scripts is displayed in the "Run Script" sub-menu of the "User" menu (if a script is located at the same place than the furnished scripts, it will appear automtically in this menu)
- support for the meta tags "% !TEX encoding=" and "% !TEX spellcheck" has been added (the meta tag "% !TEX root" is already supported)
- .vrb,.listing and .spx extensions have been added to the "Clean" command (users requests)
- cs, de, el, hu, pl, ru, se and vi translations have been updated (thanks to all the translators)

Version 4.3 :
A visual diff tool and an option to automatically clean the auxiliary files when exiting have been added. All opened files can now be reloaded from the disk with a single operation. When a command failed, the error message is now more complete and some translations have been updated.

Version 4.2 :
Advanced users can now extend the functionalities of the editor by running scripts via the "User" menu. A bug about the keyboard triggers for the snippets has been fixed and some translations have been updated.

Version 4.1.1 :
The LaTeX reference manual and some translations have been updated. Some requests from users have been implemented and two spelling dictionaries have been added.

Version 4.1 :
A wizard, with theme preview, to edit quickly a beamer presentation has been added. Texmaker now supports LuaLaTeX and new "Quick build" modes for standards operations with bib(la)tex have been added. Utf8 encoding without bom is now detected and a link to the english wikibook about LaTeX has been added to the "Help" menu.

Version 4.0.4 :
The support for the 0.24 poppler version has been added and a compilation trouble on ARM architecture has been fixed. Dragging and dropping image files in the editor is now supported.

Version 4.0.3 :
Find-and-replace actions can now be applied to a selection only and a tool to convert source files to Unicode has been added. Users can now check if a new version is available via a new option in the "Help" menu.
The windows and MacOsXlion versions are now compiled with Qt 5.1 and poppler 0.22.

Version 4.0.2 :
Mac OS X High-dpi support has been added to the pdf viewer, the symbols and almost all of the icons. The part/chapter/section... tags are now totally boldified in the editor for a better detection. On linux, the session file is now stored in the standard ./cache directory instead of the /tmp folder. New translations have been also added.

Version 4.0.1 :
A potential risk of crash when synctex is sending a bad page number has been fixed.
The -Pdownload35 option has been added to the default dvips command for MiKTeX users on windows.

Version 4.0 :
The code has been ported to Qt5 (but this version can also be compiled with Qt4).
From this version, Texmaker will be principally developed under QT5 and will be ready when KDEsc will switch to Qt5.
A keyboard shortcut has been added to toggle between the master and the current document.
A specific "quick build" command has been added for the .asy files : the asymptote figures can now be compiled and displayed with the F1 shortcut.

Version 3.5.2 :
The bug about the shortcut of the "quick build" command has been fixed

Version 3.5.1 :
A wizard to export the current document to html or odt format has been added. The system PATH can now be completed in the configuration dialog and a "quick build" mode for XeLaTeX has been added. Some bugs about the keyboard shortcuts have been fixed.

Version 3.5 :
The internal pdf viewer has been widely improved. Users can now rotate pages, choose to display one (in continuous or non-continuous mode) or two pages at the same time. A presentation mode has also been added.
Capturing text is now supported for the regular expressions and a new option has been added to the command line which allows the insertion of a piece of code in the current document.

Version 3.4.1 :
A bug about the buttons in the configuration dialog has been fixed.
While using Texmaker on the gnome desktop, the icons for the standard actions are now issued from the gtk theme.

Version 3.4 :
With a new option, the "--output-directory=build" parameter is added automatically to the (pdf)latex command and the log and pdf files are reached by Texmaker in the "build" subdirectory . The commands "Open a terminal" and "Save a copy" have been added and regular expression can now be used in the find/replace dialogs. A words counter has also been added to the internal pdf viewer and the biblatex entries have been completed with the optional fields. Some minors bugs have been fixed and the MacOsX Lion full-screen mode is now supported.

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wacom tablet 3.0.0~beta1 (KDE System Tool)

Wed, 2015/10/28 - 6:05pm
Thumbnailwacom tablet 3.0.0~beta1
(KDE System Tool)
KDE 4 KCModule

This module implements a GUI for the Wacom Linux Drivers and extends it
with profile support to handle different button / pen layouts per profile.

For hardware support have a look at

Project Repository:

get the source with
git clone git://

(K)Ubuntu 12.x & 13.04:

OpenSUSE 12.2, 12.3 & Factory:

# v3.0.0~beta1
First kde frameworks 5 release
* port kded to kf5
* port plasma widget to qml widget
* ported KCM to kf5
* support xcb and x11_input

Thanks a lot to Michael Abrahams, Juan Palacios, Weng Xuetian, Stephan Frank

There are still some known issue with the tablet screen mapping and hotplugging with xcb.

# v2.1.0
* Add support for Cintiq 22HD 18 buttons
* Add image for the Cintiq 13HD layout
* Update Wacom Intuos PT S Finger touch device db entry
* Update Intuous button layout
* Update Wacom INTUOS Pen Small CTH-480 db entry (030E)
* Add Wacom Intuos Pro L PTH-851 to db (0316)
* Allow to setup Stylus/Eraser Tip Mosue button (Left-Handed Mode)
* Update database. Add HUION, add Waltop again, install missing vendors

you must install a wacom-driver 0.20 or higher

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QjackCtl 0.4.1 (KDE Sound Application)

Wed, 2015/10/28 - 4:59pm
ThumbnailQjackCtl 0.4.1
(KDE Sound Application)
QjackCtl is a simple Qt application to control the JACK sound server daemon, specific for the Linux Audio Desktop infrastructure.

Written in C++ around the Qt framework for X11, most exclusively using Qt Designer.

Provides a simple GUI dialog for setting several JACK daemon parameters, which are properly saved between sessions, and a way control of the status of the audio server daemon. With time, this primordial interface has become richer by including a enhanced patchbay and connection control features.

0.4.1 2015-10-28 A Fall'15 release

- Probing portaudio audio device in a separate thread (by Kjetil Matheussen, thanks).
- Messages standard output capture has been improved again, now in both ways a non-blocking pipe may get.
- Regression fix for invalid system-tray icon dimensions reported by some desktop environment frameworks.
- New hi-res application icon (by Uttrup Renzel, Max Christian Pohle, thanks).
- System tray icon red background now blinks when a XRUN occurs.
- Desktop environment session shutdown/logout management has been also adapted to Qt5 framework.
- Single/unique application instance control adapted to Qt5/X11.
- Prefer Qt5 over Qt4 by default with configure script.
- Override-able tool-tips with latency info (re. Connections JACK client/ports: patch by Xavier Mendez, thanks).
- Complete rewrite of Qt4 vs. Qt5 configure builds.
- French (fr) translation update (by Olivier Humbert, thanks).

0.4.0 2015-07-15 Summer'15 release frenzy

- Some windows fixes added (patch by Kjetil Matheussen, thanks).
- Most advanced Setup/Settings are moved into new Setup/Advanced settings tab; limit range for the real-time priority setting, now having 6 as absolute minimum valid value (after patches by Robin Gareus, thanks).
- A new top-level widget window geometry state save and restore sub-routine is now in effect (EXPERIMENTAL)
- Delayed geometry setup for widget windows upon startup has been deprecated and scrapped altogether.
- Setup/settings dialog tab is going into some layout changes; also got rid of old patchbay auto-refresh timer cruft, which was previously hidden/disabled.
- New socket names are now automatically inferred from selected client names while on the Patchbay widget, Socket dialog.
- Fixed for some strict tests for Qt4 vs. Qt5 configure builds.
- German (de) translation update (by Guido Scholz, thanks).

0.3.13 2015-03-25 Pre-LAC2015 release frenzy.
0.3.12 2014-10-19 JACK Pretty-names aliasing.
0.3.11 2013-12-31 A fifth of a Jubilee.
0.3.10 2013-04-01 The singing swan rehearsal.
0.3.9 2012-05-18 The last of the remnants.
0.3.8 2011-07-01 JACK Session versioning.
0.3.7 2010-11-30 JACK Session managerism.
0.3.6 2010-03-09 Full D-Busification!
0.3.5 2009-09-30 Slipped Away!
0.3.4 2008-12-05 Patchbay snapshot revamp.
0.3.3 2008-06-07 Patchbay JACK-MIDI, file logging and X11 uniqueness.

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Dolphin Folder Color 1.6 (KDE Service Menu)

Wed, 2015/10/28 - 1:15am
ThumbnailDolphin Folder Color 1.6
(KDE Service Menu)
A contextual menu for coloring the folders so fast, also has the ability to color a selected set of folders.

Supports Plasma 5 and KDE4

You just need to run the script. \'\' with a click and restart dolphin.

Note: should not be started from the shell. And it depends on kdialog.

Un menu contextual para colorear la carpetas de forma rapida, tambien tiene la posibilidad de colorear un conjunto de carpetas seleccionada.

Solo hace falta correr el script \'\' con un click y reiniciar dolphin.
Nota: no debe ser iniciado desde la shell. Y depende de kdialog

### NOTE ###
If you want added a new language, please contact with me.

If you like this script maybe you like this:

- version 1.6

* Fixed script install and uninstall
* Added color Magenta

- version 1.5

* Added support for Plasma 5
* Fixed $TMPDIR variable without setting up

- version 1.4

* Added [pt_BR] translation, by Bruno Gonçalves Araujo
* Fixed auto-reload and improved script

- version 1.3

* Added initial support for Plasma5

- version 1.2

* Code revised and improved.
* Fixed problem when choosing icons that are not system.

- version 1.1.1

* Added 'deinstall' script
* Improved 'install' script
* Improved 'dolphin-folder-color' script
* Added translations: French, Italian, Portuguese and German.

- version 1.1

* Fixed Install script
* Improved 'dolphin-folder-color' script

- version 1.0

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Resources Monitor 1.0.4 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

Mon, 2015/10/26 - 8:16pm
ThumbnailResources Monitor 1.0.4
(Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
Plasma 5 plasmoid for monitoring CPU, frequency, RAM and swap activity.

- qt5-graphicaleffects
- e.g. package for kubuntu users: libqt5qml-graphicaleffects

- Add Widgets... -> Get new widgets -> Download new plasma widgets
- find this applet and install through the first item with .plasmoid extension

- option for disable drop-shadows (by droserasprout from github)
- theming / sizing fixed

- resizing on desktop fixed
- option to disable mouse-hover hints

- run System Monitor on click

- Hz -> MHz fix (thanks sysghost)

- initial import

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KToshiba 5.1 (KDE Hardware Utility)

Mon, 2015/10/26 - 4:40pm
ThumbnailKToshiba 5.1
(KDE Hardware Utility)
KToshiba is a Function (FN) key monitoring for Toshiba laptops.

Features a Graphical User Interface (UI) highly integrated with KDE, managing those function keys not handled by KDE (Screen lock, TouchPad toggle, Battery profiles, Zoom keys and Keyboard backlight).

Also provides a System Settings module for easy access and configuration of Toshiba laptops related hardware like TouchPad, Accelerometer, Keyboard backlight, Sleep Utilities and more.

  • Boot Settings tab added with new support for:

  • Boot Order
    Wake On Keyboard
    Wake on LAN
  • Power Save tab added with new support for:

  • Battery Profiles monitoring
    Cooling Method monitoring
  • Polished KCM UI

  • Polished Status Widget UI

  • Fixed USB Sleep & Charge

  • Fixed KToshiba when trying to launch it twice

  • Updated README.toshiba_acpi file with instructions for patching toshiba.h

  • Misc fixes and changes all over the place

  • NOTE: The System Settings module now requires toshiba_acpi driver version 0.23, which is included in kernel 4.3, if you don't want to upgrade your kernel, see the file README.toshiba_acpi

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    PyQt5 5.5.1 (KDE Development Tool)

    Sun, 2015/10/25 - 3:20pm
    PyQt5 5.5.1
    (KDE Development Tool)
    PyQt5 is a comprehensive set of Python bindings for Qt v5. It is available under the GPL and a commercial license.

    This is a minor function and bug-fix release.

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