5th release of KDE Telepathy Instant Messaging suite

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The KDE Telepathy team is pleased to announce the fifth major release of the new KDE Instant Messaging suite. The immediately available 0.5 version brings polish in many places, better stability, 58 reported bugs fixed and some nice new features too, making the instant messaging experience in KDE Workspaces more pleasant and enjoyable. Special attention was given to the log viewer, which received improvements galore.

SFLPhone KDE client joins KDE family

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The SFLPhone team and Savoir-Faire Linux, a Montreal Open Source consulting company, are pleased to announce the availability of SFLPhone 1.2.0, the first version since the KDE client was moved to KDE infrastructure. Our team is proud of joining the KDE family as part of Playground, and looking forward to being part of Extragear soon. SFLPhone KDE and SFLPhone Qt have been in development for the better part of a decade, aiming to provide the KDE environment with a professional software phone app.

Amarok 2.6 "In Dulci Jubilo" Released

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Let's rejoice and celebrate: Amarok 2.6 is here! The Amarok Team is proud to present you the result of their work over the last 7 months. With a reasonable set of new features, we focused this release on bug fixing and improving the overall stability, making this the most stable Amarok release ever.

Introducing Project Neon KVM

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Project Neon provides daily builds of KDE modules for Kubuntu. It is an easy way to get the latest code without having to build the entire KDE-Git/SVN tree and maintain the checkout. Project Neon is unstable, but it installs alongside stable packages. It is suitable for contributors such as new developers, translators, usability designers, documenters, promoters, and bug triagers. With Project Neon, people can experiment freely without risk to a working KDE environment.

New KDE Telepathy version features audio and video calls

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After four months full of work, the KDE Telepathy team is back with another release. Version 0.4 of the Instant Messaging suite for KDE Workspaces now supports making audio and video calls right from the desktop. It also adds the ability to browse chat logs. We focused strongly on stability and performance, so most of the improvements are "under the hood". In addition, work was started to have a Kopete log importer in the next release.

User Interface

The First Version of Calligra Released

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The Calligra team has announced the first release ever of the Calligra suite. This marks the end of a long development period lasting almost one and a half year. It is the first release in a long series which is planned to make improved applications every 4 months.

Take the tour to discover some of the apps of Calligra.

Kdenlive: Superior Video Editor ... not just for pros

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Video editing has evolved from a niche market in the computer world to something that computers are simply expected to do. It's a tall order to be everything to everyone. But if any video editing software comes close to that mark, it's Kdenlive—a KDE Applications star. With a strong commitment and a plan for making major improvements, the Kdenlive team is raising money. Please help out if you can.

ownCloud 3 – Applications, Features, Improvements

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ownCloud allows full control of cloud data storage. Version 3 of this open source File, Sync & Share Project has just been announced. Now users can do more than ever with their own private file-sharing cloud. In addition, its open, modular structure makes ownCloud the only cloud technology to offer several important and useful functions. Visit ownCloud for the full announcement and download instructions.