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Vote for the Best KDE-Look T-Shirt Design!

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We have opened a poll at for the whole KDE community to vote for the new KDE-Look t-shirt. The winning shirt will be on sale at Revelinux Gear with all the proceeds going to help out with the costs of running KDE-Look. Let's show our appreciation for all the great eyecandy we get at kde-look.

KDE-Look Announces Winners of Distro Wallpaper Challenge

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KDE-Look has just completed our Distro Wallpaper Challenge. We are pleased at the level of involvement as we have seen 42 distro themed wallpapers submitted in just 11 days. The KDE-Look community voted for their favorite wallpaper for each distro. We had 12 winners and a ton (907,184.74 grams) of great new artwork.

Some highlights:

KPDF Icon Contest Announces Winner

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Some time ago an icon contest was hosted on to find a new icon for KPDF. Since then, we have interviewed the jury, and mentioned KPDF Coolness here on the dot. The jury had a tough time deciding on a winning icon, but they have finally chosen the icon to be used in the next version of KPDF. However, before we reveal to you the winner we would like to mention some of the other runners-up.

Some words about the submissions ... KPDF Icon Contest Launched

Dot Categories: has started an effort to entice artists to make missing icons for KDE applications. The current icon contest focuses on a new icon for the KDE PDF viewer KPDF.
The KPDF developers are looking for a better icon as the current one
does not help to describe the program and its function: reading PDF files. Interview with Everaldo and Jimmac

Dot Categories: interviewed two of the most popular artists in Linux world of art: Everaldo Coelho from KDE and Jakub Steiner (Jimmac) from the GNOME camp. Currently Everaldo works for Lindows and Jakub works for Novell. They were very kind to answer questions related with the art in Linux, its future and much more.