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KDE at LinuxTag 2005: First Day Impressions

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The annual KDE show at LinuxTag has begun already. With talks about KCall and 'KDE: 3, 2, 1!', users had a great chance to learn about existing and new features of KDE. The booth was crowded as always. We were visited by politicians, entrepreneurs interested in deploying the Kiosk framework on Internet terminals, and for tomorrow a guided tour for pupils is planned so they can learn about how to effectively use their new desktop in school - which is KDE.

Dutch KDE Team Co-Releases Localized KDE-Live CD

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The Dutch KDE team has released a fully Dutch localized live-CD assembled jointly with the Dutch Mandriva Club. The live-CD allows you to try out KDE without installing anything and loads in Dutch by default, making it useful to demo to all those parents and business people. The CD comes shipped with a full KDE 3.3.2 release plus it includes extra applications like KMplayer.

aKademy 2005: Ready For Your Registration

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Registration to KDE's aKademy conference is now open. As previously announced aKademy 2005 is to take place at the University of Málaga from Saturday 27th August to Sunday 4th September, with a KDE e.V. members-only meeting on Friday 26th. Everyone is invited to join the conference in Málaga. Go ahead and register that you are coming.