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New Engine for KDE Online Documentation

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The KDE online documentation site has gotten a new back- and frontend addressing experiences
made over the last few years. It now allows for faster and easier navigation through
the languages and branches. The User Guide and the FAQ are
featured more prominently and in the chosen language if already

Jes Hall Talks About KDE's Documentation

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Jes Hall is a new contributor to KDE's documentation team. In the interview below she talks about how she joined the team, how KDE's documentation is made, how you can help them and how they can help KDE's coders. She also reveals the 5 finest examples of documentation in KDE.

Canllaith is a regular helper on #kde

Please tell us about yourself and your role in KDE.

IBM Publishes Migration Guide From Windows to Linux

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IBM has published a guide to help enterprises migrate their systems from Windows to Linux. It pays a special attention to the users who want to migrate from MS Office to equivalent Linux-based products. The guide also covers the use of Kiosk tool to limit the configurability of the KDE desktop and contains an appendix about desktop automation and scripting talking about KJSEmbed, DCOP, Kommander and other tools.

Docs Competition Deadline Approaching

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If you haven't got your entry in for the documentation competition yet, it's
time to start! The deadline for entries is this Sunday (October 3rd). Remember, just write
one page for the new User Guide, in plain text, and send it to
[email protected]. We've already received four high quality entries covering kdebugdialog, launching programs, a konsole

Docs Competition - Win O'Reilly Gear

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If you missed out on the writing
competition at aKademy
, now is your chance to make up for it. The KDE
Quality and Documentation teams have got together to offer some great
O'Reilly prizes for writing documentation. All you have to do to enter is
write a page for the new KDE User
within two weeks and we'll send you a prize! Read on for the full