amaroK Project Introduces SVN Service

Are you an amaroK script developer or are you developing a KDE application that should not be in KDE's Subversion for various reasons? We have the solution. The amaroK project is proud to announce the amaroK Subversion server, a service for amaroK script developers, launched as a thank you gesture to all the supporters who donated to the project during its fundraiser. We hope this will encourage the awesome amaroK community in their extremely valuable amaroK script writing.


Final Voting in 2005 Linux Journal Readers' Choice Awards

The final round of voting in the 2005 Linux Journal Readers' Choice awards has begun. The final ballot is based on the results of two previous rounds of open voting, and mostly the top two vote-getters in each category have made it to the final ballot. Eight KDE-related projects are still in the competition.


Really Linux: Beginner's Introduction to KDE

Really Linux has published a feature titled Beginner's Introduction to the KDE Desktop by Andrea Cordingly. Topics covered by the article include Konqueror profiles and the KDE control center. The article is part of their "Windows to Linux" series.

2004 Relaunched

The web team of KDE Germany is proud to present the German KDE website with a new layout. During the last weeks, the team of - especially Dirk Trompetter and Klaus Staerk - did a great job to revise both layout and content of this website. Have a lot of fun with the new, reworked version of


KDE Gets Digital Camera Support has just released a patch to the well known digital camera application gPhoto2, which allows it to integrate seemlessly with KDE 2. This means you can now access the wide range of supported cameras (over 100 models) from any KDE 2 application. Now I may finally be ready to buy a digital camera! Update: 12/14 10:46 AM.