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kbc 0.2 (Plasmoid Binary)

Sun, 2016/04/10 - 7:29pm
Thumbnailkbc 0.2
(Plasmoid Binary)
A simple binary clock for kde.

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Alkano Serie for Lefties 3.2.0 (X11 Mouse Theme)

Sun, 2016/04/10 - 3:37pm
ThumbnailAlkano Serie for Lefties 3.2.0
(X11 Mouse Theme)
Are you right-handed? You can download the same theme for righties on

Alkano Serie for lefties has ten variations: Aluminium, Amber, Butter, Chameleon, Default (Black), Emerald, Plum, Scarlet, Sky and White. All cursors for windows resizing, are animated. For compatibility to Xfce, the cursor sizes are: 16, 24, 32, 40 and 48 pixels. Built specially for KDE Plasma 5 Desktop Environment, but works fine under others desktop environments.

The Alkano Series has the theme called Alkano-aio including all variations with three sizes categories: Small with 32 pixels, Medium with 48 pixels, and Large with 64 pixels. You can download it on

I have tested it under Zorin 11, Cinnamon, KDE, Pantheon, Xfce, Unity, also Gnome 2/3.x and it works great. I decided to upload it, and after will go improving it. I would like change a few things so you can expect updates. If you find any bugs, please let me know in comments section.

If you dont know how to install a mouse theme with multi-sized property or to choose a cursor size, go to, there you can see the instructions for Gnome2/3.x, Unity, Zorin, KDE, Cinnamon, Pantheon and Xfce.

Marcus Haro.

  • 2016 Apr 10 v3.2.0 initial release. The version number must be same as Alkano for Righties.

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    Buttons 1.4 (Plasma Theme)

    Sun, 2016/04/10 - 2:17pm
    ThumbnailButtons 1.4
    (Plasma Theme)
    Remix theme mostly based on Elune, papirus, smoother and breeze, with some major changes in few areas.

    I made it for myself, but since I liked how it looks, I figured out that other users may want to use it as well.

    1.4 Added style for progress tasks.
    1.3: added separate style for minimized tasks. Reduced shadow for pressed task/button.
    1.2: Reduced gradient on panel, changed beveled elements look.
    1.1: Correcting minor problems and changing pager (to that from gnome-shell theme)
    1.0: first version

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    Windows 8.1 Cursor 1.00 (X11 Mouse Theme)

    Sun, 2016/04/10 - 10:43am
    ThumbnailWindows 8.1 Cursor 1.00
    (X11 Mouse Theme)
    Included my installer script to easy install this cursor under Ubuntu.

    For other flavors then unity/gnome install it by your ways/manual

    These are 32x32 48x48 both png compiled cursors high quality cursors.

    NS = is No Shadow

    S = Shadow

    10/04/2016 v1.00
    Initial Release

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