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Dropbox Folder Icon (KDE Icons)

Fri, 2015/10/23 - 1:52pm
Dropbox Folder Icon
(KDE Icons)
Dropbox folder icon for Breeze Dark

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Peruvian Lighthouse 1.3 (Plasma Theme)

Fri, 2015/10/23 - 12:16pm
ThumbnailPeruvian Lighthouse 1.3
(Plasma Theme)
This is my attempt of making a light version of my previous theme.

Plasma Theme
The plasma i haven't made any original but i have picked what i liked of other themes and made a few changes to them. So to all the original authors a great thank and kudos for the brilliant job!

The Qtcurve i've assembled myself and is rather transparent so in order to utilize it in this pack you need to have BLUR enabled in your window manager.

The color-scheme is like opposite of the dark theme I uploaded.

As with the plasma i have only taken bits and pieces and made some alterations to it. Again, thank you :D

Mainly changes in QtCurve and color-scheme.

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