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Tallinn welcomes Akademy

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Community Keynote
Agustín Benito Bethencourt

Yesterday, nearly 300 hackers grabbed their badges at the Estonian IT College in Tallinn and launched Akademy 2012. Mathias Klang's keynote, Freedom of Expression, got things going quickly with his urgent call to action for those who stand for freedom, which often disappears gradually and in a slow creep.

Some people kicked off the conference on Friday night at the pre-registration party sponsored by Intel or even arrived earlier in the week to explore Tallinn and sample Estonia's beers. During the first day of Akademy, there were sessions on release management, Plasma Active, and the future of KDE and Qt technologies.

Call For Host Akademy 2013

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The KDE Community is looking for a host for Akademy 2013.

Akademy is the annual gathering of the KDE Community, one of the largest in the world of Free and Open Source Software. At Akademy, KDE people gather to exchange ideas for development, plan for the future, and discuss other important issues. It is an extraordinary occasion for creativity, enthusiasm, commitment, close working relationships and innovation.

KDE e.V. Quarterly Report for Q1 2012

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The KDE e.V. report for the first quarter of 2012 has been published. It gives an overview of the activities KDE e.V. supported during that time, including various sprints, conferences and projects. It also has a feature article by Stuart Jarvis about the ALERT Project, an initiative to improve bug resolution processes in Open Source development teams.

Read the full report today.

Digia: Akademy Sponsor & KDE e.V. Supporting Member

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Tuukka Turunen - Digia Director of R&D

Digia is a Silver Sponsor of Akademy 2012 Tallinn. They are also a new supporting member of KDE e.V. Digia and KDE have a close partnership based on a common interest and commitment to Qt. Like many people in the KDE Community, I had some questions about Digia, their plans for Qt and their views of KDE. The interview with Tuukka Turunen follows.

LaKademy 2012 ‒ Artwork, Localization, Promotion, Development

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LaKademy is over. April 27th to May 1st were days of hard work, meeting old and new friends, having much fun while realizing how far crazy guy imaginations can go. It was a great summit and sprint. Compared to the first (and only one so far) Akademy-BR in 2010, there is clear evidence that we are making progress building a strong and mature KDE community in Latin America. We met in a lovely hostel in Porto Alegre, Brazil and were well taken care of during the event.

Presentation List for Akademy 2012 Tallinn

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The Akademy 2012 Program Committee is proud to present the Akademy 2012 Sessions. Given the broad nature of KDE, the proposals submitted contained a wealth of interesting and valuable topics. From those, 28 proposals were selected that we felt would address the most relevant topics and be deep enough in the areas of most interest to the KDE Community.