Interview with Aaron Seigo About Bodega Appstore

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Welcome to the Bodega store!

The openSUSE News site features an interview with Aaron Seigo about Bodega, a content store technology developed under the KDE umbrella. We replicate the KDE-relevant parts of the article here.

What is Bodega?

First off, let’s find out what Bodega is all about. Aaron explains:

Bodega is a store for digital stuff. In fancy words: it creates a catalog of metadata which represents digital assets.

Kévin Ottens - Akademy 2013 Community Keynote

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Kévin Ottens is a long-time KDE hacker, known as ervin on IRC and email. He contributes to the KDE Community at large, with a strong emphasis on API design and frameworks architecture. He was instrumental in developing the KDE Manifesto, a process that started during Akademy 2012.

Gaurav Joined the Game

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In June 2010, KDE e.V. launched the individual supporting membership program, asking people to Join the Game.

There are many reasons to support KDE with a regular financial contribution. For one thing, it enables KDE e.V. to have a predictable income. This money is used to support events that accelerate development of KDE software, enhance promotion efforts and help grow the Community. KDE contributors and users are scattered throughout the world and have many different backgrounds, so their reasons for contributing are diverse. Claudia Rauch and Jayson Rowe from the Join the Game Team asked supporting member Gaurav Chaturvedi why he joined the game.

Akademy Keynote: Dr. Mathias Klang - Freedom of Expression

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Mathias Klang  photo by Ola Waagen

Dr. Mathias Klang is a researcher and senior lecturer at the University of Göteborg in Sweden. His research revolves within the field of legal informatics with particular interest in copyright, democracy, human rights, free expression, censorship, open access and ethics. He holds Master of Laws and Ph.D. degrees.

Dr. Klang will deliver one of the keynote talks at Akademy 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia. My interview with another keynoter, Dr. Will Schroeder, was published recently on the Dot.

Interview with Brian Alleyne, Sociologist Studying KDE

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A few months ago, the British journal Sociology published an article titled "Challenging Code: A Sociological Reading of the KDE Free Software Project". Eager to find out what a 'sociological reading' of KDE entails, Dot editor Oriol Mirosa rushed to contact the article's author, sociologist Brian Alleyne, who graciously and patiently agreed to be the subject of an interview. Read on to learn more about Brian, sociology, and the significance of KDE for the social sciences:

Desktop Summit Community Keynote Interview with Nick Richards

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Nick Richards

In this last in the series of interviews with Keynote speakers at the Desktop Summit, starting in Berlin in just a few weeks, meet Nick Richards.

Nick Richards is an interaction designer. Not to be confused with graphic design, Nick's work is about the communication frameworks that connect people to data and tools. He helped the GNOME project with creating a useful and meaningful environment in GNOME 3, and he has also worked on the Moblin and MeeGo mobile OS projects. A Senior Interaction Designer at Intel, Nick contributes an important usability voice in design-driven development.

Read the full interview.

The Desktop Summit is free to attend but you must Register.

Desktop Summit Community Keynote Interview with Stuart Jarvis

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Stuart Jarvis

Continuing the series of interviews with Keynote speakers at the Desktop Summit, happening in just 3 weeks time, we now have Stuart Jarvis.

Stuart has been supplying editorial support and an active face for KDE, through the Dot and other outlets, as a member of the KDE Promotions Team. However keeping up with the flow of information can be tough, especially when at the same time you're working on a PhD in geochemistry. Free software collaboration doesn't just need coders for technical nuts and bolts; it also needs people marketing and communicating effectively so that potential users can learn about it.

Read the full interview.

The Desktop Summit is free to attend but you must Register.