Graphics and Art

Oxygen Icons Website Launched

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David Vignoni, Kenneth Wimer and Nuno Pinheiro, 3 of KDE's finest artists, are very proud to present the Oxygen website, explaining what Oxygen is and the direction it is going in. Oxygen is the new icon theme being created for KDE4. Everything started in March 2005 when a bunch of KDE contributors met in Berlin to form the Appeal Project with the goal to promote KDE related projects and to push the open source desktop to another level.

Announcing the New Website

Dot Categories: is a new KDE sister website created specifically for artists and coders to use for reference and direction in creating a high quality consistant user interface. It is also the home of Kollaboration, a new concept created by several people to give dreamers, artists, and coders a place to work together.

KDE Art: digiKam Contest, Icon Marathon, KDE Logo Worldwide

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The KDE artist community has been busy recently. The winners of the digiKam contest have been announced, has had a major update and the KDE logo is on a worldwide tour. Coming soon are The First Annual Icon Marathon, a completely new and improved KDE Artist website and introducing Kollaboration, where your art meets their code! Read on for details.

Improved KDE-Look and KDE-Apps

aKademy 2005 Logo Contest Launched

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The KDE project is looking for a great new logo for our biggest event of the year: The KDE Developers and Users Conference 2005, also known as aKademy 2005. This logo will be seen everywhere including websites, on t-shirts and in magazines. kde-look is hosting the contest to find the new aKademy logo.


All logo entries must

KDE-Look Announces the Winner of T-Shirt Contest

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The community has spoken and the winner of the First Annual KDE-Look T-Shirt Contest with 24 out of 81 votes is Nenad Grujicic with his entry Green. Nenad has won the first official KDE-Look T-shirt and an External 7 in 1 Memory Card Reader.

Congratulations goes out to him and to all of you who entered in this contest.