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Castel of Montisola - Iseo lake

Mon, 2016/09/05 - 8:55pm
Castle of Montisola - Iseo Lake - Italy

MX Theme

Mon, 2016/09/05 - 8:16pm
/////////////// IMPORTANT: //////////////////////////////////////////////////// I just check for errors on the theme, there is a conflict...

Dried Butterfly

Mon, 2016/09/05 - 7:40pm
Dried Butterfly on a country road.

Steel Tower

Mon, 2016/09/05 - 7:38pm
Sight Tower made of steel.

Long trail behind

Mon, 2016/09/05 - 7:30pm
Trail to 3 pizzi


Mon, 2016/09/05 - 7:16pm
Wallpaper of a sundown.


Mon, 2016/09/05 - 6:09pm
Cornfield in front of the Miriquidi in saxony.


Mon, 2016/09/05 - 5:47pm
Picture of an abondon old house in germany.


Mon, 2016/09/05 - 12:19pm
Gotham: Formerly known as GNOME-Shell-KDE. Dark black KDE Plasma theme. Tested with KDE Plasma 5.7. Extract the downloaded KDE Plasma...


Mon, 2016/09/05 - 12:16pm
Underworld: Dark black KDE Plasma theme. Inspired by HarrySnapperOrgans' screenlet clock octagon, thanks. Tested with KDE Plasma...

Contemptuous Quietsus 4K Textured Gradient Wallpaper

Mon, 2016/09/05 - 10:09am
With the money came the filth, and the contemptuous lewdness you see, anything that serves to quash, eliminate, or kill: to give the quietus to a...

Fading Earth 4K Textured Gradient Wallpaper

Mon, 2016/09/05 - 10:05am
I left you heartsick in the morning just to come again at dark, Scattered poems on the floor is all I left behind. This fading earth This heavy...

Meadows over Roncobello

Mon, 2016/09/05 - 7:33am
Meadows over Roncobello on the trail to 3 Pizzi

La Capitaine

Mon, 2016/09/05 - 2:38am
Announcements ============= Updated to v0.3.0! Note the new changes, there are tons of new and redesigned icons, crafted by me in Inkscape...

Jomada-Fit Dark

Mon, 2016/09/05 - 12:28am
Jomada-Fit Dark is a plasma theme and color-schemes for plasma 5


Mon, 2016/09/05 - 12:19am
Jomada-Fit is the light version of the plasma theme and color-schemes Jomada-Fit Dark.

Unity Ambiance

Mon, 2016/09/05 - 12:12am
Unity Ambiance: Similar to Ubuntu's Unity 7 theme Ambiance. «Unity Ambiance», «Unity Radiance», «Excalibur» and «Doomsday» are...

Unity Radiance

Mon, 2016/09/05 - 12:09am
Unity Radiance: Similar to Ubuntu's Unity 7 theme Radiance. «Unity Ambiance», «Unity Radiance», «Excalibur» and «Doomsday» are...


Mon, 2016/09/05 - 12:06am
Excalibur: Dark black opaque KDE Plasma theme except side-panels if desktop effects are enabled. Tested with KDE Plasma 5.7. Extract the...


Mon, 2016/09/05 - 12:02am
Doomsday: Transparent KDE Plasma theme if desktop effects are enabled.. «Unity Ambiance», «Unity Radiance», «Excalibur» and «Doomsday»...