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Breeze Extra [Icon Themes]

Fri, 2017/07/21 - 12:18pm
Additional icons for Plasma 5 and Gnome. Recommends for Gnome: - Icon theme better looking with default Adwaita GTK/Gnome Shell Theme - Use this...

Elementary GTK Pack [Icon Themes]

Fri, 2017/07/21 - 11:11am
It's just a fork of Elementary GTK icons but with round small icons (16-24px). The package includes: - Elementary GTK Dark and Light - heavily...

Oranchelo icon theme [Icon Themes]

Thu, 2017/07/20 - 10:37am
Oranchelo is a flat-design icon theme based on Super Flat Remix( and inspired by "Corny icons" by...

Hex [QtCurve]

Wed, 2017/07/19 - 12:27pm
QtCurve, color scheme, and Plasma theme. Hex is flat, textured, and aims to be clear and easy to use. The plasma theme is heavily based on...

Sunset on the Ocean [Plasma Color Schemes]

Wed, 2017/07/19 - 3:25am
Sunset on the Ocean is designed to be a brighter theme reminiscent of blue ocean waters and a fiery sunset. To that end it has been designed to...

Unity Ambiance [Plasma Themes]

Wed, 2017/07/19 - 2:28am
Unity Ambiance: Similar to Ubuntu's Unity 7 theme Ambiance. Bottom-panel and side-panels are flat and transparent if desktop effects are...

Gruvbox Dark - KODE [Plasma Color Schemes]

Wed, 2017/07/19 - 2:09am
A color scheme based on the Gruvbox Dark color palette.

Ice Rink [Plasma Color Schemes]

Tue, 2017/07/18 - 11:11pm
New colour scheme for Plasma 5 mixing white, ice blue and orange reminding an ice rink. This colour scheme should be used along with the matching...

Ice Rink [Plasma Themes]

Tue, 2017/07/18 - 11:08pm
New theme for Plasma 5 mixing white, ice blue and orange reminding an ice rink. This Plasma theme should be used along with the matching colour...

Jomada-Fit Dark [Plasma Themes]

Tue, 2017/07/18 - 1:27am
Jomada-Fit Dark is a plasma theme and color-schemes for plasma 5, Inspired by the theme Adapta gnome.

Jomada-Fit [Plasma Themes]

Tue, 2017/07/18 - 1:23am
Jomada-Fit is the light version of the plasma theme and color-schemes Jomada-Fit Dark, Inspired by the theme Adapta gnome.

PlasmaTube [Plasma Widgets]

Tue, 2017/07/18 - 1:12am
Plasmoid for viewing youtube videos right on your desktop. You should have google account to use this plasmoid. Please, remove previous...

AtomicHiDPI [Yakuake Skins]

Mon, 2017/07/17 - 10:44pm
Atomic skin, remixed for hidpi screens. No substantial modifications, just doubled everything.

Atomic [Yakuake Skins]

Mon, 2017/07/17 - 9:28pm
Atomic Yakuake Skin This skin contain New Desing for Yakuake 3 in variety of colors. Enjoy.

SoftSand Plasma Theme [Plasma Themes]

Mon, 2017/07/17 - 8:39pm
UPDATED to Plasm 5 This has to be installed manually. Download from kdelook and place in. ~home/username/.kde/share/apps/desktop...

Kfeanza Mod [Icon Themes]

Mon, 2017/07/17 - 8:37pm
All credit goes to original creator. just a mod for Plasma 5

9 themes for SMPlayer [SMPlayer/MPlayer]

Mon, 2017/07/17 - 8:22pm
Bee-cells-SMPlayer-green, Gears-SMPlayer, Shiny-buttons-SMPlayer, Smaragd-SMPlayer, Not-superflat-stickers-black-for-SMPlayer, Snowy-for-SMPlayer,...

Ultra-Flat-Icons-Collection [Icon Themes]

Mon, 2017/07/17 - 7:15pm
Its included: Ultra-Flat...

gnome-plymouth theme [Plymouth Themes]

Mon, 2017/07/17 - 6:58pm
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Mon, 2017/07/17 - 11:42am
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