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aKademy Awards 2006

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This year aKademy will continue with tradition created at aKademy 2005 of awarding the people that made an outstanding contribution to KDE in the last year. The award ceremony will be on Sunday, September 24th at 17:50-18:00. Read on for more details.

Aaron Seigo and Albert Astals Cid will be the Masters of Ceremonies, giving the prizes of the three categories:

First Konqueror Bug Triage Day

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Last Wednesday was Konqueror Bug Day. The aim was to either confirm or close as many unconfirmed Konqueror bugs as possible, known as bug triage. About 150 bugs were dealt with. Collaboration happened on IRC (#konq-bugs), and on the wiki page. #kde-bugs on is already proving fertile ground for planning similar events in near future.

Planning For 10 Years of Linux Desktop

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10 years ago, on October 14th 1996, Matthias Ettrich announced a project
to create a complete and consistent GUI for the prospering Linux
operating system. The project grew and matured and now it is 2006 and KDE
is one of the largest Free Software projects. To celebrate this
anniversary the KDE project encourages the community to organise events

aKademy 2006 Sponsors

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aKademy 2006 has announced the sponsor's list for KDE's World Summit. This is one of the our most impressive list of sponsors to date. Our Gold sponsors are the home of Linus Torvalds OSDL and the KDE based distribution Kubuntu. Housing the conference as our host institution is The School of Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin. Read on for the full list.

KDE-Edu Birds of a Feather Session at aKademy 2006

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This year in Dublin will host the annual meeting of the KDE community, and it will be a great occasion for developers to meet, code, hold bug-fixing sessions, discussions and much more. During the week of the conference, some KDE-Edu developers will meet to discuss themes including their future strategies of the module for the upcoming KDE 4, current applications, ideas for new ones and collaboration with other education-related projects, like SkoleLinux.

Help KDE at LinuxWorld London

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Today we received confirmation that we have been successful in obtaining a booth at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. The two-day event is taking place on the 25th and 26th of October in London's Olympia 2 conference hall. Following last year's success we are hoping to have a bigger presence this year to demonstrate our efforts at Akademy 2006 as well as the progress that will have been made with KDE 4.

OpenDocument Day at aKademy

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This year at aKademy, Tuesday 26th September will be OpenDocument Day. The OpenDocument format (ODF) is a Free document file format for saving and exchanging office documents. KOffice was the first office suite to support OpenDocument and other programs have been following suit. OpenDocument Day at aKademy offers software developers interested in ODF to exchange ideas, build relations and collaborate on all things ODF in an informal setting.

aKademy 2007 Call for Location and Organisation

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While preparations for aKademy 2006 are in full swing, next year's annual meeting of the KDE community, aKademy 2007, is sending out a Call for Location and Organisation. aKademy is made possible mainly because of financial contributions by corporations. These corporations prepare their budget for 2007 in autumn of 2006, in order to be able to secure funding for aKademy 2007 we need to start organising aKademy 2007 early to be able to apply for sponsorship soon.

The event consists of the general assembly of the KDE e.V., a KDE developer conference and a multi-day hacking session.