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freekde.org is on the air

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If you thought news here was a tad slow lately, you'd be right. Most of our editors are either on vacation or have taken some time off, and we haven't really gotten all that many submissions from you either. Fortunately, Neil Stevens comes to the rescue with his brainchild freekde.org, a dedicated KDE news site with an editorial slant towards Free Software and whether to use tabs or spaces for indentation.

Newsforge: Developing for the Linux desktop

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One of the most frequently asked questions on the KDE developer lists is, "How can I start contributing to KDE?" -- NewsForge.com may just have the answer. In an article entitled Joining the Round Table: How to get started developing for the Linux desktop, Tina Gasperson gives some helpful tips and links on how to get your feet wet with KDE or other Open Source coding.

Linux Orbit: KDE 2.1 Review

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While waiting for KDE 2.1.1, it might be worth checking out this nice review of KDE 2.1 on Linux Orbit. "With the release of KDE 2.0 on October 23, 2000, the KDE development team upped the ante in the bid for the hearts and minds of GNU/Linux desktop users. With major improvements in features and stability, KDE users couldn't wait for the next version. When KDE 2.1 arrived on February 26, 2001, few were disappointed." Lots of pretty pictures.