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KDE at LinuxCon 2012 North America

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KDE had a visible presence at LinuxCon 2012 in San Diego, California, August 29-31. Thanks to the Linux Foundation for donating an exhibit space to KDE.

The Conference

LinuxCon 2012 was the fourth year this annual event has taken place. Sponsored and produced by the Linux Foundation, it is a premier Linux event and attracts big names in open source, both companies and individuals. The event has a corporate feel with many leading tech companies exhibiting and their representatives making presentations.

KDE Celebrates 2012 Google Summer of Code Success

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KDE has again taken part in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) as its biggest participating organization. Fifty-nine out of mind-boggling sixty projects have been completed successfully. Lots of new things have been learned, lots of code has been written and there's been plenty of fun. GSoC is over but the code has not gone away and the work is not finished. Over the next months, many of the students will continue to be part of KDE, integrate the code for future releases, improve it, maintain it, become more part of KDE. For now, however, pencils are down and we can congratulate the students. It was a great summer and we enjoyed having you around!

Randa Fundraising Success!

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As of now, the fund drive for the Randa Sprint has exceeded the goal. That's right, our Community generated over 10,000 € from 287 awesome supporters to make the meeting happen! The Sprint started yesterday evening; the fundraising is staying open for people who want to contribute. Follow the action on this twitter stream and here on Google Plus. And look for posts on Planet KDE (Trever said 'hi' already) about the event! There will be a comprehensive report after the Sprint.

Commence Randa hacking

An Opportunity to Contribute to Research and KDE

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A research team from the University of Maryland Baltimore County has launched an online study to explore the usability of KDE notifications. Participants are asked to describe a recent KDE notification experience to deepen the understanding of what makes a good or bad notification. Results from the research will help improve the usability of KDE notifications, and will make a contribution to the academic field of Human-Computer Interaction.

KDE Reaches New Audiences at SouthEast LinuxFest (U.S.)

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KDE at SouthEast (US) LinuxFest

KDE was represented at the SouthEast LinuxFest again this year with a booth showing off our latest software. The Calligra Suite, Kontact, Telepathy, and Plasma Workspaces were featured. Krita particularly intrigued many people. As a result, many copies of the Comics with Krita training DVD were handed out along with the accompanying comic book, Wasted Mutants and Wisdom Mountain.

KDE: Rely on Qt, protect Qt's freedom, contribute to it

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The KDE community is one of the largest and most influential Free Software communities world-wide with thousands of volunteer contributors and countless users. Most of the software written by KDE is based on the Qt toolkit. With the recent strategy changes within Nokia—the largest contributor to Qt, there is uncertainty about the future of Qt that concerns KDE. This is the position of the KDE community regarding the future of Qt:

  • KDE will continue to rely on Qt and cooperate with the Qt copyright owners and contributors.
  • Using the strong ties between both communities and existing formal agreements, KDE will protect the freedom of Qt and KDE where necessary.
  • Continuing the KDE Frameworks 5 development process that has already begun, KDE will help improve Qt and contribute to it.

Calling on the KDE Community to Celebrate: 4.9 Release Parties

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The date for the release of the next milestone in KDE's 4.x series is quickly approaching. Developers, testers and bug chasers have been busy putting the final touches on the latest version of our software, so it is once again time to get together and celebrate our community's accomplishment.

Akademy 2012 Impressions

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Almost all communication between KDE community members happens online, and includes people from all around the world. At Akademy, KDE people meet each other and work together in person. Virtual communication is necessary and valuable for day-to-day work; working face-to-face is much more effective. And Akademy provides much more than that.