Graphics and Art Invites the KDE Community

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Recently, one of the original desktop customization sites on the Web, has added some sections for KDE skins, themes and art such as cursors for general X11. We'd like to invite the KDE art community to submit their work to our site. By attempting to bring GNOME, KDE, and Windows artists together under one roof, we hope that we can increase porting and cooperation among all the communities. So come join us and show us what you've got!

Icons Galore

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In the last few weeks fans of users the K Desktop Environment have been treated to a shipload of spectacular icon sets from well known and talented artists. Go ahead, liven up your desktop, there is bound to be a style that's right for you!

Here are a few of the many new or updated icon sets over the last couple of weeks.

1. Crystal SVG

KDE Conquers the Vectors with KSVG

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KSVG has recently been moved to the kdegraphics module, meaning that KSVG will now be part of the KDE 3.2 release. KSVG aims to be a full flavored implementation of the W3C SVG standard. Some of you will think of icons when we speak of SVG but SVG is much more: It is a web technology with full ECMAScript/DOM support.