Down to Business with Major Deployments

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KDE software has been used in many large scale deployments, including universities, governments and countless companies.

One of these organizations suggested that KDE create a deployment forum so that others can benefit from their deployment experience. The forum would provide an opportunity for sysadmins and developers to ask questions and discuss problems/solutions related to deploying KDE software in large, complex environments.

We have created a new mailing list for these discussions at

All administrators of any deployments planned or in progress are invited to join this list to share and field questions. KDE developers and people maintaining Linux distributions with KDE software will also participate.

Early KDE Plasma 2 Images Now Available

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Project Neon, the daily builds of KDE Frameworks 5 and KDE Plasma 2 for Kubuntu, has started releasing ISO images for testing. These are very early previews of the next generation of KDE Software. It is strongly recommended not be installed on a production machine but can be tested as live images or installed into a VirtualBox or other VM. Crashes and bugs are virtually guaranteed. The only supported upgrade path is to install a later ISO image.

Canonical Donates Server to KDE

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KDE is a growing community with growing needs. The KDE Sysadmin team works hard to keep up, but lately the servers have been coming under some strain.

To help ease the situation, Canonical has donated a new server for the KDE Sysadmins to use. The server, named kundong, features an impressive 8 CPU cores, 6 GB of memory, and a 130 GB disk with space for several more disks as needed. It is hosted in Canonical's data center in central London.