Website for the KDE Utilities Launched

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The family of KDE websites has got a new member, the site for the fine utilities applications from the module kdeutils. Despite being one of the first modules, kdeutils has always been without its own website. No longer. At you can now find a lot of information about the KDE Utilities. See for yourself the details of the current set of programs below.

KDE-Bindings / Kross Meeting

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Last weekend we hosted the KDE-Bindings and Kross meeting here at the KDAB Office in Berlin/Kreuzberg with the goal of organising, community building and of course hacking. It was the first meeting of its type for a bindings crew, with eight people representing
Lua and
PHP. The projects do not all share code bases, and so it was an opportunity to present and review the details of how the implementations worked.

Quickies: Nepomuk, Raptor, LProf, FOSDEM, Supporting Member

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The KDE e.V. welcomes a new Supporting Member, OSN Online Social Network GmbH, a company based in Düsseldorf in Germany. Supporting Members help the community with financial support, their contribution is used for example for sponsoring developer meetings you often read about on the Dot. *** The Nepomuk KDE project that is creating the social semantic desktop on top of KDE has launched its new website.

First KDE Education Meeting a Great Success

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Last weekend the members of the KDE-Edu team met in Paris for a meeting about the Education project. The meeting took place at the Mandriva office, where the members got to know each other and started vivid discussions about their applications, life in general, as well as the future and vision of the Edu module. Read on for the report.

KDE Participating in Google Summer of Code 2007

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KDE is happy to be participating in the Google Summer of Code program for the third consecutive year! As usual, we are looking for mentors and students to take us singing through the summer. Whether you have been part of the program in previous years or not, we need your help and fantastic ideas!

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