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KDE Visual Design Group (in 113 days)

Sun, 2016/01/31 - 11:00pm

The goal of which is to have a week together. Plan the future not just of Plasma Design but what the VDG will be, how it will be and how we can improve things.

Kate/Kile/KDevelop Sprint 2015 (in 64 days)

Tue, 2015/10/06 - 10:00pm

Location to be figured out. I set the KDAB Berlin office temptatively as it's going to happen in Berlin, most likely.

WikiToLearn (in 10 days)

Fri, 2015/09/25 - 10:00pm

Randa Meetings 2015 (in 159 days)

Sat, 2015/09/05 - 10:00pm

For more information about the location of the meeting and other information about the meeting please go to:

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