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Linux Bangalore 2004: Call for Volunteers

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Sirtaj Singh Kang and I will be presenting talks at this year's Linux Bangalore conference at the Indian Institute for Science. The fair runs December 1 - 3 and will feature tracks on various topics including Linux on the desktop. I'll be doing a talk on searching and contextual linkage and Taj will be presenting a roadmap for KDE's future.

We will also have a KDE booth. Ideally this booth will contain more than Taj, myself and my laptop. This is where you come in.

Things we could use:

XpoLinux Monterrey 2004 Business Summit Report

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Ian Geiser and I traveled to Monterrey, Mexico to attend the KDE booth in the ExpoLinux 2004 Business Summit (1st to 3rd November). The Expo was located in a place called Cintermex, specially adapted for conferences and expos. There were like 25 booths with local business showing business solutions. The biggers being Novell, IBM and Hewlett Packard. We were in a normal booth, and the fact that ours was one of the most visited was very interesting.