NewsForge: Kalzium Creator Brings the Periodic Table to Life

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NewsForge reports on how Kalzium was created. 'As a teacher in Lower Saxony, Germany, one of Niehaus' main goals when developing Kalzium (the German word for Calcium) was to write an application that was both a teaching and a learning tool. "I want to be able to demonstrate things and I also want my students to be able to learn things from Kalzium and to use it as a reference," he says.'

Valgrind Receives Google-O'Reilly Award; Releases 3.2

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Julian Seward, father of the the famous Valgrind, an opensource tool for debugging and profiling your applications, won this years Google-O'Reilly Open Source Award for "Best Toolmaker". This years ceremony was the second of the annual event. Congratulations, Julian! In other news, Valgrind 3.2 has been released.

KDE 3: All About the Apps (Part 4)

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This is part four of the the successful series All About the Apps, reminding us that while KDE 4 development may be fun, to watch to find great apps working today KDE 3 beats them all. This time we report on the Linux equivalent of Cubase - Rosengarden, the great Basket, KPhotoAlbum and the next version of KDevelop.


KDE 3: All About the Apps (Part 2)

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Two weeks ago, you read about several apps which keep KDE 3.5 alive. Today's issue of the mini-series provides even more reasons to love KDE. Covered applications include Krita, the image and painting application, Guidance, a configuration tool, frontends to Beagle and finally Scribus, the Qt-based DTP application.