KDE in Linux Distributions

OnebaseGo "KDE 3.3 Beta2" LiveCD Released

The Onebase Linux Team is pleased to announce a new flavor of OnebaseGo 2.1 LiveCD providing exclusive preview of the complete KDE 3.3 Beta2 "Kollege" desktop suite. This edition has been primarily released to test and report bugs about this unstable KDE version (gdb is included). All the KDE packages were compiled and optimized with GCC 3.4.1 to provide top-notch performance and speed.

$199 KDE PC available from Walmart

According to a recent news item at DesktopLinux.com, Walmart.com now offers a "1.3 Ghz AMD processor, host 128 MB of RAM, 30 GB of hard-drive space, ethernet interface, keyboard, mouse and speaker" PC for a mere $US 199.95. The system is "fully loaded with Linare's Linux, based on KDE" and "the system comes with access to Linare's 24-hour, seven-day-a-week technical support phone line."
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Installing KDE 3.1.2 on Debian Sarge

The KDE Hispano user group has published a HOWTO on installing KDE 3.1.2 on Debian Sarge (testing). Although it is very easy to install KDE 3.1.2 on Debian Woody (simply add a line to souces.list), and even easier on Sid (unstable) where it is available by default, there aren't specific packages for Sarge -- only the old KDE 2.2.2 ones.

China Chooses KDE, KOffice for Desktop

NewsForge has
published what it bills as the "first-ever comprehensive English-language review
of Red Flag Linux". Most of you probably know that Red Flag Linux is the "official"
Chinese Linux distribution, and receives support - as well as contracts -
from the Chinese government. What you may not have known is that,

RedHat RPMs for KDE 2.2.1

Benjamin Reed wrote in to tell us that he has helped out RedHat's KDE users and put together KDE 2.2.1 RPMs for RedHat 7.0 and 7.1. "Since I got such a great response for my "unofficial" RPMs last time, I thought I'd do it again. After what seems like years of building, I've got everything together." The packages are available via http or ftp.