People Behind KDE: Michael Pyne

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In the next People Behind KDE interview, we stay in the United States of America (but leave in an underwater craft!) to meet a KDE developer who could be a JuKebox in another life, someone who helps you build development versions of KDE (staying on the bleeding edge without the pain!) - tonight's star of People Behind KDE is Michael Pyne.

Interview: Qt Comes to Mozilla and Firefox

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Developers from Nokia and Mozilla have been working hard to port the Mozilla Platform and Firefox to Qt and there are now some solid results available. An experimental build of Firefox Qt is available, and you can download the sources from Mozilla's mercurial repository. The plan is to merge the Qt branch into the central Mozilla branch to make the port official. KDE Dot News spoke to developer Oleg Romaxa from Nokia who came to Akademy 2008 from Finland.

Interview: MarkMail Indexes KDE Mailinglist Archives

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Several weeks ago MarkMail, a project sponsored and run by Mark Logic, started indexing the KDE mailinglist archives. After about a week of hard work, the KDE archives are now directly searchable from MarkMail. Besides interesting analytics, this brings some powerful search capabilities to the table. Read on for a short interview with Jason Hunter who was responsible for engineering on the project.

KDE in Korea

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Following our interview covering KDE in Japan last week, we now turn to South Korea. Cho Sung Jae tell us about the Korean KDE Users Group, including some of the problems of using KDE with Korean and just how fast their broadband is.

조성재, Cho Sung Jae

How did the Korean KDE Users Group start?

Japan KDE Users Group Interview

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Despite their prominent position in the world as leaders of technology, we hear from oriental countries quite rarely in the free software world. To find out what happens to KDE in the East, we asked some questions to Daisuke Kameda (亀田 大輔) of the KDE Japan Users Group.

Daisuke Kameda (亀田 大輔)

How did the Japanese KDE Users Group start?

Aaron Seigo Talks About Kontact's Bright Future

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Sirius' Tom Callway interviews KDE's chief-hugger Aaron Seigo. He talks about KDE 4, communication within the project and what effect the 'new platforms' (Windows and Mac OS) have on KDE development. Seigo also talks about the KDE 4.0 release and how that compares to the 2.0 and 3.0 releases of KDE.

EFYTimes Interviews Matthias Ettrich: The KDE-Man

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EFYTimes has an interview with Matthias Ettrich, one of KDE's founders. He talks about the history of the project, what he thinks of KDE 4.0 and what he's currently working on in Qt. "The desktop problem has been solved many years ago. Try to compare Windows XP with KDE 3: nobody in their right mind would choose Windows over GNU/Linux based on the desktop experience alone."