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KDE Kiosk Mode HOWTO

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After two years of working with KDE, we think it is now time to share the results of our efforts to create a restricted KDE as part of our Linux-based thin client project that is now nearing completion. A write-up of our design and strategy is available as well as the patches that we used to customize KDE to our needs.

In a restricted desktop (kiosk-mode), the goal is to prevent the user from:

KDE Theme-Building Tutorial

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This new KDE tutorial on IBM developerWorks is designed to teach you about KDE themes: Learn how to create, save, load, and share the fundamental look and feel of the KDE environment. After completing this tutorial, you should feel confident in your ability to customize KDE to fit your personal working style. (free registration required).

Printing Mania: New KDE Printing Architecture Unveiled

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KDE developer Michael Goffioul today announced that he is actively addressing an area in KDE that warrants improvement: printing. He has committed source code to KDE CVS for a new KDE printing system to replace the limited Qt printing framework.
Support for LPR, CUPS and PDQ printing systems is already there.

Embedding external parts into KDE

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Up to now, the KPart component model was limited to embedding in-process parts. XParts is an extension written by Matthias Ettrich, Simon Hausmann and Lars Knoll to extend kparts and make it possible to embed out-of-process components. The approach chosen is toolkit independent, as can be seen by their choice to embed Mozilla. Read on for the full announcement and details.