Calligra Suite for Windows - Testing Version Released

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Krita (click to enlarge)

The Calligra and KDE on Windows teams are proud to announce the first testing version of the Calligra Suite Windows installer. Yes, Windows users, you can now use and help test the Calligra from the comfort of your own operating system with a single installer.

KDE Telepathy 0.2 - The Future of Free Communication

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KDE Telepathy 0.2

The KDE Telepathy team is pleased to announce its second release. KDE Telepathy is a suite of applications that form an instant-messaging client for Jabber, Gmail, Facebook, MSN and more. KDE Telepathy stands out from previous instant messaging solutions by being able to integrate into the Plasma Workspaces, and can also be used like a traditional application.

ownCloud 2 released

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ownCloud 2 has just been released. ownCloud is a web-based storage application similar to Google Docs, Dropbox or Ubuntu One with a big difference—your data is under your control. With version 2, the ownCloud team has improved the basic service and added valuable features:

  • Access your files on the web or integrate ownCloud with desktop file managers.
  • Share files securely.
  • Access music and personal information directly or connect through applications.

Could You Be the Voice of Marble?

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Be the voice of Marble

Thousands of people use Marble on the Nokia N900 to find their way and explore the world. Become their voice!

Record your voice speaking a handful of turn instructions like "bear left!" and participate in the Voice of Marble contest. With a bit of luck, your voice will be chosen as the default speaker for voice guidance in Marble's next version (1.2, to be released in July 2011).

Be Part of Krita's First Training DVD

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In the last year, thanks to the help from the many sponsors in the KDE community and beyond, Krita has grown into a mature and polished application for digital artists. We've already seen many great pieces of art being produced with Krita!

But there's one thing still lacking--besides a Windows installer, which is coming--and that's good training material. The Krita team is working on a manual, but manuals aren't the kind of training material artists really want.

At the recent Krita sprint, artist Animtim suggested a plan for creating a training DVD for Krita, and we were very happy. Animtim is now a full member of the Krita team and we're confident that his plan will bear fruit! But your donations are needed to make it happen.

Marble 1.1 released

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The Marble Team has just released Marble 1.1. This release is special! With many new features being developed during Google Code-in, the Marble Team decided to get it out between the usual KDE application releases. The new version provides several new features and improvements:

  • Map Creation Wizard and Map Sharing
  • OpenDesktop and Earthquakes Online Service
  • Extended Plugin Configuration
  • Map Editing
  • Voice Navigation

As with every Marble release, there is a feature guide with screenshots.

First Calligra Sprint

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Calligra Sprint in progress (click image to enlarge)

Over the April 1st - 3rd weekend, the first Calligra sprint took place at the KDAB office in Berlin. With a total of 31 people from 14 nations, the room was crowded to the bursting point! It was a very successful sprint, and the first KDE sprint for many of the attendees.