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Linux Flat - QupZilla 1.8 Theme 1.0 (Theme/Style (other))

Sat, 2015/01/17 - 2:31am
ThumbnailLinux Flat - QupZilla 1.8 Theme 1.0
(Theme/Style (other))
The old theme I made no longer works for the latest QupZilla (1.8), so here\'s the new version.

I have basically taken the default Linux theme, tweaked it a bit so it\'s using flat icons.

Author of Original Theme: David Rosca
Icons come from icon theme: BreezeRemix

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Barry KDE (KDE Screenshot)

Sat, 2015/01/17 - 12:18am
ThumbnailBarry KDE
(KDE Screenshot)
Just some screenshots of Manjaro KDE desktop

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win7 0.1 (Theme/Style for KDE 4.0)

Fri, 2015/01/16 - 3:12pm
Thumbnailwin7 0.1
(Theme/Style for KDE 4.0)
win7 consists of a color scheme for KDE 4.14, a smooth preset for QtCurve, Plasma theme, Aero cursors theme, Aurorae decoration theme,
Plymouth, sounds, KDE Splash theme, KDM theme, icon theme, fonts and wallpapers.

Tested on OpenSuse 13.2.



After download run in terminal:

tar fzx win7.tar.gz
chmod +x

enter root password and relogin.

You can test not downloading Live iso image in the browser window, merely
follow the link
and with account Novell, Google, Facebook and others.
Write comments !!!
If you decide to download it offers 2 options:
1) USB Stick / Hard Disk Image 2.4 GB - for recording on a USB flash drive or hard drive.
2) Live CD / DVD (.iso) 2.1 GB - to burn to DVD.

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MWSC 2 (Beryl Emerald Theme)

Thu, 2015/01/15 - 10:12pm
ThumbnailMWSC 2
(Beryl Emerald Theme)
_window decoration similar to a picture from MARVEL-(world security council)
_style for Smaragd Kwin
_the button used are (above,min,close)

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HackaN Flat (Sneaky) - QtCurve 2.2 (Theme/Style (other))

Thu, 2015/01/15 - 6:30am
ThumbnailHackaN Flat (Sneaky) - QtCurve 2.2
(Theme/Style (other))
This is a continuation of my previous QtCurve style \"Lightning Unified\".

The aim has been to create a flat theme and this first version has come out rather ok.

Note: This requires you to have QtCurve theme engine installed on your machine. It can be found in your package manager.

--------------- 17/12-14 ---------------

- Made window backgrounds a bit transparent. Which, with the blur effect, becomes rather sexy.
- Gave window buttons a flatter look.
- Menus are flatter.

--------------- 17/12-14 ---------------
- Fixed a little coloring issue between titlebar and window.

--------------- 19/12-14 ---------------
- Been working on buttons, header appearances for list views and pop-up menus.

Note: Due to that a round border which can't be removed on square menus when they are transparent I have removed the transparency for pop-up menus in order to remove the border. If anyone wishes to have transparent pop-up menus this can be accomplished in desktop effects in kde system settings.

Hope you guys will enjoy this update and subscribe so you'll be notified about future updates - Because I am pretty sure I'll continue tweaking on this :-)


--------------- 22/12-14 ---------------
Fixed the look of tooltips. Their background color won't follow your system color-settings, but they blend better in with the rest of the theme :-)

--------------- 24/12-14 ---------------
- Hiding symbols on window buttons for inactive windows.
- Removed annoying shadow (/blur) on window upper corners
- Changed window gradient to create a brighter edge across the top.
- Docked windows are flat
- Changed button colors for active window
- Changed the password character.

Merry xmas!

--------------- 25/12-14 ---------------
- ! For anyone having problems with their screensaver on KDE I am fixing that with this update.

--------------- 29/12-14 ---------------
- Update for titlebars, they follow window transparency settings. So if you, for example, are running GTK programs which don't display transparency the titlebar is now solid together with the rest of that program window.

--------------- 31/12-14 ---------------
- Removed tinting on tabs
- Changed coloring on sliders and scrollbars

Happy New Year!

--------------- 15/01-15 ---------------
- Cleaner look for list view headers

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Winters Magic (KDE Wallpaper (other))

Wed, 2015/01/14 - 8:04pm
ThumbnailWinters Magic
(KDE Wallpaper (other))
Captured at Rila Monastery in Bulgaria.
It is situated in the southwestern Rila Mountains, 117 km (73 mi) south of the capital Sofia in the deep valley of the Rilska River at an elevation of 1,147 m (3,763 ft) above sea level. The monastery is named after its founder, the hermit Ivan of Rila (876 - 946 AD). (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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Dolphin Folder Color 1.3 (KDE Service Menu)

Wed, 2015/01/14 - 7:29pm
ThumbnailDolphin Folder Color 1.3
(KDE Service Menu)
A contextual menu for coloring the folders so fast, also has the ability to color a selected set of folders.

You just need to run the script. \'\' with a click and restart dolphin.
Note: should not be started from the shell. And it depends on kdialog.

Un menu contextual para colorear la carpetas de forma rapida, tambien tiene la posibilidad de colorear un conjunto de carpetas seleccionada.

Solo hace falta correr el script \'\' con un click y reiniciar dolphin.
Nota: no debe ser iniciado desde la shell. Y depende de kdialog

### NOTE ###
If you want added a new language, please contact with me.

If you like this script maybe you like this:

- version 1.3

* Added initial support for Plasma5

- version 1.2

* Code revised and improved.
* Fixed problem when choosing icons that are not system.

- version 1.1.1

* Added 'deinstall' script
* Improved 'install' script
* Improved 'dolphin-folder-color' script
* Added translations: French, Italian, Portuguese and German.

- version 1.1

* Fixed Install script
* Improved 'dolphin-folder-color' script

- version 1.0

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Winters Magic 2 (KDE Wallpaper (other))

Wed, 2015/01/14 - 6:54pm
ThumbnailWinters Magic 2
(KDE Wallpaper (other))

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Seafile Service Menu 0.1 (KDE Service Menu)

Wed, 2015/01/14 - 10:15am
ThumbnailSeafile Service Menu 0.1
(KDE Service Menu)
Seafile Service Menu is a service menu to generate public sharing links in your Seafile folder.

- Seafile Client
- sqlite3
- kdialog or zenity
- dbus

Version 01 13/01/2015 - First release

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KvFlat for Kvantum (Theme/Style for KDE 4.0)

Tue, 2015/01/13 - 1:04pm
ThumbnailKvFlat for Kvantum
(Theme/Style for KDE 4.0)
A dark flat theme for Kvantum, inspired by Breeze (the theme of KDE Plasma 5). It needs Kvantum >= 0.8.12.

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Geeko (openSUSE) start-here 1.0 (KDE Icons)

Tue, 2015/01/13 - 10:30am
ThumbnailGeeko (openSUSE) start-here 1.0
(KDE Icons)
icon start menu (svg)

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Stones Sand Circles (KDE Wallpaper KDE 4)

Tue, 2015/01/13 - 10:27am
ThumbnailStones Sand Circles
(KDE Wallpaper KDE 4)

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Beach Sands Stones (KDE Wallpaper KDE 4)

Tue, 2015/01/13 - 10:18am
ThumbnailBeach Sands Stones
(KDE Wallpaper KDE 4)

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Distro Watcher 0.10.3 (Plasmoid Script)

Sat, 2015/01/10 - 10:03pm
ThumbnailDistro Watcher 0.10.3
(Plasmoid Script)
The specific plasmoid displays the latest releases of Linux distributions and packages, as published in In order to retrieve the relative data, RSS feeds from distrowatch are being used.

The plasmoid consists of two distinct views; the first displaying Linux distributions, the second displaying packages. Switching between views can be accomplished using a KDE tab bar. By clicking to a distribution record, default browser opens distribution's homepage at By clicking to a package record, default browser opens package's homepage.

Moreover, users can click to the button in the bottom-right corner of the plasmoid so as to navigate to the distributions' list; favorites can be selected by just clicking to the relative button. Clicking to a distribution record, they are navigated (using the predefault web browser) to the relative distrowatch page. After selecting favorites, as soon as a new release of a favorite distribution is available, a notification pop-up is displayed. Notifications can be disabled using the relative configuration option.

The plasmoid has been written in QML and JavaScript.

Translated to: Greek, Spanish, Russian, Uzbek(Latin), Italian and Lithuanian. If you would like to contribute to translations, visit the relative transifex project at

- Display depends on RSS feeds. If the relative RSS changes or it is unavailable, plasmoid display will be broken.
- Data fetching is performed every 15 minutes (default). Users can override the default value via "Distro Watcher Settings".
- If no Internet connection is available, no data will be displayed. Instead, a notification screen is displayed. As soon as network connectivity is re-established and the next fetching point is reached, data display is restored. Users are also able to click to the Reload button and request data to be fetched again.
- Icons have been downloaded from:
Credits go to the artist.

- KDE SC 4.10 or later
- QT 4.8.x

* In Kubuntu 13.04/13.10 the following packages were installed for a proper build to take place:
- build-essential
- cmake
- kdelibs5-dev
- kdebase-workspace-dev
- libdbusmenu-qt-dev

Just Display (only for testing)
$plasmoidviewer ~/$YOUR_PATH/distrowatcher_plasmoid/distrowatcher

Any Linux distribution:
- Unzip the plasmoid
- $ mkdir build
- $ cd build
- $ export QT_SELECT=qt4 && cmake -DQT_QMAKE_EXECUTABLE=/usr/bin/qmake-qt4 -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` ..
- $ make
- $ (sudo) make install
- "Distro Watcher" widget is now available to add to desktop/panel.

Run the .deb file.

Copyright (C) 2014 Dimitris Kardarakos

QML and JavaScript written has been based on QT Quick documentation, tutorials and examples found in Icons used come (online) from and Oxygen icon package.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

Version 0.10.3
- Translated to Lithuanian by Moo

Version 0.10.2
- Translation updates (Italian, Russian)

Version 0.10.1
- Translation updates (Italian: thanks to Giuseppe Pignataro, Russian)

Version 0.10
- Reload functionality added to unavailable screen
- Smooth transition between screens
- Translation updates (Greek, Spanish)

Version 0.9.2
- Notification icon changed to a generic one since, in "Get New Hot Stuff" packaging, no distrowatcher icon is installed
- Translated to Uzbek by Umid Almasov

Version 0.9.1
- Issue with multiple notifications when a distribution appears more than once in an rss bunch fixed
- Unnecessary translations removed
- Code cleaning
- Text field replaced text area in favorites; clearing handle added

Version 0.8.2
- Issue writing into the text area fixed
- Packaging translations issue fixed

Version 0.8.1
- Issue with misleading tooltip fixed
- Favorites list rendering issue fixed
- Russian translation updated

Version 0.8
- Visual improvements
- Searching functionality added to favorite distributions list
- Users can navigate to distrowatch from favorites screen
- Translated to Russian (thanks to sorrymak)
- Spanish translation updated

Version 0.7
- Favorites functionality has been added; users can click to the star button so as to select their favorites distributions.
- As soon as a new release of a favorite distribution is available, a notification pop-up is displayed.
- Notifications can be disabled using the distrowatcher settings.
- Transifex project created:

Version 0.6.1
- Rendering issue in case of users that use dark themes fixed.

Version 0.6
- Scrolling functionality extension; users can use middle (wheel) mouse button, to scroll against package/distro records offering a no-click navigation experience.

Version 0.5
- Scrolling bar added. So, the amount of displayable distros/packages has been expanded. Users can scroll down and view more distros and packages.

Version 0.4.1
- Translation infrastructure implemented; script to collect messages ( created, CMakeLists.txt updated to incorporate translation files.
- Greek and Spanish translations added.
- Plasmoid descriptor (comments) added, so as to inform users regarding the purpose of the plasmoid.

Version 0.4.0
- Better integration with KDE. Coloring and highlight follow the active KDE theme.
- Distro Watcher becomes configurable. Users are able to set the refresh interval (how often, in minutes, data should be fetched from, in Distro Watcher Settings -> Settings -> Refresh every (minutes).
- Issue with font size in packages section fixed. Both packages' and distributions' font size follows KDE 'Desktop' font size.

Version 0.3.0
- User interface has been completely re-designed. Icons that induced UI clutter have been removed. Current interface is much more minimalistic than the previous one.
- Navigation switch between packages and distributions screen is now accomplished via a KDE native tab bar/group.
- Code has been cleaned. From a developer's viewpoint, it is a totally new application.
- New background (white/transparent) has been added. In conjunction with resizing, icons' display has been improved.
- "Explicit fetch" feature has been removed.
- Text size and color are inherited from current theme.
- Application's icon has been changed. I opted for Tux, since it's the common point of reference for all Linux distributions.

Version 0.2
- Network unavailability management, displaying a new screen in case of network issue.
- Coloring enhancements.
- Geometry fixing.
- Display effect on change of state.
- Function i18n used for strings, enabling future translations.

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Words Plymouth theme for openSUSE v. 2.0 (Plymouth Bootsplash)

Sat, 2015/01/10 - 1:57pm
ThumbnailWords Plymouth theme for openSUSE v. 2.0
(Plymouth Bootsplash)
Simple plymouth theme for openSUSE

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Eternity Plasma Splash Screen Version 2 v. 2.0 (KDE 4.x Splash Screen)

Sat, 2015/01/10 - 1:53pm
ThumbnailEternity Plasma Splash Screen Version 2 v. 2.0
(KDE 4.x Splash Screen)
New version of Eternity plasma splash screen.

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Plasmoggl 1.0 (Plasmoid Script)

Sat, 2015/01/10 - 2:39am
ThumbnailPlasmoggl 1.0
(Plasmoid Script)
This is a KDE plasmoid for the Toggl web service.

All details in the README file available within the package.

basic task entry

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Sand Circles (KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)

Fri, 2015/01/09 - 11:34pm
ThumbnailSand Circles
(KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)

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Grass Drops (KDE Wallpaper KDE 4)

Fri, 2015/01/09 - 11:30pm
ThumbnailGrass Drops
(KDE Wallpaper KDE 4)

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