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Bridge over the beach (KDE Wallpaper (other))

Fri, 2015/10/30 - 2:30pm
ThumbnailBridge over the beach
(KDE Wallpaper (other))

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Gin on the sun (KDE Wallpaper (other))

Fri, 2015/10/30 - 2:23pm
ThumbnailGin on the sun
(KDE Wallpaper (other))

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Flying Konqui wallpaper 1.0 (KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)

Fri, 2015/10/30 - 2:21pm
ThumbnailFlying Konqui wallpaper 1.0
(KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)
Wallpaper version of a KDE poster, 100% made in Krita.

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Soft Rocks Qt Curve (Theme/Style for KDE 4.0)

Thu, 2015/10/29 - 2:59am
ThumbnailSoft Rocks Qt Curve
(Theme/Style for KDE 4.0)
A Qt Curve theme to go along with my Soft Rocks color scheme.

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Soft Rocks 1 (KDE Color Scheme KDE4)

Thu, 2015/10/29 - 2:52am
ThumbnailSoft Rocks 1
(KDE Color Scheme KDE4)
A softer version of my River Rocks theme

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SGI Irix cursor 1.0 (X11 Mouse Theme)

Wed, 2015/10/28 - 7:06pm
ThumbnailSGI Irix cursor 1.0
(X11 Mouse Theme)
Recreation of the red mouse cursor from Silicon Graphics Irix.

Originally they used the X servers ability to change the raw cursor color... since its a font.

This cursor theme is derived from the one found on Maxx Desktop source, with the shadows removed, like it was on Irix. With missing cursors fixed, and some personal tweaks.

There are a few, like the not available circle cursor, that, need a redesign, but overall, looks great for day to day use.

I hope to fix those, minor issues eventually as time allows.

Hope you enjoy.

2015-10-28 - Initial release

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giant larches trio in Ulten (KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)

Wed, 2015/10/28 - 5:33pm
Thumbnailgiant larches trio in Ulten
(KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)

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Horse 1.0 (KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)

Wed, 2015/10/28 - 10:04am
ThumbnailHorse 1.0
(KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)
Please, go to the download page and choose the size:

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Dolphin Folder Color 1.6 (KDE Service Menu)

Wed, 2015/10/28 - 1:15am
ThumbnailDolphin Folder Color 1.6
(KDE Service Menu)
A contextual menu for coloring the folders so fast, also has the ability to color a selected set of folders.

Supports Plasma 5 and KDE4

You just need to run the script. \'\' with a click and restart dolphin.

Note: should not be started from the shell. And it depends on kdialog.

Un menu contextual para colorear la carpetas de forma rapida, tambien tiene la posibilidad de colorear un conjunto de carpetas seleccionada.

Solo hace falta correr el script \'\' con un click y reiniciar dolphin.
Nota: no debe ser iniciado desde la shell. Y depende de kdialog

### NOTE ###
If you want added a new language, please contact with me.

If you like this script maybe you like this:

- version 1.6

* Fixed script install and uninstall
* Added color Magenta

- version 1.5

* Added support for Plasma 5
* Fixed $TMPDIR variable without setting up

- version 1.4

* Added [pt_BR] translation, by Bruno Gonçalves Araujo
* Fixed auto-reload and improved script

- version 1.3

* Added initial support for Plasma5

- version 1.2

* Code revised and improved.
* Fixed problem when choosing icons that are not system.

- version 1.1.1

* Added 'deinstall' script
* Improved 'install' script
* Improved 'dolphin-folder-color' script
* Added translations: French, Italian, Portuguese and German.

- version 1.1

* Fixed Install script
* Improved 'dolphin-folder-color' script

- version 1.0

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Windows 10 v0.3 (Window Decoration Aurorae)

Mon, 2015/10/26 - 9:08pm
ThumbnailWindows 10 v0.3
(Window Decoration Aurorae)
Windows 10 theme FINALLY for KDE Desktops!!

Includes in the package the color scheme to match the window border colors.

Original GTK theme found here :

More info :

v0.3 Fixes transparency issues. This is our fist production and it may contain some errors. Please report if some bug appears.

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Resources Monitor 1.0.4 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

Mon, 2015/10/26 - 8:16pm
ThumbnailResources Monitor 1.0.4
(Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
Plasma 5 plasmoid for monitoring CPU, frequency, RAM and swap activity.

- qt5-graphicaleffects
- e.g. package for kubuntu users: libqt5qml-graphicaleffects

- Add Widgets... -> Get new widgets -> Download new plasma widgets
- find this applet and install through the first item with .plasmoid extension

- option for disable drop-shadows (by droserasprout from github)
- theming / sizing fixed

- resizing on desktop fixed
- option to disable mouse-hover hints

- run System Monitor on click

- Hz -> MHz fix (thanks sysghost)

- initial import

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Larches bush in Ulten (KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)

Mon, 2015/10/26 - 1:01pm
ThumbnailLarches bush in Ulten
(KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)

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Larches + Rock in Ulten (KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)

Mon, 2015/10/26 - 12:57pm
ThumbnailLarches & Rock in Ulten
(KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)

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Sky 1.0 (KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)

Mon, 2015/10/26 - 10:12am
ThumbnailSky 1.0
(KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)
Please, go to the download page and choose the size:

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Easy Monitor 0.6.1 Hard Candy (Karamba)

Sun, 2015/10/25 - 11:20am
ThumbnailEasy Monitor 0.6.1 Hard Candy
Easy Monitor
Author: Leszek Ostachowski

Based on Crystal Monitor by Mihael Simonic

Licence: GPL v2

EasyMonitor is set of superkaramba themes.

* Any of the theme you can edit and configure by lock its position and click on top frame of it.
My idea to give users very fast and easy access to change and fix code.
So you can easy suit it to your system.

Add hardware theme.
Add battery theme.
Add multi core procesors suport.
Add some clik areas.
Version 0.4
All thmes rewriten.
Fix battery theme.
Change installation directory to work all features when install from superkaramba.
Add netstat theme.
Fix cut command cut -c -0 -XX to cut -c -XX
Add sudoers modification in install script
Now work ok on Ubuntu 8.4
Fix netstat & conectionns theme
Add some sensors to Top theme
Add single monitors for core 0 and 1
Add single core all monitor
Fix some comments and readmi files
Add single amarok control theme
Add Notes theme
Add support for Ati graphics card
Add About theme
Fix some readme notes
Fix and add som features to Scan.theme
Add suport for Mandriva in install scripts
Add set $TMPDIR for Ubuntu in script

Change installation directory to work
on KDE 4.xx

Nvidia GPU thmes rewriten
Add wlan0 theme
Add dbus suport in Amarok theme
Add hdparm suport in File System theme
Change eth0, eth1, wlan0 themes
Fix PATH to work on kde 3.xx 4.xx
Fix battery, procesor, install themes
Change in File System theme
Change in scripts,, ...
Add suport for Arch Linux
Change eth0, eth1,....
Simplicity is hardest
It deserved for change version to 0.5
Add suport for Fedora
Fix GPU themes
Fix path to netstat themes
Add Code name in Distro string
Add suport for hdmon
to enable click on HD1: or HD2: string and Follow the White Rabbit. . . :)
Rewrite install scripts
2012-01-16 4:00 A.M.:)
Rewriten Nvidia themes and scripts
Fix timings for GPU themes
Change font for better look on other distros than openSuse.
Fixh typo in ( Thanks to brucew for very careful readings my bugs:)
Some change in Nvidia themes,,
Some change in to build right paths for commands
Add some clickarea in porcesors themes and memory
Add EsyMonitor_Procesor_Octa_Thread.theme
Clena holy mess in EasyMonitor_Procesor_Multi_Core.theme
Clena mess in EasyMonitor_Core_X.themes
Fix Memory theme
Add dmidecode command suport in System, Memeory thenes and script. For enable run again the script
Clena mess in EasyMonitor_Filesystem.theme
Clena mess in EasyMonitor_Procesor_Octa_Thread.theme ================================
Add suport for k8temp module from sensors package
Update and add more wlan themes
Update wlan themes
Update instalatyion.txt
Update wlan themes
Update wlan themes
Update file system themes
Update script wifi_net_interface
Update script hddtest
Rewriten scan theme and
Change some text position in wlan themes
Change in GPU_xxx.theme and System.theme
Clena mess in wlan themes
Change execute a scripts using sh to bash.
Options for command "echo" in sh do not
work juist on Debian based distros..
Update script
Rewriten GPU Nvidia themes and scripts
Update to work on "$KDE_SESSION_VERSION -ge 4"

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Freeze 1.3 (Plasma Theme)

Sun, 2015/10/25 - 2:19am
ThumbnailFreeze 1.3
(Plasma Theme)
Plasma decoration based on Breeze and Dynamo. Transparent for blur compositing (50% opaque) and supports color schemes (window background for content, view hover and focus for element effects).

This represents what I wish a modern desktop theme for KDE would look like, in terms of both appearance and features. Compatible with both KDE4 and Framework 5. The screenshot shows various color styles achieved with system color settings.

KWin counterpart:

1.0: Initial release.

1.1: Add a simple and discrete border around background decorations. Just like the Breeze widget theme, it uses the window text color.

1.2: Fix panel background shadow and button color.

1.3: Fix widget bars not showing in Plasma 5. All icons now follow text color, as the Breeze theme intended. Tweak transparency and colorization for several elements.

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Colorbit 1.6 (Plasma Theme)

Sun, 2015/10/25 - 2:15am
ThumbnailColorbit 1.6
(Plasma Theme)
My first experience with Plasma themes. I created this in lack of finding a theme to my liking, which I wanted to include: An elegant and thin widget design, flat panels without gradients, transparent backgrounds, and most of all support for custom colors. Since Androbit is a beautiful theme and freely licensed, I decided to modify it into something that would fit those characteristics.

Colorbit is a theme based on Androbit with several modifications. Gradients have been removed from panel backgrounds while maintaining detail and the same elegant design. Transparency was set to 50% on all backgrounds for good visibility with Blur compositing, and 75% when blur or desktop effects are off. Panels and widgets use system colors, matching the same appearance as Oxygen and Oxygen Transparent with any color scheme. I also included the flat icons from the Breathe theme, modifying new ones to match their appearance.

Original Androbit theme by Makay József, licensed GPL:

Breathe icon theme by BugsBane, licensed GPL:

I also used the power button icon by darrenbeck, licensed PD:

The modifications in Colorbit were done by me (MirceaKitsune) and this theme is also licensed GPL.

v1.0 (15-02-2013):

- Initial release.

v1.1 (13-03-2013):

- Optimized for KDE 4.10.

- Removed transparent gradient shadows for opaque elements, as KDE is not meant to render those without compositing.

- Made the analog clock less shiny and transparent for more clarity.

v1.2 (15-07-2013):

- Fix opaque elements, which went unnoticed due to previous versions of KDE not applying them properly.

v1.3 (02-08-2013):

- Make button.svg transparent. Fixes white text over white button when using a dark color scheme (which was unreadable).

- Optimize glow effects and make widget design slightly more matte.

- Different brightness between "hover" and "selected" windows on the task manager.

v1.4 (27-11-2013):

- Replace or tweak a few widget elements.

v1.5 (14-09-2014):

- Add icons for the new network manager widget.

- Further reduce glow on panels, to maintain a nice flat style.

- Compress all svg files to svgz, to make the theme as light as possible.

v1.6 (25-10-2015):

- Colorize background elements correctly using ColorScheme classes, instead of using a hint.

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