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53 x Awesome - Google Summer of Code and Outreach Program for Women 2013

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The announcement of the students accepted for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) and Outreach Program for Women (OPW) 2013 opens a new chapter in KDE contribution. KDE has participated in GSoC since its first season in 2005. Every year is special and exciting for both the students and the KDE Community.

Fast, Mobile, Accessible-Akademy 2013 Sessions

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The Akademy 2013 Program Committee is proud to present the Akademy 2013 Presentation Schedule. Reflecting the scope of KDE, the schedule includes a wealth of interesting, timely and valuable topics. From the proposals submitted, 32 were selected to address currently relevant topics of most interest to the KDE Community.

KDE Outreach Program for Women

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We are pleased to announce that KDE will take part in the Outreach Program for Women (OPW) this year. OPW started in 2006 with an intention to reach talented women who are passionate about technology, but who may be uncertain about how to start contributing to free and open software projects. Since its beginning, OPW has included commercial and non-profit organizations that are leaders in free and open software.

KDE PIM Sprint Berlin 2013 - With Cuter Pictures

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The Pimsters (names here)

A few weeks ago, the KDE PIM team had a sprint in Berlin, and this is the report of it.

Once most people had arrived at the KDAB offices in Berlin, the KDE PIM sprint started around 4 in the afternoon with an introduction by Till Adam. He welcomed everyone and issued a warning: there were only one-and-a-half crates of beer and all KDAB attempts at ordering more had failed. The participants would have to take care of this! Read on to find out how it all turned out.

Digia to sponsor Akademy and Qt Contributors Summit

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Digia, the largest Qt contributor, is the 2013 Platinum Sponsor for the co-hosted Akademy and Qt Contributor Summit in Bilbao. Digia is responsible for all Qt activities including product development and commercial licensing and, together with the Qt Project, open source licensing under the open governance model.

KDE Meetup 2013 - India

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On the 23rd of February, a crowd of about 330 enthusiastic people gathered to be a part of the first major open source event in the State of Gujarat, India. Some people traveled hundreds of kilometers to attend, coming from places such as Delhi, Durgapur (more than 1800 km), Nainital, Bardoli and Mumbai. Students from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT) in Gandhinagar organized the event—KDE Meetup 2013.

Akademy and Qt Contributors Summit Join Forces

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In July 2013, Akademy — the KDE community summit — will host the Qt Contributors Summit (QtCS) in Bilbao, Spain. QtCS is THE gathering of the Qt Project contributor community. It will take place July 15th and 16th in the middle of the KDE Akademy week (13-19 July). By co-hosting, KDE and the Qt Project will increase their existing collaboration even further. Holding their annual conferences at the same time and the same place will foster interaction, knowledge transfer and technical progress.

KDE Meetup 2013 in India

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KDE Meetup will be the largest KDE event in India since in 2011. It will be held February 23rd and 24th at the Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT) in Gandhinagar. KDE Meetup will be a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in free and open software or who wants to get involved with the KDE Community.