Albert Astals Cid: KDE Edu, Okular, Akademy and Life

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Last time in the KDE contributor interview series, we talked with the KDE developer Stephen Kelly from KDE PIM. We've been digging around in the KDE interview vaults and found this interesting discussion we had with Albert Astals Cid on 12 May 2010. Albert is well known in KDE from his work with KDE España, as maintainer of Okular and the KDE Edu applications. The original interview in Italian is also available.

Cornelius and Vincent Join Different Games

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KDE has recently launched the “Supporting Membership Program” to raise funds for Developer Sprints, Akademy conferences and other activities of KDE e.V, the legal and financial representatives of KDE. President of KDE e.V. is Cornelius Schumacher and at the launch of Join the Game he made a pact with GNOME release manager and board member Vincent Untz that they would each join their rival's support programme. Here at the Dot we managed to track them both down for a quick interview - read on to see what they said.

Successful Spanish KDE Blogger Baltasar Ortega Talks to the Dot

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On June 1st, 2010, KDE Blog, one of the foremost KDE-focused blogs in Spanish, celebrated the publication of its 1500th post. The occasion seemed to be the perfect excuse to chat with its author, Baltasar Ortega, and to ask him a few questions about himself, blogging, and how KDE is going to take over the world. Read on for his insightful and passionate answers.

Interview with Stephen Kelly

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Stephen Kelly

Yesterday, Stephen Kelly wrote on the dot about the successful KDE PIM sprint. Today, you can read more about him and his role as KJots maintainer in this interview by Giovanni from our Italian KDE community. This continues a trend of recent interviews talking to members of the KDE PIM team - last time we heard from Thomas McGuire of KMail. For our Italian readers, there is also the original interview.

Interview with KMail Developer Thomas McGuire

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Thomas McGuire

Welcome back again to the KDE Interview series. Last time we spoke with Thiago Macieira, one of the old timers in KDE development.

Today we feature Thomas McGuire, the KMail maintainer. Read on for the full interview in English or, if you can read Italian, you may prefer the original interview.

Taking Choqok to the Next Level

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Anyone who has taken a class in economics is familiar with the difference between the direct cost of something and its 'opportunity cost'. Developing free software is a great example of this difference. A KDE developer does not have to spend hundreds of dollars on an SDK, he only needs to give up some of his time to develop. However, a developer still could be using that time to earn money or enjoy a different pastime.

Choqok developer Mehrdad Momeny is giving users the opportunity to accelerate the development of new features through direct donation. Read on for details.