GGZ Gaming Zone Now Supports KDE

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It's a well-kept secret that KDE games are no longer toys but maturing entertainment applications. Games such as KMines (link updated) demonstrate the concept of global highscores as well as general plans to provide an online gaming framework. We're pleased to announce that the GGZ Gaming Zone, an open alternative to Microsoft's Gaming Zone, adds to the arsenal of KDE gaming resources with the 0.0.4 release.

Boson 0.5 Release and Party

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On Monday, October the 30th, the real-time, multiplayer strategy game Boson
will be released in its newest version, 0.5. Although the game's playability
is still quite limited, this release represents a major milestone since it now is based on QT 2.2.1 & KDE 2.0 and features many
enhancements plus new graphics. The Boson Team hereby invites you to our IRC release party on the
date mentioned above at around 1800 GMT on channel #boson in the Open Projects

KDE Games Center

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Surfing the official KDE website, I found the budding KDE Games Center where you can find a list of games based on KDE (and not only those included in KDE). There are also several links to developer resources such as AI, network programming,...
If you develop a game for KDE, then please contact Martin Heni with the info.