Gesture Recognition for KDE

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Mike Pilone has stepped up to the challenge of implementing gesture recognition for KDE. "KGesture uses libstroke to recognize definable gestures, then run an associated command. Using KDE's DCOP interface, KGesture can interact with applications already running, or launch new applications." You might be forgiven if, like me, you first thought this was a joke.

Trolltech, IBM and KDE to Demo Voice-Control

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Trolltech, IBM (NYSE:IBM - news), and KDE have teamed up at LinuxWorld Expo in New York and are demonstrating IBM's ViaVoice speech-recognition technology running on Qt and KDE. With ViaVoice integrated into Qt/KDE, it will be possible to control Qt/KDE desktop applications with speech input -- from launching applications to menu selections to text entry.

KDE Accessibility Mailing List Started

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A KDE accessibility mailing list has been created. We hope the mailing list will be the starting point for a subproject of KDE, possibly named Access KDE, that will be dedicated to making the entire desktop environment accessible. The mailing list will serve as a forum for those who want to further KDE's accessibility to disabled users (e.g., visually impaired or low-vision individuals). Those interested are strongly encouraged to subscribe.

Linux Accessibility Conference and KDE

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[Ed: This article was submitted about a month ago but got lost in the queue.]
Project Ocularis is pleased to announce the Linux Accessibility Conference -- join us for our workgroup on KDE, and more, on
March 22-23, 2001, Los Angeles Airport, Hilton Hotel, Plaza D. Please read on for more details.

The Linux Accessibility Conference

March 22-23, 2001
Los Angeles Airport
Hilton Hotel, Plaza D

There will be a workgroup on KDE.