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Weather Widget 1.6.1 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

Tue, 2015/12/29 - 12:22pm
ThumbnailWeather Widget 1.6.1
(Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
Plasmoid for showing weather information from and Open Weather Map servers.

- shows basic info (with font-like icons) in panel
- shows meteogram + long term forecast in expanded plasmoid
- shows more info and near future forecast in tooltip
- offline cache
- support for multiple places
- system tray support

Future plans:
- support for other providers (accu, yahoo)
- place picker

- qt5-xmllistmodel, qt5-graphicaleffects
- e.g. packages for kubuntu users: qml-module-qtquick-xmllistmodel, libqt5qml-graphicaleffects

- EDIT: Preferred way: your distribution's package manager or build it yourself (

- Add Widgets... -> Get new widgets -> Download new plasma widgets
- find this applet and install through the first item with .plasmoid extension
- NOTE: this version does not support offline data cache

- WARNING: your current locations won't be preserved when updating to this version, I am very sorry for that
- Open Weather Map support
- american settings (mph, inHg)
- proper offline cache implementation (requires C++ extension, therefore offline cache is no longer supported when installing through Add Widgets button)
- rendered meteogram for OWM and optionally for (it allows to be used by e.g. fahrenheit users)
- bugfixes

- next-days temperatures load fixed
- theming fixes

- theming & layout & other issues fixed (thanks a lot to nowrep from github)
- in-tray & classic tooltip improved
- today info added to expanded part
- finally 3 layout options added
- cache data goes to ~/.cache/ folder instead of in-plasmoid configuration

- added option to pause updating

- sunrise & sunset time in tooltip
- 'ago' message improved for bigger time intervals

- system tray support
- bugfixes (change place fix; properly handling day/night icons based on sunrise/sunset; credit link fix; resizing on desktop fix)
- more bugfixes: day/night icons fixed, M/s -> m/s (thanks ochurlaud)

- fixed compatibility with KF 5.12

- bug fix: refreshing current place when places changed
- tooltip fixed for KF 5.11
- new widget icon by varlesh

- using avansert_meteogram instead of meteogram (thx to steelsnake for this suggestion)
- better moon icon (thx to jacobtey)
- hour legend
- place aliases
- bug fixes

- tooltip overhaul

- offline cache
- fahrenheit support
- support for multiple places
- long-term forecast in expanded plasmoid
- using night icons in the night

- initial import

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Racy For Plasma 5 1.0 (Plasma Theme)

Sun, 2015/12/27 - 5:36pm
ThumbnailRacy For Plasma 5 1.0
(Plasma Theme)
Racy for Plasma 5 based off


Plasma 5.0 workspace or above.

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Belgium Flag Black Mirrored 0.1 (KDE Wallpaper (SVG))

Sun, 2015/12/27 - 1:45am
ThumbnailBelgium Flag Black Mirrored 0.1
(KDE Wallpaper (SVG))
Trying to find a wallpaper using red and black and thought to look at flags on Wikipedia. I wanted vertical stripes with red on the left. Belgium was close, ( but it had red on the right and was also too bright. Thats why I Black Mirrored it.

Actually, I used Inkscape to horizontally flip it, ungroup the objects, and then choose darker colors.

I left the objects ungrouped if you want to change it further.

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Black-Diamonds (X11 Mouse Theme)

Sun, 2015/12/27 - 12:49am
(X11 Mouse Theme)
A set of shadowless cursors I made to go with the Black Diamond Suite. There is also a red and black version included in the download.

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Gentoo Light Plasma 5 Kicker 1 (Kicker Background)

Sat, 2015/12/26 - 3:52pm
ThumbnailGentoo Light Plasma 5 Kicker 1
(Kicker Background)
Gentoo Icon Light, for KDE Plasma 5 Kicker and others compatibles.

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Ubuntu OS X Cursors 1.2.2 (X11 Mouse Theme)

Fri, 2015/12/25 - 6:05pm
ThumbnailUbuntu OS X Cursors 1.2.2
(X11 Mouse Theme)

Resize window cursors;
dnd-none, dnd-copy, fleur, crosshair, right_ptr, X_cursor, hand.

I updated shadows in some cursors and slighty modified Watch/Left_Ptr_Watch cursors

Initial release

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Dark Copper color scheme for Plasma 4+5 0.9 (KDE Color Scheme KDE4)

Thu, 2015/12/24 - 2:39am
ThumbnailDark Copper color scheme for Plasma 4&5 0.9
(KDE Color Scheme KDE4)
Dark Copper color scheme for Plasma 4 & 5

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Vertex-Negro KDE color scheme 0.1 (KDE Color Scheme KDE4)

Thu, 2015/12/24 - 12:04am
ThumbnailVertex-Negro KDE color scheme 0.1
(KDE Color Scheme KDE4)
Modified window colors of the highly rated KDE Negro color scheme to match the GTK+ Vertex-Dark theme. Also modified the highlight to dark green because sometimes black on dark gray is hard to notice. Also modified the disabled window colors to make it easier to notice which window is active. Also modified the alternative background view color so alternating background lists are easier to see.

First version of my first ever color scheme.

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Darth Vader - Star Wars 1.0 (KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)

Mon, 2015/12/21 - 6:03pm
ThumbnailDarth Vader - Star Wars 1.0
(KDE Wallpaper 2560x1600)
Hacking with Gimp and i wanted to share with you. I used some of the elements from the images taken on the web.

Before release of the theme Darth Vader - Star Wars 1.0!

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Seven Black 1.0 (KDE 4.x Splash Screen)

Mon, 2015/12/21 - 5:24pm
ThumbnailSeven Black 1.0
(KDE 4.x Splash Screen)
Splash screen logos with Kubuntu and KDE animated on custom background. Splash screen for plasma theme Oxygen. Qml is based on Nowardev.

Hope you enjoy it.

Extract the downloaded KDE splash screen to

Before release of the theme Seven Black 1.0!

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Digits Big Tiny Font Collection 2 (Font)

Mon, 2015/12/21 - 4:08pm
ThumbnailDigits Big Tiny Font Collection 2
an update to [url=]Digits Big Tiny Font Collection[/url]. A big collection of /mostly tiny/ bitmap fonts.

many of these fonts were created with an aim to maximise screenspace usage, while retaining readability. some are very small.

since version 1 of the collection, some more fonts have been added, and they have been organised roughly into size directories to help you find an appropriate font for your needs. ~ no longer necessary trying them all to find the one you want. yay.

i honestly dont know how many more ive added in the year and a half since i released dbtfc1. i havnt bothered checking. this release came as swiftly on a whim as the last. ;)

i tried to keep the collection reasonably clean, tho i know at least a couple of ~broken~ fonts are in there.

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Material 1 (KDM4 Theme)

Mon, 2015/12/21 - 3:56pm
ThumbnailMaterial 1
(KDM4 Theme)
QtCurve window decorations, simple and flat theme.

You can use with Material color scheme.

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Material 1 (KDE Color Scheme KDE4)

Mon, 2015/12/21 - 3:48pm
ThumbnailMaterial 1
(KDE Color Scheme KDE4)
KDE using material colors palette.

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Hessa (Clipart)

Mon, 2015/12/21 - 12:35am
Winter in the woods

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Minimalistic Breeze KDE5 - QtCurve 2.0 (Theme/Style (other))

Sun, 2015/12/20 - 7:02pm
ThumbnailMinimalistic Breeze KDE5 - QtCurve 2.0
(Theme/Style (other))
Continuation of my previous themes.

This one is for Plasma 5 where we still do not have QtCurve window decorations, so it does its best to work together with the Breeze window decoration.

The zip-archive contains the QtCurve theme and KDE color scheme.

Try it out - Enjoy!

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Breeze Serie 1.0.0 (X11 Mouse Theme)

Sun, 2015/12/20 - 4:48am
ThumbnailBreeze Serie 1.0.0
(X11 Mouse Theme)
Breeze Serie for Right Handed X11 mouse themes, is a modification of Breeze Cursors by Ken Vermette.

0. NOW for Left Handed on
1. I have added new cursor elements: move, grabbing, dnd-ask, dnd-link and dnd-copy.
2. Added new colors: Turquoise and White.
3. Multisized to 16, 24, 32, 40, 48 and 56 pixels.

If you want see the original, you can go to Their sizes are only 24 and 48 pixels.

The pointers were made with Inkscape. Cursors are look well in both, dark and clear backgrounds. I will appreciate any comments to improve them.

They work fine in Gnome and Unity, and now I've added some symlinks to Steam, and everything needed for KDE with Kwin, Cinnamon, Pantheon, Xcfe.

I decided upload them, and after i will improving it. I would like change a few things so you can expect updates. If you find any bugs, please let me know in comments section.

If you don't know how to install a mouse theme with multi sized property or to choose a cursor size, go to, there you can see the instructions for Gnome2/3.x, Unity, KDE, Cinnamon, Pantheon and Xfce.

Marcus Haro.

  • 2015 Mar 20 v1.0.0 initial release

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    Simple Light (Plasma Theme)

    Sat, 2015/12/19 - 11:51am
    ThumbnailSimple Light
    (Plasma Theme)
    Last of the Simple series. For an application style, I would suggest Idun And yes, there is QtCurve for Qt5.

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    Pattern (KDE Wallpaper 1600x1200)

    Fri, 2015/12/18 - 7:04pm
    (KDE Wallpaper 1600x1200)

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    Win8 decoration theme 0.1 (KWin Decoration QtQuick)

    Thu, 2015/12/17 - 1:17am
    ThumbnailWin8 decoration theme 0.1
    (KWin Decoration QtQuick)
    Windows 8 decoration theme clone in QML.

    Color schema:
    Active Background #4D8CE3
    Active Foreground #282828
    Inactive Background #E0DFDE
    Inactive Foreground #282828

    Set execute permission and run it as normal user.


    - add more buttons
    - change border size in system settings
    - make plasma package

    Update to Plasma 5

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    Velours (Yakuake) 1.2 (Yakuake Skin)

    Wed, 2015/12/16 - 6:22pm
    ThumbnailVelours (Yakuake) 1.2
    (Yakuake Skin)
    Dark, monochromatic and translucent skin for Yakuake that is designed to integrate perfectly with the Plasma theme of the same name.

    For better results, make sure to set Yakuake's background color opacity to 0%.

    Now also comes with a matching texture to use as a background image for the terminal for seamless integration (see screenshot).
    The texture can be found at the root of the package and is called console.png. Set it in the Appearance tab of the profile configuration window, and set the background translucency to 0%.

    Initial release

    Added matching console background texture

    Removed black borders around normal button icons

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