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Desktop Configurability: Is More Better?

One of the oft-recurring debates on KDE mailing lists is, how configurable should
the KDE desktop be? With recent indications that GNOME seems to be heading
in the "less is better" direction, independent KDE developer
Mosfet has written an editorial (related article)
urging why KDE should not follow suit. Anyone else have an opinion on this?

Bart Decrem re: Desktop Elegance

Here's my official statement in response to the recent controversy over certain comments that slipped out of my mouth during a LOOOONG interview that also happened to include many positive and not-so-controversial comments about KDE. I have now switched to using KDE on a daily basis and I am really enjoying it. Thanks for the feedback and keep on hacking! :-)

Mosfet.org on Desktop Elegance

Recently, there have been some comments in the press regarding KDE's look and feel which were, to say the least, rather unflattering. The comments centered mainly around KDE's icons and the overall elegancy of the desktop. Like many of us, Mosfet felt these comments were unwarranted and somewhat misinformed, but he took the extra step of writing up a public response.

Matthias Ettrich: Integrating Qt Apps with KDE

Matthias Ettrich is proposing a new strategy for more strongly integrating Qt-only applications into KDE. It's an intriguing proposal and relevant to KDE, considering the growing number of cross-platform but Qt-only applications becoming available. The initial "not-perfect but simple" basic idea is that a small libQtKDE proxy library would invoke KDE functionality when available, or otherwise fall back to Qt functionality.

ZDNet Compares Linux Desktops: Concludes KDE Best, But Not Good Enough

ZDNet has published a review by Jason Brooks of eWeek Labs comparing the Linux desktops. He writes: "eWeek Labs found that KDE (K Desktop Environment) comes much closer to
delivering the sort of smooth interface that users have come to expect from the

KDE/Qt Switching to Mozilla and JavaScript Technology

According to internal email correspondence, TrollTech, makers of the Qt widget set on which KDE is based, has decided to use JavaScript and Mozilla technology as core components in the next versions of their products. The KDE core team appears quite enthusiastic about this novel development.