4.7 Release Celebrations - Think Global, Party Local

Toulouse, 4.6 Release

Once again, it will soon be time to get together and celebrate KDE's latest Major Releases. Developers, testers and bug chasers have been busy putting the final touches on the latest versions of our software. Soon it will be time to relax and appreciate the results!

There is a wiki page for the 4.7 parties. If you want to organize something, please add it there soon and start getting the word out. The release is planned for Wednesday, July 27th. This is a great cause for celebration.


Desktop Summit Call for Volunteers

The Desktop Summit 2011 in Berlin, Germany Needs Your Help.

Are you attending the Desktop Summit? Are you interested in helping the GNOME and KDE communities organize this year's Summit? Do you want to work with other Free Software enthusiasts to make the Desktop Summit rock? Would you like to own one of the exclusive Desktop Summit Team T-Shirts?

Then please sign up as a volunteer. We need a lot of volunteers and a variety of skills for all kinds of tasks.

More details about the tasks are available on the Call for Volunteers and the wiki page to sign-up as a volunteer.


Call for Participation - Workshops & BoFs for the Desktop Summit 2011

The Desktop Summit 2011 is a joint conference organized by the GNOME and KDE communities in Berlin, Germany from the 6th August 2011 to the 12th August 2011.

The organizing team is now inviting applications to hold workshop and Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions at the Desktop Summit. Read on for more details and how to make a proposal.


KDE Spanish Community Meets at Akademy-es

A talk being delivered

Following the success of last years' event, the Spanish KDE community again held its national Akademy event, Akademy-es 2011, between the 20th and the 22nd of May 2011 in Barcelona. The event was sponsored by Google and Qt/Nokia and was supported by the Linux and Todo-Linux magazines. KDE enthusiasts from all over the country gathered to discuss free software and KDE.


KDE e.V. Publishes Final Report for 2010

KDE e.V., the non-profit organization that supports the KDE community in legal and financial matters, has just published its report for the fourth quarter of 2010 (pdf).

The report summarizes KDE activities in the last three months on 2010, including sprints and trade shows attended by KDE contributors with the support of KDE e.V. It features the individual supporting membership campaign 'Join the Game', and how KDE benefits from it. There is a showcase for community artwork, including the report itself. New KDE e.V. members are presented, as is an overview of KDE e.V.'s finances.

Check out KDE's latest report (pdf)!


Desktop Summit T-shirt Design Competition

The T-shirt Design Competition for the Desktop Summit has just opened. We are looking for designs that go beyond your typical conference shirt which finds its final resting place in the closet or drawer once you have returned home. The winning design should reflect the passion and energy of the Free Desktop communities that The Desktop Summit represents.


Re-live the Camp KDE experience!

Well, Camp KDE 2011 has come and gone. Some of you attended in person. Others may have listened to the live audio stream in Amarok. Maybe you missed it completely, but fear not! Because while time travel is not yet feasible, all of the talks were recorded and are posted for your viewing and listening pleasure. In addition, we have a bunch of interviews with the organizers, speakers, and attendees.


KDE Spain announces Akademy-es 2011

KDE Spain is organizing Akademy-es 2011, the annual meeting of KDE users and contributors in Barcelona, Spain from May 20th through May 22nd. Read on to learn more about this year's event!


Camp KDE: Latest Updates

Camp KDE 2011 is nearly upon us, but that hasn't stopped the organizers from continuing to add to the fun. Be sure to check out the Camp KDE web site for the final agenda as well as speaker bios.


conf.kde.in Opens in Bengaluru

Lighting the Auspicious Lamp

The first KDE and Qt conference in India has opened today in Bengaluru. conf.kde.in Conference has attendees from around the world as well as every state in India. Over 300 people were at the opening talks and many had to be turned away because the lecture theatre was full. The conference was opened by its main organiser Pradeepto Bhattacharya who introduced the dignatories K.N Raja Rao, Advisor for R.C.College of Engineering, B.S Satyanarayana, Vice-principal of the college and Sumithra Devi.K.S, Director of Master of Computer Applications Dept. The Lighting of the Auspicious Lamp ceremony was performed to open the conference.