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Iceweasel icon for Breeze (KDE Icons)

Sun, 2015/08/16 - 5:35am
ThumbnailIceweasel icon for Breeze
(KDE Icons)

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kde-wall 1 (KDE Wallpaper (other))

Sat, 2015/08/15 - 12:54pm
Thumbnailkde-wall 1
(KDE Wallpaper (other))
kde wall go to plasma 5

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Splash (KDE Wallpaper 1920x1200)

Sat, 2015/08/15 - 12:15pm
(KDE Wallpaper 1920x1200)

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openBreeze (Theme/Style for KDE 4.0)

Sat, 2015/08/15 - 2:34am
(Theme/Style for KDE 4.0)
A mix of Dynamo Plasma and openSUSE Plasma Icons.

Only this version.

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Field Daisy 1 Framed (KDE Wallpaper 1920x1200)

Fri, 2015/08/14 - 3:28pm
ThumbnailField Daisy 1 Framed
(KDE Wallpaper 1920x1200)
Shot this photo in a field near my house, added a frame effect to this shot.

Enjoy and Peace

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Field Daisy 1 (KDE Wallpaper 1920x1200)

Fri, 2015/08/14 - 3:28pm
ThumbnailField Daisy 1
(KDE Wallpaper 1920x1200)
Shot this photo in a field near my house.

Enjoy and Peace

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Pidgin EAP (Emoticon Theme)

Fri, 2015/08/14 - 2:14pm
ThumbnailPidgin EAP
(Emoticon Theme)
This is a emoticon theme for Pidgin, for all and originals protocols.

This contain emoticons themes for :
- Apple
- MightyText
- Facebook
- Gadu-Gadu
- MySpaceIM
- NateOn
- QQ
- Sametime
- Skype
- Tlen
- Yahoo

This contain some buddy list themes, and some sounds themes

You can contribute to this theme by sending your contributions or link to complete it in an issue, modify directly it on Github, and you can join me on my xmpp .

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ksuperkey 0.4 (KDE Improvement)

Fri, 2015/08/14 - 5:02am
Thumbnailksuperkey 0.4
(KDE Improvement)
ksuperkey allows you to open the application launcher in KDE Plasma Desktop using the Super key (also known as the 'Windows key'). Unlike other solutions, it will not affect your current keyboard shortcuts, as the Super key will still act as a modifier when held down.

ksuperkey is a fork of xcape (, most of the work was done by the original author Albin Olsson.


Distribution-specific instructions

Below is a list of distribution-specific ways to install ksuperkey.

Note that some packages are provided by a third party and that I do not take any responsibility for their contents.

Arch Linux: Install ksuperkey from [community].

Chakra: Installed by default, available from official repo.


Netrunner: Installed by default, available from the official repo.


PCLinuxOS: Available from the official repo


Did I miss your favorite distribution? Please add a comment below with instructions on how to install it in your distro!

Compiling from source

If there is no package for ksuperkey for your distribution, you can compile the program from source following these instructions:

1. Install dependencies. On Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install gcc make libx11-dev libxtst-dev pkg-config

On some system you'll also have to install the build-essential package.

2. Download ksuperkey-0.4 (Source) from this page and extract the tar.gz file (using e.g. Ark).

3. Go to the newly extracted directory called ksuperkey, open a terminal (press F4 in Dolphin), and run:


3. Launch ksuperkey:


or by clicking on its icon. ksuperkey will run in the background.

4. Try to press the left Super key. If the application launcher does not show up, make sure that its shortcut is set to Alt+F1:
right click on the application launcher icon -> Application Launcher Settings -> Keyboard Shortcut.

5. (Optional) Install ksuperkey in the standard PATH (for all users) by running:

sudo make install

5. (Optional) Make ksuperkey autostart in System Settings -> Startup and Shutdown -> Autostart -> Add Program... -> Browse button -> select the ksuperkey application.

Change mapping

If you do not like the default mapping (Super_L to Alt+F1), you can tell ksuperkey to use another mapping. The syntax is as follows:

ksuperkey -e 'ModKey=Key[|OtherKey][;NextExpression]'

Looks complicated? Do not worry, it really is not. Let us look at some examples:

Make Super key open KRunner (Alt+F2)

ksuperkey -e 'Super_L=Alt_L|F2'

We have more modifier keys on our keyboard, why not use them?

ksuperkey -e 'Control_L=Alt_L|F1;Super_L=Alt_L|F2;Shift_L=Control_L|S'

This makes the left Ctrl key generate Alt+F1 (application launcher), left Super generate Alt+F2 (KRunner), and left Shift generate Ctrl+S (save the current document) when pressed and released on their own.


If you want to add your custom mapping to Autostart:

1. Follow the instructions in 4. under Installation.
2. When you see the dialog with the tabs (General, Permissions, Application, etc.), click on the Application tab.
3. Add the -e option to the Command field. It could look something like this:

/home/myname/ksuperkey/ksuperkey -e 'Super_L=Alt_L|F2'


1. ksuperkey does not work.

Make sure that ksuperkey is running (use e.g. the system monitor, Ctrl+Escape) and that it is running only once.

Also check that the keyboard shortcut for the application launcher is set to Alt+F1, see 4. under Installation.

Finally, make sure you do not remap the Super (Win) key, for example in System Settings -> Input Devices -> Keyboard -> Advanced or by using xmodmap.

2. When I try to change the mapping, I get 'command not found: ksuperkey'

When following the installation instructions above, kusperkey will not be installed to $PATH. This means that your shell does not know where to find ksuperkey. Therefore you have to specify the full path to the executable, e.g.

~/ksuperkey/ksuperkey -e 'Super_L=Alt_L|F2'

3. I remap my keys (e.g. using xmodmap) and ksuperkey does not behave as I want it to.

Try to restart ksuperkey every time after doing the remapping. Also make sure that the key you send has a defined keycode.

4. When I type 'make' I get "xcape.c:22:20: fatal error: stdlib.h: No such file or directory"

You need to install the build-essential package, e.g.

sudo apt-get install build-essential


You no longer have to bind Alt+F1 to the thing you want ksuperkey to trigger, since you can easily change the mapping! (See "Change mapping" section above.)

For more options, see included or the Github page:


Please post issues to Github:

I will try to answer questions here.

- Allow keycodes in map expressions. [upstream]
- Fix Makefile to make it easier to package.

- XKeycodeToKeysym has been deprecated, use XkbKeycodeToKeysym instead. [upstream]

- It is now possible to define your own mappings (e.g. Super_L to Alt+F2) without editing the source code. [upstream]

- Initial release

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kdeServiceMenuOpenSubtitles 1.0.1 (KDE Service Menu)

Thu, 2015/08/13 - 4:46pm
ThumbnailkdeServiceMenuOpenSubtitles 1.0.1
(KDE Service Menu)
This is a KDE service menu to download subtitles from

  • right click on a video file in Dolphin

  • open the "Actions" submenu

  • select the "download from" action , it will show you a list of subtitles

  • select one subtitle from the list and it will be downloaded

  • The subtitle file will be saved with the same name as the video but keeping the subtitle extension, so your player will detect automatically the subtitle. The search is done extracting an hash from the file, this way you will get the correct subtitle for sure.

    The default language is english, you can change it in the python file.

    Thank you to for that great service, it's also possible to help them uploading subtitles.

    Original code is from download_opensubtitle (, I only fixed some stuff and made some little changes here and there.


    KDE3: Copy download_subtitle.desktop to ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus

    KDE4: Copy download_subtitle.desktop to ~/.kde/share/kde4/services

    KDE5: Same as KDE4

    Copy to some dir of your path.

    In case the paths are wrong for your KDE configuration try the tool "kde4-config" to query the correct paths for your system.

    For the lazy there are two scripts to install and uninstall the needed files in the right folder for KDE. The scripts will use sudo to allow the copy of the python script into a system folder included in PATH.


    If you have KDE installed all the required tools are usually already installed:

  • python

  • wget

  • kdialog: in debian based distros kdialog is usually available inside the "kde-baseapps-bin" package.

  • qdbus

  • changelog:
  • - 2015-08-13: fix detection of missing dependency. The script is working fine in KDE5.

  • 2015-03-12: add a real user agent authorized by so the script will be more reliable.

  • 2013-12-27: Updated to work with the changed API and some dialogs to have a better feeling about what the script is doing. Added support for kde4, you will find the correct desktop file for your kde version inside the package

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    True Video Wall 1.0 (KWin Scripts)

    Thu, 2015/08/13 - 1:19pm
    ThumbnailTrue Video Wall 1.0
    (KWin Scripts)
    There is a nice script in KDE to create a video wall with several screens, but it is limited to several apps. This version allows every app to use all screens, I use it with flightgear and mpv.

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    Atra Dot (qml animated) 1.0 (KDE Wallpaper (other))

    Thu, 2015/08/13 - 9:37am
    ThumbnailAtra Dot (qml animated) 1.0
    (KDE Wallpaper (other))
    Animated qml version of wallpaper Atra Dot by Eugene Trounev
    To install this just put archive content to ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/wallpapers/
    (Like ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/wallpapers/org.kde.Atra_Dot/)

    You should have package like kdeplasma-addons (look your distro repos).

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    Ariya (qml animated) 1.0 (KDE Wallpaper (other))

    Thu, 2015/08/13 - 9:17am
    ThumbnailAriya (qml animated) 1.0
    (KDE Wallpaper (other))
    Animated qml version of wallpaper Ariya by Eshat Cakar

    To install this just put archive content to ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/wallpapers/
    (Like ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/wallpapers/org.kde.Ariya/)

    You should have package like kdeplasma-addons (look your distro repos).

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    Quadros (qml animated) 1.0 (KDE Wallpaper (other))

    Thu, 2015/08/13 - 9:16am
    ThumbnailQuadros (qml animated) 1.0
    (KDE Wallpaper (other))
    Animated qml version of wallpaper Quadros by Nuno Pinheiro

    To install this just put archive content to ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/wallpapers/
    (Like ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/wallpapers/org.kde.Quadros/)

    You should have package like kdeplasma-addons (look your distro repos).

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    Desert 3.2 (KDE Color Scheme KDE4)

    Thu, 2015/08/13 - 3:17am
    ThumbnailDesert 3.2
    (KDE Color Scheme KDE4)
    This is an update of my Desert2.0 color scheme. I changed quite a few elements.

    It's important, however, that you use this color scheme with some other Workspace Appearance other than Oxygen (under System Settings > Workspace Appearance > Window Decorations) or you will not get the nice "canyon red" title bar color. I'm presently using Plastik.

    Also, I suggest you install the 'Aya' Desktop Theme (under System Settings > Workspace Appearance > Desktop Theme) which will use your new Desert theme colors. 'Aya' no longer ships with KDE4x, at least in Linux Mint, so you'll need to download it using the "Get New Decorations" tab at the bottom right side of the window.

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    PortalView Live Desktop Wallpaper 1.62 (Compiz Theme)

    Wed, 2015/08/12 - 10:40pm
    ThumbnailPortalView Live Desktop Wallpaper 1.62
    (Compiz Theme)
    PortalView delivers real-time wallpaper from thousands of webcams and weather sites worldwide. Launch this simple Python program on the boot or with a click and watch the sun set over the Mediterranean or Old Faithful erupt in Yellowstone Park.

    Automatic updating allows you to monitor your local webcam or road conditions without keeping a resource-hungry browser open. Doppler and Satellite maps keep you informed of approaching weather. World Sunlight maps (Earthlights) include rectangular, hemispheric and moon phase views.

    Includes scores of international webcams and weather maps to start with, then customize with your favorites. Supports .jpg, .gif and .png image formats.

    Version 1.62: Improved compatibility: Works with more systems.

    Version 1.6: Improved stability: If image server is unavailable, the program will try again at the next scheduled update.

    06/24/2014: Updated webcam list.

    Version 1.5:
    Added startup script;
    Added instructions for rotating multiple images;
    webcam location file updated;
    readme updated

    Version 1.4:
    Added support for .gif and .png image formats.

    User feedback helps drive improvements to this program. Send yours to

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    Blackness (Plasma 5) 0.1 (Plasma Theme)

    Wed, 2015/08/12 - 10:33pm
    ThumbnailBlackness (Plasma 5) 0.1
    (Plasma Theme)
    Black sexyness for Plasma 5!

    Based on Caledonia.

    May contain bugs :)


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    Distro Watcher 0.11.1 (Plasmoid Script)

    Wed, 2015/08/12 - 5:57pm
    ThumbnailDistro Watcher 0.11.1
    (Plasmoid Script)
    Distro Watcher 1.0 (for Plasma 5) has been released. Check download link and installation instructions below.

    The specific plasmoid displays the latest releases of Linux distributions and packages, as published in In order to retrieve the relative data, RSS feeds from distrowatch are being used.

    The plasmoid consists of four distinct views:
    - Distributions
    - Packages
    - Favorites
    - News

    Switching between views can be accomplished using a KDE tab bar. By clicking to a distribution record, default browser opens distribution's homepage at By clicking to a package record, default browser opens package's homepage. Favorites can be selected by just clicking to the relative button. Clicking to a distribution record, users are navigated (using the predefault web browser) to the relative distrowatch page. After selecting favorites, as soon as a new release of a favorite distribution is available, a notification pop-up is displayed. Notifications can be disabled using the relative configuration option. In News tab, the latest news and updates, as published in are displayed. Navigation between news is accomplished via the relative buttons. Zoom in/out option exists as well.

    Horizontal and vertical layout options are provided.

    Translated to: Greek, Spanish, Russian, Uzbek (Latin), Italian, Lithuanian, German and Chinese (Taiwan). If you would like to contribute to translations, visit the relative transifex project at

    - Display depends on RSS feeds. If the relative RSS changes or it is unavailable, plasmoid display will be broken.
    - Data fetching is performed every 15 minutes (default). Users can override the default value via "Distro Watcher Settings".
    - If no Internet connection is available, no data will be displayed. Instead, a notification screen is displayed. As soon as network connectivity is re-established and the next fetching point is reached, data display is restored. Users are also able to click to the Reload button and request data to be fetched again.
    - Icons have been downloaded from:
    Credits go to the artist.

    Dependencies (version 0.*)
    - KDE SC 4.10 or later

    * In Kubuntu 13.04/13.10 the following packages were installed for a proper build to take place:

    - build-essential
    - cmake
    - kdelibs5-dev
    - kdebase-workspace-dev
    - libdbusmenu-qt-dev

    Installation version 0.*)
    - Unzip the plasmoid
    - $ mkdir build
    - $ cd build
    - $ export QT_SELECT=qt4 && cmake -DQT_QMAKE_EXECUTABLE=/usr/bin/qmake-qt4 -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` ..
    - $ make
    - $ (sudo) make install
    - "Distro Watcher" widget is now available to add to desktop/panel.


    - plasmapkg -i distrowatcher.plasmoid

    Dependencies (version 1.*)
    - Plasma 5.0 or later

    * In Kubuntu 15.04 the following packages have been installed for a proper build to take place:

    - cmake
    - plasma-framework-dev
    - extra-cmake-modules
    - build-essential
    - libqt5xmlpatterns5
    - qml-module-qtquick-xmllistmodel

    Installation (version 1.*)
    - Unzip the plasmoid
    - $ mkdir build
    - $ cd build
    - $ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr ..
    - $ make
    - $ (sudo) make install
    - "Distro Watcher" widget is now available to add to desktop/panel.

    Copyright (C) 2015 Dimitris Kardarakos

    QML and JavaScript written has been based on QT Quick documentation, tutorials and examples found in Icons used come (online) from and Oxygen icon package.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
    ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
    FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

    Version 1.0
    Ported to Plasma 5

    Version 0.11.1
    German and Chinese (Taiwan) translation added. Thanks to Markus Oesterle for German and Jeff Huang for Chinese (Taiwan).

    Version 0.11
    - New tab added (News), from "Latest News and Updates" section of
    - Horizontal layout option added
    - List of distributions updated.
    - User interface polishing.
    - Translation updates

    Version 0.10.3
    - Translated to Lithuanian by Moo

    Version 0.10.2
    - Translation updates (Italian, Russian)

    Version 0.10.1
    - Translation updates (Italian: thanks to Giuseppe Pignataro, Russian)

    Version 0.10
    - Reload functionality added to unavailable screen
    - Smooth transition between screens
    - Translation updates (Greek, Spanish)

    Version 0.9.2
    - Notification icon changed to a generic one since, in "Get New Hot Stuff" packaging, no distrowatcher icon is installed
    - Translated to Uzbek by Umid Almasov

    Version 0.9.1
    - Issue with multiple notifications when a distribution appears more than once in an rss bunch fixed
    - Unnecessary translations removed
    - Code cleaning
    - Text field replaced text area in favorites; clearing handle added

    Version 0.8.2
    - Issue writing into the text area fixed
    - Packaging translations issue fixed

    Version 0.8.1
    - Issue with misleading tooltip fixed
    - Favorites list rendering issue fixed
    - Russian translation updated

    Version 0.8
    - Visual improvements
    - Searching functionality added to favorite distributions list
    - Users can navigate to distrowatch from favorites screen
    - Translated to Russian (thanks to sorrymak)
    - Spanish translation updated

    Version 0.7
    - Favorites functionality has been added; users can click to the star button so as to select their favorites distributions.
    - As soon as a new release of a favorite distribution is available, a notification pop-up is displayed.
    - Notifications can be disabled using the distrowatcher settings.
    - Transifex project created:

    Version 0.6.1
    - Rendering issue in case of users that use dark themes fixed.

    Version 0.6
    - Scrolling functionality extension; users can use middle (wheel) mouse button, to scroll against package/distro records offering a no-click navigation experience.

    Version 0.5
    - Scrolling bar added. So, the amount of displayable distros/packages has been expanded. Users can scroll down and view more distros and packages.

    Version 0.4.1
    - Translation infrastructure implemented; script to collect messages ( created, CMakeLists.txt updated to incorporate translation files.
    - Greek and Spanish translations added.
    - Plasmoid descriptor (comments) added, so as to inform users regarding the purpose of the plasmoid.

    Version 0.4.0
    - Better integration with KDE. Coloring and highlight follow the active KDE theme.
    - Distro Watcher becomes configurable. Users are able to set the refresh interval (how often, in minutes, data should be fetched from, in Distro Watcher Settings -> Settings -> Refresh every (minutes).
    - Issue with font size in packages section fixed. Both packages' and distributions' font size follows KDE 'Desktop' font size.

    Version 0.3.0
    - User interface has been completely re-designed. Icons that induced UI clutter have been removed. Current interface is much more minimalistic than the previous one.
    - Navigation switch between packages and distributions screen is now accomplished via a KDE native tab bar/group.
    - Code has been cleaned. From a developer's viewpoint, it is a totally new application.
    - New background (white/transparent) has been added. In conjunction with resizing, icons' display has been improved.
    - "Explicit fetch" feature has been removed.
    - Text size and color are inherited from current theme.
    - Application's icon has been changed. I opted for Tux, since it's the common point of reference for all Linux distributions.

    Version 0.2
    - Network unavailability management, displaying a new screen in case of network issue.
    - Coloring enhancements.
    - Geometry fixing.
    - Display effect on change of state.
    - Function i18n used for strings, enabling future translations.

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    Kalahari - LibreOffice 5.0.0 0.4.3 (KDE Icon Theme)

    Wed, 2015/08/12 - 5:11pm
    Thumbnail Kalahari - LibreOffice 5.0.0 0.4.3
    (KDE Icon Theme)
    Icons for LibreOffice 5.0.0

    The package includes a guide of installation .

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