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Lemur Spodoba v3 (KDE Wallpaper (other))

Thu, 2014/12/11 - 11:27pm
ThumbnailLemur Spodoba v3
(KDE Wallpaper (other))
Lemur Spodoba v3 blurred wallpaper. Graffiti artwork by spodoba.

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Lemur Spodoba v2 (KDE Wallpaper (other))

Thu, 2014/12/11 - 11:21pm
ThumbnailLemur Spodoba v2
(KDE Wallpaper (other))
Lemur Spodoba v2 blurred wallpaper. Graffiti artwork by spodoba.

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Lemur Spodoba (KDE Wallpaper (other))

Thu, 2014/12/11 - 8:09pm
ThumbnailLemur Spodoba
(KDE Wallpaper (other))
Lemur Spodoba blurred wallpaper. Graffiti artwork by spodoba.

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Frozen 2 (KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)

Thu, 2014/12/11 - 3:29pm
ThumbnailFrozen 2
(KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)

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GIF Viewer 0.3 (Plasmoid Script)

Tue, 2014/12/09 - 5:51pm
ThumbnailGIF Viewer 0.3
(Plasmoid Script)
GIF Viewer is a simple plasmoid which can play GIF animations on your desktop!

v0.3 GIF Viewer
* rewritten to python2 (no need to compile)

v0.2 plasma_applet_gif
* resize image with keeping aspect ratio,

v0.1 plasma_applet_gif
* first release

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WebView test 0 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

Mon, 2014/12/08 - 6:31pm
WebView test 0
(Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
Plasmoid to test webview qml type. ( made JUST to report a bug )

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Oxygen KDE theme for Claws Mail 1 (Theme/Style (other))

Sun, 2014/12/07 - 8:29pm
ThumbnailOxygen KDE theme for Claws Mail 1
(Theme/Style (other))
Theme style for the current look of KDE, Oxygen, for Claws Mail.

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Boinc Monitor 3.0 (Plasmoid Script)

Sun, 2014/12/07 - 2:44pm
ThumbnailBoinc Monitor 3.0
(Plasmoid Script)
Boinc Monitor is a plasmoid written in python that allows you to monitor the activities of BOINC directly on your desktop. The applet shows the progress work of each workunit with reference to the project, to the name, to the percentage of the work done and to the time elapsed and remained. Also shows the number of workunits in pending, in cache and finished, and the last few lines of the BOINC log.

BOINC RPC host - The host of BOINC RPC gui. Default:
BOINC RPC port - The port number of BOINC RPC gui. Default: 31416
BOINC RPC password - The password of BOINC RPC gui. Default: Empty (Normally it needs for suspend/resume actions)
Preferred project - Your favorite project to display (name, credits, team). Default: None.
Update interval - The refresh interval of the plasmoid. Default: 1 minute.
Log lines number - The number of the log lines to display. Default: 5 lines.
Cut log line after - The number of characters after which the line of the log is cut. Default: 100 chars.
Show only active tasks - Hide new and finished tasks from the list. Default: False.

R = Running - [Can be suspended]
S = Suspended - [Can be resumed]
N = New - [Can be suspended]
W = Waiting To Run - [Can be suspended]
F = Finished (Ready To Report) - [No Action]
A = Aborted (Ready To Report) - [No Action]
P = Opens window to show properties of the task

For a perfect view of the plasmoid the system must have the "Verdana" font installed.

German (thanks to Thomas Gorzka)
Spanish (thanks to Joaquín Ferrero)
Russian (thanks to Sergey Basalaev)

If you want translate Boinc Monitor in your language, edit boinc-monitor.pot in docs folder, add the translation in msgstr "" or use Poedit and send me the file to email at m4x1m[at]

BOINC logo -
Cubic icons - Uncredited
Alphabet icons by Supratim Nayak -
Play/Stop icons by Oxygen Team -
Update/Abort icons by VisualPharm -


That's all!

If you like this plasmoid please leave a comment!

- Added a redundant control to prevent plasma crash when user starts or stops boinc.

- Added new icon for abort state.

- Fixed a bug related to the abort command in the task properties.

- Improved spanish translation.

- Added Russian translation (Thanks to Sergey Basalaev for this translation and some hints).
- Improved language localization management.
- Fixed some unicode strings errors.

- Keep enabled the host and port settings also if the connection was already established for allow users to have multiple instances of the plasmoid.
- Improved checks for protected remote connection.
- Improved spanish translation.

- Changed the method to get if BOINC is running, for more compatibility with the various distributions. If the client name for the your distributions is different from boinc or boinc_client, please notify me, so I will provide to add.

- Added option to hide the New/Finished tasks from the list.
- Added buttons in the properties of the projects for receive update, suspend/resume, fetch/not fetch more works for the current project.
- The urls in the properties of the projects are now clickable for opens website.
- Added buttons in the properties of the task for suspend/resume and abort the current task.
- The names of the tasks that are longer than 40 characters will be reduced with a [...] in the middle.
- Removed the unused help button in the dialogs and added the help hints for the configuration options.
- Optimized code and the graphics views.
- Fixed some others bugs.

- Added window dialog for projects properties.
- Fixed some others bugs.

- Completely rewritten. Now the plasmoid uses RPC gui. See the README.txt file (Thanks to Joaquín Ferrero for his support and suggestions).

- Auto Expand "Elapsed" field to print a result that show more than 24 hours.

- Added option to set timeout wait after a suspend/resume call (a too low value might not give time to PC to remove/create the process ids).
- Show more informations when resuming a workunit.
- Fixed minor bugs.

- Added the ability to suspend/resume process.
- Fixed an issue at the initialization of the script.
- Fixed minor bugs.

- Added multilanguage locale.
- Added an extra check to the file boinc-monitor in /etc/sudoers.d/

- Added a second command to check if BOINC is running (this is a workaround for systemd, thanks to Thomas Gorzka).
- Fixed minor bugs.

- No more write the options in a an external file, but use the internal system of plasma for read/write the configuration.

- Perfected the method of recognition of the BOINC user.
- Fixed minor bugs.
- Fixed minor graphics bugs.

- Fixed issue related at initialize of plasmoid for not packaging version of BOINC.
- Fixed issue related the choose of preferred project.
- Fixed minor bugs introduced with the previously version.

- Fixed bug related the preferred project chosen that no longer exists.
- Fixed little bug if the user choose a project that is not in any team.
- Added more controls to prevent errors.

- Changed the way to get the slot used by process (see README.txt in docs folder).
- Added PID column to the working list.
- Fixed minor graphics bugs.

- First script release.

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waldorf (Beryl Emerald Theme)

Sun, 2014/12/07 - 1:47pm
(Beryl Emerald Theme)
Emerald Theme inspired CrunchBang 11 \"CrunchBang 11 waldorf\"
GTK Theme: waldorf
Icon Theme: gnome-colors-statler

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FaenzaFlattr 1.2.7 (KDE Icon Theme)

Sat, 2014/12/06 - 2:32pm
ThumbnailFaenzaFlattr 1.2.7
(KDE Icon Theme)
This icon theme is only for KDE


Extracting your favorite variant folder in ~/.local/share/icons/, or in /usr/share/icons/ for all users.

the preview is just an example, some icon may be slightly different

Ps: If you want some icon, ask me on comment... :)

- added pkgbrowser, pacmanxg, urxvt and im icons.

- added new variant for hex qtcurve theme (made by Ghostdmn);
- added kover and musescore icons;
- added musescore mimetypes;
- improved some icons;
- updated preview screenshot.

- added kmldonkey, yarxi and flacon icons;
- fixed pamac and shutter tray icons (thanks to Tomasz Przybył).

- added sonata, qasmixer, etherape, octave, ario, gtkpod, quimup, kompozer, doublecmd, steam_tray_mono, firefox-developer-edition, mame, pgadmin, phpmyadmin, nightingale, zsnes, imagemagick, viewnior, nomacs, xsane;
- added symlink for masterpdfeditor.

- various fix;

- added mirage, youtube-dlg, scummvm and pimsettingexporter icons;
- added folder-linux (thanks to for inspirational icon);
- fixed vlc and digikam issues on classic menu;
- improved some icons.

- added nicotine+, netbeans, opera-developer, nemo, vmware-workstation, conky-manager, variety, gFTP, pycharm, antimicro and xnview;
- improved some icon.

- fixed dark decoration;
- added Vim/Gvim, Popcorntime, Zim, Rednotebook, Battle for Wesnoth, Puddletag, Pyrenamer, Wireshark, Artha, owncloud-client, mirror-check2;
- added owncloud folder.

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